Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For my Dear Ivy, my Lovely Housemate

I have 2 lovely housemates
2 pretty girls (though one of them is a guy :p)
I must say, they have made quite an impression in my life
We have been staying together for almost 2 years now
We three are recognised to be the most cuddly housemates among my batchmates

Lets concentrate on Ivy, a simple girl who was born in year 1990
Her name is a cute one, Chen Ivy
The best to describe her would be matured & simple
She is definitely not those hot & sexy girl
& She could be kinda boring sometimes :P (forgive me!!)
But she is an undeniable a nice person, motherly love sister & innocent too

I went for this interview & I got in!
With full ambitious fire burning in my heart
& I was preparing to leave my housemates
There was a day I came back from flight
Threw myself on the bed as if I am the corpse, sleeping so deeply
I was awakened by crying noises out of a blue moon
Ivy & Wayne, both of them crying like bitchie & butchie while hugging each other
I laughed & I said "Hello, I am not dead, I am just leaving okie?"

I did not know how it feels to see a housemate leaving me
Soon, thousand gallons of cold water poured on me
As I found out I failed my medical check-up due to my prehistorical asthma
I was living in a disaster, pretending to be strong
It was quite a month before I could reali say "I'm Okay now"
Well now, Ivy is leaving for SQ! I am thrilled!
Oh girl, you made it! U make us so proud of you!
I knew that you could get into SQ easily
I have so much confidence on you

I came home & saw her sleeping
I woke her up & tears start dropping beyond my control
At that very moment, I realise that this little girl
Has been playing so many roles within this 2 years
An elder sister, a younger sister, a nagging mother, a housemate
My good fren, a great listener, my motivator, my supporter
& so many more.. We talked till late, she went to bed again

I sat at the balcony, smoking & drinking red wine
Looking up to the greyish sky of the night
Every sweet & sour memory flashing thru my wavy storm of mind
This can't be.. I seriously cannot believe someone is gonna leave me again
I know she is leaving for good but I hate being separated from her
I rushed into Wayne's room & cried out loud
Now I would like to show you our "old school" pics

OMG.. tell me that this is not Ivy & Crason!
We have been to Euro Fun Fair
Same transport pick up to airport
Both would like to Fly to see the world
The frenship has been secretly growing without my notice
Since the day we got into the same training batch

& the current Ivy & Crason

With Wayne

The reason why would I cry, I know it very well by now
As I see Ivy is such a strong girl, independent & matured
I have never taken initiative to ask her a simple question "How R U today?"
I always assume that she can do it, she is Ivy, unlike other girl
I was wrong.. A girl needs attention too, a girl is still a girl
I could have done more for her
I went home to Kepong during day off, left her alone at home in Bkt Jalil
I should have taken her out for breakfast, a nice movie
At least spent some times with her, talked to her
I could have reali done something, I am so regret
U know, sometimes crying isn't reali gonna help?

So I packed up my negative emotion, I wanna do something for her!
There I brought her to Tony Roma's restaurant & spent a bit
Ivy, you know me well, I don spend like this but for you, everything is fine
Brought her to Red Box & had a great time
Waited for her to come home from flight & talked to her
Come from flight & stayed in Bkt Jalil till she wants her bed
& of course, I did this for her too :)

雨下了 走好路 这句话你要记住

A video clip to tell the world
How much you mean to us as a lovely housemate
You always receive the best blessing from us
Bon Voyage

She cooked for me the other day before I went for my midnight flight
I text her, I am gonna miss her so much on my way to airport
She replied, I am afraid I don have much time to serve you guys
OMG, I can't help it, I called Elroy & cried
Ivy.. I will definitely miss you so so much

Instead of just being sad and helplessly depressed
Why don't I do something for her?
This energy drives me to do the best that I can
To give Ivy a stronger impression of both of us, Wayne & Crason
2 crazy fella who appreciate her so much for her appearance in our life
I become more positive & cry lesser afterwards
I like myself being optimistic :P

There is one thing I would like to share
Ivy, she is reali that kind of girl that no one would reali pay attention to her
For she is introvert, humble & someone does thing accordingly
She does not like attention, she prefers to stay low profile, always
Therefore, when I go through those old pic taken 2 years ago during training
She has always been missed out or not the focus person we would look at
I cried for this too & I wanna say
"Hello, she is my housemate ok, who dares not to focus on her again U DIE!"
No way I would not allow anyone to bully my housemates
So if you do not want to taste my shit, please treat them well!
I have these loves for my housemates, I hope they can feel me

