Monday, December 6, 2010

It's bout the time

Instead of uploading all the pictures
I chose few to be exposed
We took too many photos during our visit in Hong Kong indeed
I often tell myself
The scene means nothing if the accompany sucks
I truly enjoy my vacations with my 2 besties :)

Over Flash!
definitely local delicacy is a MUST try
The typical Hong Kong breakfast
Erhm.. Not so my type
Don't ask me why
I simply love this pic the most :)
Sometimes you might want to take a back street pic
Wong Tai Sin

What do you usually pray in a temple?
I pray for my family 1st before anything else

Hey popo, ain't you doing the same thing like the previous guy?!!
Alright, its clear now~~

Its really convenient to take MTR in Hong Kong

She deserves this title
My pretty bestie Evon lolx
Whoever watch Hong Kong movie should have seen this kind of staircase
I guess only few people would really take a pic or two here

Night falls, nevetheless Victoria Peak
Had some fun time overlooking the view plus posing nerdy too

May I present to you
My forever bestie bestie
Here I give you Elroy CYK
A 180cm (If I am not mistaken) tall, trendy, creative
Graphic Designer, who soaked in UK seawater before :P
Presenting the future top model, Evon T.
A 172cm (I'm very sure!) tall, unique features, slender hot chick
Freelance model, photographer, stylist, masquerade mask maker
Oops, my turn to go on show~
I am.. 16Xcm lol.. too shy to announce my own height
I don't stand tall but I have a charming smile lolx (perasan!)
Bout my job, need not to mention, find out yourself~

Its been so many years we walked on this life together
I am looking forward.. to walking together until the day allowed to
Next year we are gonna do Australia or Vietnam
It does not matter at all
I'm sure the Elroy & Evon mean everything than a scene to me :)

Lets talk bout what is going on with Ivy!
She is now in SQ, for those who follows my blog should know better
Oh well, according to her, everything seems different
She had a hard time to cope up with the changes
I guess she will be alright, though she cried a few times
We spoke over the phone & chatted in msn sometimes
I am still so proud of her
Girl, you will be just fine, its just the matter of time to settle down
A big kiss for you, Muackz! Wayne & me miss you here all the time :)

They say comet scratching the sky means its time to make a wish
I say a comet falling indicates its time to pray for an angel who has fallen
A friend of my, has passed away unexpectedly.. savage :(
Sweet is her name, and indeed she is really a lovely girl
I like her fun, her craziness, her character, a chatter box
Did anyone read newspaper on 2nd December 2010?
All local newspaper has published this cruel car crash
Otherwise, please click on this link
I met her 10 days before her accident, we did class together
Saw her 3 days ago in airport
& there she's gone.. all of a sudden, a sweet angel has fallen
p/s: not that fallen angel that you might be thinking, you Lucifer!
Sweet is an angel, a gift from God to the earth
Its sad to see a young friend passed away in such a way
Now, I am gonna give my silent prayer & blessing to Sweet
Unpredictable death costs so much crying of her family
Dear, I believe you have caught the twilight & now watching over us in above

Life is short, ain't this the truth? RIP darling.

We should really appreciate everyone around us.

I met a few guys this year

Mr. H who was going out with me but kissed someone else in a pub
He tossed back a question "I bet you can't be an actor then?"
I was confused, he explained further
An actor should be able to kiss around with anyone
My childhood dream is to be an actor!
Is there anything not right?
He said

Mr. A who was crazy for my housemate, after that crazy for me
I ignored him but he was smart enough to seek help from my besties
I told him to give me at least 1 month to think bout it
Only to find the truth that he has a 6 years BF!
Mr. A is a doctor and also.. A heart breaker too

Others are not as ironic as the above
Mainly plain boring or ain't charming at all

Back then, I asked my cool mama
Would you choose someone who is NOT your type but he treats you well
Or someone YOUR TYPE but he might not treat you well
A 45 years old mama has such a saying
Of course the person who is MY TYPE!
What for to be with someone who is not your type?
Well said cool mama but this question still lingers in my mind
& I do hope I would find the answer soon
What would you say? Your type or not your type? :)

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love
All good things are difficult to be achieved
All bad things are easily in hand
And this is how the whole scheme works



  1. plain boring + ain't charmimg, lolz
    u set a high standard n thts why u r so HIGH above =p
    May u be healhty n happy oways my best blogger

  2. i'd choose someone who loves me more than i do.which i think,most probably,someone who is not my type.he will become the "one" when you guys get along.cheers!

  3. Cheers and stay strong. It's been lil' late drop comment here. I saw this post long time ago, just that tonight I had the feel to comment on it. I am here to support you as well. All the best and way to go, Crason. You sure can meet someone is YOUR TYPE. Maybe is just in front your eyes. =)