Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Broken Heart.. Meets A Lonely Heart

My two bestie just went home for like 10 mins ago
Here I am updating this post
Evon took a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream on the rock
While Elroy & Me enjoyed Jazz Beer 2 big bottles
As usual, transparent + heart to heart talks
I reali like it :)

I believe most of us have been through an unforgettable relationship
Say unforgettable, eventually, it fades days by days without our notice
Somehow somewhat might remind us of that ass hole
Well, I am sure all of us can take it with a peace of mind after a while
Though the pleasure of love lasts a moment but the pain lasts forever
There will be a day U can say it out loud
"I Dont Love U Anymore!!"

So Darling, I still find it unbelievable that U two reali did break up
Seeing U still acting sweet towards M as a BF
While M could text U like a so called close fren
Even M admitted the break up, isn't it the time to let go already?
Bout the so called decent closure.. ain't nothing but crap
M is so near & yet far away..
Dear U can't possible catch M again if M wanted to leave
U sure heard this before
If U truly love someone.. Let him/her go..
If he/she ever comes back.. He/she is meant to be yours

For me this single lad
Its so damn scary man!! I am so afraid I might end up like this
See Elroy he is such an angel, loyal to his beloved for 6 years
When M decided to end it, *SNAP* that's it man!
Ask me ask me, I have been thru this kind of fuck up situation b4
Someone *SNAP* there he left me crying alone for quite a period of time
I wonder how did i survive back then
Must reali thank my two bestie accompanied me for so long
Time heals anyway, a Broken heart will be healed in no time
Its better to have loved, even a broken one
Than never to have loved before :)

Oh man, I remember something now
When my previous ex was about to leave me to France
I cried like a bitch on the way to the airport with him
While waiting at the traffic junction
He looked into my eyes & he asked me to listen to him
"B, don cry already. If U ever feel like crying again
Take a deep breathe okie?"
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. How touching is this phrase
So Dear, when U R depressed, just take a deep breathe will ya?

Oh well, Lets see what is gonna happen on Wednesday then
I am sure U will be affected by emotions
Stay chill.. Don't ever let Urself downgrade again
Remember? M is the one cheated on U
M is not ashamed at all!!
Pls Pls Pls remember this...
To Love someone is to accept who he/she is
But this is over the limit dear.. Pls do Ur judgment
It is so not possible to forgive an ass hole
While this shit did not even apologise sincerely
Moreover.. Where the hell is M's heart?
Evon & Me see it clearly, Can U see it too?

So me this lone ranger
Talking bout craps in such a nite
Should call it off now, need to fix something 2molo
** Friends can keep U sane
Love could fill Ur heart
A lover can warm Ur bed
But Lonely is a soul without a mate**
Oh well, though I might be lonely but I have Evon & Elroy to keep me sane :)

Not insane yea :P



  1. omg man, i jus cried reading this post... its soooooooo touching... :'(

  2. One of the most attractive thing for me to come to this blog is to see ur sweet smile.. haha.. honestly.. it's really a gift for u.. having a very sweet smile.. it turns my daily bad day to a better one..

    and I really really love this phrase.. "Lonely is a soul without mate".. haha.. I feel so touch & cry..

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  4. hey Crason, u know what.. sometimes, i do envy both your bestie, Elroy and Evon. because what.. u do care so much about them, even in your blogs, mostly wrote about them. well, i'm glad too that u've two angels that always keep u sane.. ^^

    "Though the pleasure of love lasts a moment but the pain lasts forever"
    i do agree with u about that.. i've no idea how long it takes to fade for my current friendships with my friends, for sure, i'll try my best to keep it warm as i do appreciate them so much.
    i know too, that u'll try your very best to keep your friendships with your angels.

    about Evon and her ex-lover (since they already broke up.. ), she must be upset about it. well, as an outsider, we just can be a listener and/or adviser. well, she got u and Elroy.. thanks God~

    after taking a long deep breathe, my tears still dropping down like raining bucket. break up in a relationship, is painful, painful and painful. i can feel it strongly as my relationship with my lover just ended up.. sigh~
    after all, i still a failure..

    ** Friends can keep U sane
    Love could fill Ur heart
    A lover can warm Ur bed
    But Lonely is a soul without a mate**
    that's so meaningful. could i post it in my wall? LOL..