Ivy, you will be so good in future
I can see that you will be a great wife, got married with a lovely husband
A superb well groomed, well verse, well in everything flight attendant
Enjoying a luxury life & everything is gonna be so smooth in your life
I have a request, just one request
Now that you are gonna fly all long haul international flight
Paris, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Milan, Barcelona.. everywhere
As usual, you will have your own room in the hotel
While you put on the thin slice of rehydrate mask on your silky soft little face
Lie on the best comfort de-stress double bed
Please.. think of you were once a part of this Bkt Jalil residence
Most of all, a part of Wayne & Crason who grow up with you together
I love you, please take care of yourself alright?
If you ever come back, if we would ever see each other again
We would do the crazy things all over again, just 3 of us, I promise

You have no idea how much you mean to me
You go girl, a bright future awaits you
With deepest love


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Broken Heart.. Meets A Lonely Heart

My two bestie just went home for like 10 mins ago
Here I am updating this post
Evon took a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream on the rock
While Elroy & Me enjoyed Jazz Beer 2 big bottles
As usual, transparent + heart to heart talks
I reali like it :)

I believe most of us have been through an unforgettable relationship
Say unforgettable, eventually, it fades days by days without our notice
Somehow somewhat might remind us of that ass hole
Well, I am sure all of us can take it with a peace of mind after a while
Though the pleasure of love lasts a moment but the pain lasts forever
There will be a day U can say it out loud
"I Dont Love U Anymore!!"

So Darling, I still find it unbelievable that U two reali did break up
Seeing U still acting sweet towards M as a BF
While M could text U like a so called close fren
Even M admitted the break up, isn't it the time to let go already?
Bout the so called decent closure.. ain't nothing but crap
M is so near & yet far away..
Dear U can't possible catch M again if M wanted to leave
U sure heard this before
If U truly love someone.. Let him/her go..
If he/she ever comes back.. He/she is meant to be yours

For me this single lad
Its so damn scary man!! I am so afraid I might end up like this
See Elroy he is such an angel, loyal to his beloved for 6 years
When M decided to end it, *SNAP* that's it man!
Ask me ask me, I have been thru this kind of fuck up situation b4
Someone *SNAP* there he left me crying alone for quite a period of time
I wonder how did i survive back then
Must reali thank my two bestie accompanied me for so long
Time heals anyway, a Broken heart will be healed in no time
Its better to have loved, even a broken one
Than never to have loved before :)

Oh man, I remember something now
When my previous ex was about to leave me to France
I cried like a bitch on the way to the airport with him
While waiting at the traffic junction
He looked into my eyes & he asked me to listen to him
"B, don cry already. If U ever feel like crying again
Take a deep breathe okie?"
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. How touching is this phrase
So Dear, when U R depressed, just take a deep breathe will ya?

Oh well, Lets see what is gonna happen on Wednesday then
I am sure U will be affected by emotions
Stay chill.. Don't ever let Urself downgrade again
Remember? M is the one cheated on U
M is not ashamed at all!!
Pls Pls Pls remember this...
To Love someone is to accept who he/she is
But this is over the limit dear.. Pls do Ur judgment
It is so not possible to forgive an ass hole
While this shit did not even apologise sincerely
Moreover.. Where the hell is M's heart?
Evon & Me see it clearly, Can U see it too?

So me this lone ranger
Talking bout craps in such a nite
Should call it off now, need to fix something 2molo
** Friends can keep U sane
Love could fill Ur heart
A lover can warm Ur bed
But Lonely is a soul without a mate**
Oh well, though I might be lonely but I have Evon & Elroy to keep me sane :)

Not insane yea :P


Monday, October 4, 2010

FRANCE Miss Rose Cosmetic Int HK

Here I present to you
FRANCE Miss Rose Cosmetic, Manufactured in Hong Kong
Colourful as you may see, lasting as you must try it

I am with airlines for 2 years
I can say most the stewardesses are using this Miss Rose
Imagine a job that requires you to make up
Its worthy to purchase a set of make up kit
That you could use it daily + harmless to your skin

I can only hear stewardesses talking good bout Miss Rose or any other brands
But never condemning Miss Rose
It is an affordable product that enlighten each of your day

18 colours
Do you like smokey eyes?
Black & others dark colour do a great job
40 colours
It says about the Miss Rose brand
Last until year of 2012
The casing of 40 colours
Good for heavy user
My sister's big eyes
Her experiment on the Mascara

It gives 7X Volume
& the best part Waterproof
48 colours
Need different colours to cheer up your days?
Miss Rose can definitely help :)
Perfect Eyeliner
Liquid type
I strongly recommend these products
& I trust that you are gonna be satisfied with these

Contact me @ crasonchai@live.com
or my sister misswens@live.com
To inquire the price & discounts
Please do us a favour
Tell me your choice by saying 18/40/48 colours
mascara & eyeliner

Thank you everyone
Please help me to pass around this message
You will love me, Miss Rose


