Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here I am in Seoul

Though I am drinking White Wine
I am sure I am still sober to finish this post
This post has no picture to show
I address this to my beloved bestie Elroy
& of course it has nothing to do with others
Unless U R sincere enough to read my post
Unlike those who drop by just to view pictures

To my beloved bestie Elroy,
U R the one who carries the less worries in life among 3 of us
For U have a better financial background
& less dramatic in Ur life
If I were to ask, what's your biggest failure & the hardest obstacle
I am pretty sure U can never beat 2 of Us

It is not the 1st time Ur relationship pulls the warning siren
We have been listening to Ur tiny little problems with M
I must say I am the one bad
I do not want U to get hurt
I wish U could pause this relationship & move on
For M is such a shallow minded person
Who owns a great ability in everything
But foolish enough not to utilize those ability appropriately
I always believe there R these kind of dumb ass
Who knows so well in many things
& yet living in life as a stupid failure

Oh well, as a fren, who can reali tolerate an ass hole flirted with others?
While U were squeezing Ur father's hard earning money
To support U studying in Birmingham
Spent almost 100k in UK?
Unfaithful or loneliness is the cause, I do not wish to comment further

U know tis ass hole well
M could be just another player
Wat is so called " I lied to U cuz I do not want to hurt U?"
Was M being conscience
Or it is just a trick like Evon said
M is purposely doing all these just to get rid of U
I cant be sure but I don wanna see U cry

I asked if U were checking Ur cell phone often
I have been thru this kind of situation
A person leaves U hanging there without an answer
Curiosity, doubt, anxiousness or anything could attack U at once
The irregular heart beats leave U feeling so bad inside
U wanted to go but U want a definite answer to do so
U wanted to stay but current situation seems inappropriate
Hanging there like a tickling bomb
In a nut shell

Anyhow my dear
I can see it so clear bout Ur decision
U R willing to forgive again
U R willing to sacrifice for this 6 years relationship
Ask ourselves, how many of us could retain a 6 years relationship
I hate what did M do to U
At the same time, I wan U to be happy
Nothing soothes me better to see my bestie happy

Lets not talk bout what is right or wrong
In this world itself, its totally lack of so called justice
So long U R happy, I'm happy even if U go on with M
I am pretty sure Evon wants nothing but to see U happy too

Genuine advise
A liar will always be a liar
It depends on how much we can tolerate
Worst comes to worst, U could just join me as a single lad
Someone who is haunted by a person U trusted
But choose to betray U without Ur notice

Alcohol has attacked my mind
I cant reali express right now
Nevertheless, I wish U luck my dear
It will be never too late to discover the beauty to be single

I Love U
& I do not want to see u getting hurt over & over again
A super big hug if U don mind :)



  1. We would never realy know how things would turn out, but I'm sure he knows he has the both of you besties to fall back on when he's down. ;)

  2. Hehe.. I'll never claim myself a sincere.. I just love to read ur words of life in this blog..

    Elroy.. u shud be so blessed to hv Crason as ur bestie.. yeah, love is blind.. if i were u.. I might do worse than u for M..

    but d only thing u hv to always bear in mind is.. u gotta b strong.. u might end up be happiest person in world or the saddest person in the world as well.. but the journey of loving some1 is more precious than to hoping for the final result..

    Elroy, good luck..

  3. sometime i just think why the owner of this blog can't date with his besties which is Elroy. If both of them really a pair, i believe both will be the most happiest person in the world. That only happen if Elroy like guy as well but not body will know what will happen in future. It maybe happen as well. :p Well good luck Elroy in ur relationship. Choose the decision wisely.

  4. Crason/Others.. can any1 help me to translate this Karen Mok's song titled in English. 莫文蔚-忽然之间 .. Love this song so much.. TQVM ;)

  5. u want it in english?
    the lyric or just the title?

  6. just the title.. lyrics r too much for u do the translation.. haha.. Tq.

  7. Karen Mok - All of a Sudden
    Glad U like it :)

  8. as an outsider, there's nothing we can do but give our advices to them who in trouble.

    as u said so, it's a tough job to retain a 6 years relationship. she feels hardly to let it go.

    as a closed friend of her, u can lend her your shoulder and your ears whenever she needs, there's the main character of a friend should do. i can tell that u play your role very well, Crason. she's lucky got a closed friend like u.

    lastly, another night with your lovely wain? how about a glass of milk next time before bed? it's good for health in fact.. ^^

    take care~

  9. sweet...the bond that u guys have is just too great...wish to have that kind of BFF in my live..