Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hong Kong Chap. 1

I know I cannot hold this any longer
This HKG trip has been ages & yet I failed to post
Beside, there are people started to say "Ivy again??"
I know I should do something bout my blog.. lol
Don't get wrong, I truly love my two bestie Evon & Elroy
They did complain why is my attention all bout Ivy
Well Well.. Now is the time for me to redeem my sin lo..

So once upon a day, bout almost 2 months ago
I went to HKG with Evon & Elroy
To fulfill our dream, the so called Annual Trip each year
Last year was Bangkok & this year is HK~

Same old thing
Went to Kepong KTM station to catch a train to KL Central
We really have the mood to take pictures
I hope you guys would bear with us lol..

Never forget to tell *Smoking* pic
As it seems to be one kind of my signature as well lol..

Hop into bus, still never let go the camera lol..

All the way from KL Central to LCCT
My rival company's airport~
Spotted a macho man who possess a pair of great arm
But giving a very sissy pose lolx
1st time doing the Self Check-In thingy
& of course Evon & Me was pretending to be interested lol

Its hard to compare
Do you like aerobridge that connected to aircraft
Or prefer to walk all the way to the aircraft?
Even I am a crew, walking to aircraft still makes a fun journey

I cannot forgive myself for taking such a picture lol
Trust me, the meal that this company serving is not as delicious as my company
Though we have only 2 choices, either chicken or beef? chicken or fish?
But you would get endless drinks!
Which one you prefer? lol

There we are! Here we are!
Hong Kong International Airport
Are we excited? lol mayb to Evon & Elroy lol
So here they are
Pretending to be interested again =.= haha!
Love this ticket
It says 三人行
It indicates the three of us :)
Taking the express train from airport to the town
Still never let go the camera lol..

The happy Elroy
1st time in HKG i think so? lol
Oops.. Even I have been to HKG for few times
Still want to act like I am interested lol

Alright, has anyone admitted to hospital due to this illness?
Nga Nga Cheung lol..
Its fucking expensive to purchase a house in HKG!
We found you!
The hotel we booked thru agoda
Its really cheap but the outcome?
OMG.. small till die!!!
I cannot believe we have only 1 bed!!
Evon was not happy bout it
lol.. I am just creating the scene
As a matter of fact, she is kinda enjoy this small room lol

Each floor is having only 4 small rooms?
Can easily sense how BIG is this hotel!
Free wifi is limited at lounge
If you want something really cheap
go for Bridal Tea House!

Dinner time!
How big is the portion!
U think I can finish it?!
Basically is what you see in KimGary
The taste? lol.. KIll me!
1st night in HKG, anywhere to go?
Train would be the best transportation!

Here we are
The most famous street in HKG!
Let you guess
Where were we?
The place in HKG to go for clubbing? lol

Yeah, nowhere but Lan Kwai Fong

People gather around
Smoking & drinking, of course flirting too!
I wanna drink badly!
Cannot live without alcohol~~
Found this restaurant nearby
Malaysia Thailand restaurant?
Oh pls, we are much different from thai!

3 crazy ass drinking beer on the street
It feels so great to be in HKG!

Back to the place we stay
Walked like never ending to this Whampoa

A big ship
Landmark of the Whampoa harbour

Around us?
Nothing but just grand buidling
Light was strong & its just the HKG city

Welcome to HKG!
Lets pose like Evon!OMG I am way behind this!
Here are the views
Blame my camera
It could not shoot like a DSLR
Well this is HKG and lots of fun could not described by words
There are Chap. 2 bout this, perhaps a Chap. 3 too!
Stay tune :P

This HKG trip happened on end of September
Now is already November! I know Evon & Elroy are blaming me lol..
I have got a very strong reason!
Came back from HKG, straight away the next day went to Dubai
A 6 days trip plus Ivy was bout to leave
I was devastated & I put everything behind
Focus on Ivy, helplessly depressed :(

I am kinda glad that my life has just come back to normal
Back to my working life, work, work & work
Days off? Always not enough! Don't you agree?
Furthermore, I brought family to Taipei holidays
Used up a bit of money & I definitely need to earn those money back!
Money has never been enough! I am sure you are gonna agree!
Is nowadays human being weird or we are just too materialistic?

Have you ever thought bout getting rid of being a single lad?
Yeah, I understand so much the feeling to be single
The taste of freedom, need not to report to anyone
Who cares even if you slut around, isn't it?
But there will be a day, you would meet someone special
& decided to be a stupid ass, to believe in love again
You would believe love could purify your heart
Make you a holy angel who would carry nothing but just happiness
I am willing to be that stupid ass, to believe in love again
Will you show me the true meaning of love? :)
Taken few minutes ago
Shall we work hard for this end of the year?
CNY is on next year Feb, money money money!!
To be able in love, it is a gift, don't waste it :)

P/S: Aaaaah.. I will update HKG trip Chap. 2 asap!
Stay tune~~~ (Excuse me, this is not a radio station!!) <-- Laser :P

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