Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get Rid of Old Pics~~~

I am actually not in the mood of posting bout these old pictures
For I just came back from Dubai 6 days trip
Continued having fun after Hong Kong trip with my bestie
Aaaah.. I miss those happening moments in HKG & DXB
Its not everyday U could be that happy
I am so glad that I was so happy with my recent days

Lets get rid of all these old pictures 1st
& I shall upload HKG pics thereafter DXB pics

These pictures dated 16th September 2010
Flight to Dubai as well but it was only a 24 hours stay

I can see that my hair is reali short!
Now is like 3rd October, my hair is still short
Hair grows slow = Getting old? Oh man!! :(

It was a lovely set of crew
If I were to rate, perhaps the loveliness is bout 55%?
See? I am so easy to be satisfied :P

Got up to our respective room
Dressed up & we R ready to go~~

My IFS, the highest rank among all
Such a lovely father :)

Went out for dinner
It was bout 7.30pm in DXB while 11.30pm in KL

& this is my special room
Perhaps Deira Hyatt Regency was fully occupied
Few of us sent to this service apartment just right beside of Hyatt

Kitchen that comes with Ovens, Microwave even washing machine

Scary corridor
Imagine I am staying me myself alone in such a big lot!

1st room - 2 single bed room

Camwhore time
See I don smile? Cool? lolx
With little notti tongue

Can see this through window
Star Cruise ship, I should try it some days

Though it is only a 24 hours stay
U can actually do alot of stuff like
Posing, acting as if U were watching TV & snap a few pics :P

2nd room - Queen size bed
I did not sleep in the room
Both room R facing mirror
I remember Fengshui says
No direct facing mirror while sleeping
I have heard our very own soul might get sucked in!

I da bao this for my family from Dubai
When I got home, I kept mentioning "Dubai Breakfast!!!"

Served with Mutton Curry

With curry potato gravy

I knew I will be going to DXB again end of the month
I assured them I will be bringing more home
Family members seem happy enjoying this meal
& of course I am glad too :)

These R the pictures dated 21st September 2010
I was in Seoul, Incheon, South Korea

I remember it was a full moon, indicating the mooncake festival
Korean celebrate their very own festival too
These R one of a kind, traditional crackers for the festival

& of course for my sister
Someone said I am childish for buying shin-chan snacks
U should be so glad that I did not buy Sailormoon snacks okie!!!

For my mama
She requested this
I am kinda proud though, mama requested u to buy stuff from overseas lolx

Captured this pic as a memory
U know why? I will explain it later :P

Huhu another 18SX pic
Seoul, Incheon, South Korea
I am gonna miss U so much~

Back from Korea, went back immediately to meet my two bestie
Lets celebrate Mooncake Festival, Mid Autumn :)

Identical, so much! to Evon T pls~

This must be Elroy!
Me! Of course!!
But Y is this blue colour?
Organized by Elroy & Evon
Thanks darling~~ I can never expect we would do tis :P

Evon with her very 1st DSLR
Ur bf is so goood~~~~!!!!

BFF, its hard to live without U guys

So bad of them!
They never enjoy my Korea traditional snacks!!!

Some updates bout myself
My last normal crew roster ended on 3rd October 2010
I am officially a mandarin crew now :)
A crew who would usually fly to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Beijing, Shanghai & HK
So farewell to Dubai, Seoul, Perth, Delhi, Colombo, Osaka
I am cool with this position though it requires me to make announcement
So give me a high 5 pls~~

My last Dubai, I flew with my batch girl Eenaz
She loves sharing room while I never enjoy it
Since we both R kinda click, I agree her to sleep over
For the past 5 days 4 nights, she has been sleeping on the same bed with me
I was so embarrassed as I did everything!
Dream talk, Sleep talk, snoring & making weird sound during sleep
She was so cool bout it & she even tapped me to sleep
MY GOD MY GOD!! I remember how it feels to sleep with my love one
** My iPod is playing this song - Goodbye by Secondhand Serenade
What a co-incidence :(
I told Eenaz, I felt good when she is around
I wish I have someone to sleep with when I am back to KL
Obviously I am still single.. I miss hugging my love one to sleep :(
** Oh ya, pls listen to this song, I used to cry over for it

I did it for today
I promise myself that I would have a one whole day for myself
Seeing no one, Missing no one, Loving no one but myself
For this total 10 days, I have not been left behind alone
Now that I am alone in my room, I feel great
Do U feel the same way like I do? Just wan to be alone sometimes?

Aaaah.. Crap!!
What do I want?!
I used to refuse agreeing someone commented me..
U seem like drowning in the sea
I think I am now!! I just want to enjoy life
To have someone or not to have someone does not bother me anymore
If U think U could enjoy Ur life with my life together - gether
Step up now & Dance with me!
I promise U, if U could ever got my heart, I am gonna be the best BF ever!

If I wait patiently
I wont get a patient as a love one right?
Oh C.R.A.P ><



  1. The word 'patient', I think, will attract medical personnel instead; so if you were to wait patiently, you won't get another patient... You might instead get a doctor or a nurse XD

  2. i love the way u express ups & downs...

    maybe karen mok's the cause...make me so enjoy during reading...haaa

  3. err.. how come very handsome boy still lonely? hehe.. or u got too many choices till u get confused which one to choose?

    u shud write down all d criteria of the one that u r looking for/wishing for.. ;)

    anyway.. u r pix above the "Dubai Breafast" is so damn kawaii.. :)

  4. 1st of all, nice pics!! ^^

    those lanterns are so beautiful.. Elroy's lantern is nice, lovin' it. this year, i missed the chance to play lantern during Mid-Autumn Festival.. hmmm~~
    but i wonder how's the taste of the traditional crackers of Korea. XD

    yet, i'm wondering what were u dream talking about..? about wain or some handsome guys' names? LOL...

    to be alone is not that weird, sometimes, we need own space and time for ourselves. i get use to go dine alone in a lovely restaurant, while fb-ing and writing blog. it's just nice..^^

    just be patient, i'm sure the love angel is doing his job to find u a lovely lover. :P
    but, u really ready for that?

    last but not least, a high 5 for u.. XD

    p/s: Crason, u said u'll explain it about why u captured that pic but i did see it. did i miss it?