Monday, October 4, 2010

FRANCE Miss Rose Cosmetic Int HK

Here I present to you
FRANCE Miss Rose Cosmetic, Manufactured in Hong Kong
Colourful as you may see, lasting as you must try it

I am with airlines for 2 years
I can say most the stewardesses are using this Miss Rose
Imagine a job that requires you to make up
Its worthy to purchase a set of make up kit
That you could use it daily + harmless to your skin

I can only hear stewardesses talking good bout Miss Rose or any other brands
But never condemning Miss Rose
It is an affordable product that enlighten each of your day

18 colours
Do you like smokey eyes?
Black & others dark colour do a great job
40 colours
It says about the Miss Rose brand
Last until year of 2012
The casing of 40 colours
Good for heavy user
My sister's big eyes
Her experiment on the Mascara

It gives 7X Volume
& the best part Waterproof
48 colours
Need different colours to cheer up your days?
Miss Rose can definitely help :)
Perfect Eyeliner
Liquid type
I strongly recommend these products
& I trust that you are gonna be satisfied with these

Contact me @
or my sister
To inquire the price & discounts
Please do us a favour
Tell me your choice by saying 18/40/48 colours
mascara & eyeliner

Thank you everyone
Please help me to pass around this message
You will love me, Miss Rose


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