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get Rid of Old Pics~~~

I am actually not in the mood of posting bout these old pictures
For I just came back from Dubai 6 days trip
Continued having fun after Hong Kong trip with my bestie
Aaaah.. I miss those happening moments in HKG & DXB
Its not everyday U could be that happy
I am so glad that I was so happy with my recent days

Lets get rid of all these old pictures 1st
& I shall upload HKG pics thereafter DXB pics

These pictures dated 16th September 2010
Flight to Dubai as well but it was only a 24 hours stay

I can see that my hair is reali short!
Now is like 3rd October, my hair is still short
Hair grows slow = Getting old? Oh man!! :(

It was a lovely set of crew
If I were to rate, perhaps the loveliness is bout 55%?
See? I am so easy to be satisfied :P

Got up to our respective room
Dressed up & we R ready to go~~

My IFS, the highest rank among all
Such a lovely father :)

Went out for dinner
It was bout 7.30pm in DXB while 11.30pm in KL

& this is my special room
Perhaps Deira Hyatt Regency was fully occupied
Few of us sent to this service apartment just right beside of Hyatt

Kitchen that comes with Ovens, Microwave even washing machine

Scary corridor
Imagine I am staying me myself alone in such a big lot!

1st room - 2 single bed room

Camwhore time
See I don smile? Cool? lolx
With little notti tongue

Can see this through window
Star Cruise ship, I should try it some days

Though it is only a 24 hours stay
U can actually do alot of stuff like
Posing, acting as if U were watching TV & snap a few pics :P

2nd room - Queen size bed
I did not sleep in the room
Both room R facing mirror
I remember Fengshui says
No direct facing mirror while sleeping
I have heard our very own soul might get sucked in!

I da bao this for my family from Dubai
When I got home, I kept mentioning "Dubai Breakfast!!!"

Served with Mutton Curry

With curry potato gravy

I knew I will be going to DXB again end of the month
I assured them I will be bringing more home
Family members seem happy enjoying this meal
& of course I am glad too :)

These R the pictures dated 21st September 2010
I was in Seoul, Incheon, South Korea

I remember it was a full moon, indicating the mooncake festival
Korean celebrate their very own festival too
These R one of a kind, traditional crackers for the festival

& of course for my sister
Someone said I am childish for buying shin-chan snacks
U should be so glad that I did not buy Sailormoon snacks okie!!!

For my mama
She requested this
I am kinda proud though, mama requested u to buy stuff from overseas lolx

Captured this pic as a memory
U know why? I will explain it later :P

Huhu another 18SX pic
Seoul, Incheon, South Korea
I am gonna miss U so much~

Back from Korea, went back immediately to meet my two bestie
Lets celebrate Mooncake Festival, Mid Autumn :)

Identical, so much! to Evon T pls~

This must be Elroy!
Me! Of course!!
But Y is this blue colour?
Organized by Elroy & Evon
Thanks darling~~ I can never expect we would do tis :P

Evon with her very 1st DSLR
Ur bf is so goood~~~~!!!!

BFF, its hard to live without U guys

So bad of them!
They never enjoy my Korea traditional snacks!!!

Some updates bout myself
My last normal crew roster ended on 3rd October 2010
I am officially a mandarin crew now :)
A crew who would usually fly to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Beijing, Shanghai & HK
So farewell to Dubai, Seoul, Perth, Delhi, Colombo, Osaka
I am cool with this position though it requires me to make announcement
So give me a high 5 pls~~

My last Dubai, I flew with my batch girl Eenaz
She loves sharing room while I never enjoy it
Since we both R kinda click, I agree her to sleep over
For the past 5 days 4 nights, she has been sleeping on the same bed with me
I was so embarrassed as I did everything!
Dream talk, Sleep talk, snoring & making weird sound during sleep
She was so cool bout it & she even tapped me to sleep
MY GOD MY GOD!! I remember how it feels to sleep with my love one
** My iPod is playing this song - Goodbye by Secondhand Serenade
What a co-incidence :(
I told Eenaz, I felt good when she is around
I wish I have someone to sleep with when I am back to KL
Obviously I am still single.. I miss hugging my love one to sleep :(
** Oh ya, pls listen to this song, I used to cry over for it

I did it for today
I promise myself that I would have a one whole day for myself
Seeing no one, Missing no one, Loving no one but myself
For this total 10 days, I have not been left behind alone
Now that I am alone in my room, I feel great
Do U feel the same way like I do? Just wan to be alone sometimes?

Aaaah.. Crap!!
What do I want?!
I used to refuse agreeing someone commented me..
U seem like drowning in the sea
I think I am now!! I just want to enjoy life
To have someone or not to have someone does not bother me anymore
If U think U could enjoy Ur life with my life together - gether
Step up now & Dance with me!
I promise U, if U could ever got my heart, I am gonna be the best BF ever!

If I wait patiently
I wont get a patient as a love one right?
Oh C.R.A.P ><