Friday, December 30, 2011

Melbourne, Australia

It's a surprise that I'm being rostered to fly to Melbourne
Was not feeling excited until someone told me
Aussie's big day is Christmas, it should be fun
Aye aye, I hope so~

Flight time up and down is 8 hours plus plus
Damn, it feels like it will never end during the flight

Malaysia Airlines passenger meal tray
Since it is an aussie route, it includes Cheese and Cracker!

Yummy yummy, love it!!

There is a place named Alice Springs and the other is Broken Hill
Sound fun, wish to visit those places

Finally, I'm here in Melbourne!!

Staying in Novotel at Flinders

Looking at the street, full of people
I was so excited!

The view from my room

Melbourne, a strange city for me
Where should I go?

Comfy bed

Minibar, don't get eat any of them!
Fucking expensive!

A bottle of mineral water costs you AUD7.50 which is almost MYR 24
What la...!

The excited Crason snapping himself a pic :p

The bathtub is small though

OMG.. over posing!!

Okay, time to explore!

Collins street

This is so cool!!
Really love the scene here

A fairly small back street but filled with people
Bar, restaurant, cafe.. Everything

Oink Oink

Horse wheel, I wonder how much it costs a person

Some random performer on the street
He is among the best caught too much attention
Some are dancers, violin players, guitars and so on

Seriously, I thought aussie would be different
The decorations are really simple
Unlike what we see in Pavilion KL so the over

Ugly post lol

Melbourne China Town, a small one

Chinese restaurant

Nothing much, too expensive to eat here

Noodle & Rice bar?

Let's ready to eat!

Elaine, my senior who brought me out, is a little too shy with camera :)

Super big portion man
How to finish it?

Mine looks like poo poo of eating too many chilis lol
It costs AUD 10 = MYR 30 a meal, better finish it

Tired tired face
Tired bird = Hungry bird = Angry bird

Another ugly post

No comment, it's just my personal preference
Always have a crush on this kind of building :)

Went to super market
Aussie boobs are bigger than my palm of hand
I'm sure aussie nanny will get herself a nice bra from here lol

Colourful, juicy cherries

Too expensive...!!

This market is not that cheap

We get more stuff from here
More discounts in Woolworths

Merry Xmas everyone~

One of the biggest church around Collins

This is what I would like to talk about
Excuse me kids, how young are both of you?
You come here bitch, stop kissing over there!
Your boy is mine, okay? You fuck off! 
LOL syiok sendiri drama here anyway

Oh dear.. so the tired
Eyes hardly can open

Went back rest a while and start my camwhore

OMG.. a serious camwhore
Even I feel speechless looking at these pic lol

Okay, cool, let's take a walk again

Love to fit in myself in a stranger city
Wanna feel what it is like in aussie

Tall, colourful, simple buildings are to be found everywhere

It gives you the peaceful feeling

Train in aussie, they name it Tram

Yeah yeah Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas!!

Not an unusual thing to see
Quite a lot of chubby around lol
I just told my sister if I become as chubby as him, I'll sure kill myself

Yes............... Merry Xmas again!!

The whole Flinders station

Welcome to aussie
Nice and hot butt for sniff
Anyone wanna sniffs his fingers?

This is the street that I talk about earlier on
Very cool, right?

Flinders Street Station

Standing in front of it
The view is kinda awesome

Oh yeah, I'll be back to Melbourne on 2nd Jan
Still New Year perhaps :)

Didn't know aussie would have Teh Tarik river too

Melbourne Public Club
Life is too important to be taken seriously
Love it!

If it is not too expensive, I'll sure drink here in Melbourne

Though the colour isn't a nice one
But the view is still breathtaking

The sun light is too strong

Warm sun light, unlike in KL that hot lol

It looks like a city and a village is just a forest distance away

Standing here can see different things

First of all, local aussie dressing
Another one is riding his bike

Nevertheless horse wheel again~

Now I know why they like jogging

Can you see a hot chick jogging from far?
Dare not to take close shot
Aussies are outspoken and they might just tell me off directly

This is a muzium if I'm not mistaken

Dawn is here
Love the sun light being covered by a little cloud
Looks like angels coming down from Heaven

Princes walk
Only prince can walk here, really?

Drinking drinking
They drink at day, at night, at any time

iPhone isn't that bad
Capture a pic like this, so cool

I sit down on the greeny grass and start smoking lol


So this is aussie garbage street
Full of colourful 'decorations'
Overseas moon is always brighter, I think it looks cool still lol

One day I'm gonna earn a lot
And have my meal in this place

Thank you Thank you
But I don't like to stay in aussie
Everyone must smoke at downstairs
Room no smoking at all, or else will be fined AUD 250 = MYR 750!

It's always nice to share your experience with somene you care for
This is what I'm gonna share with my babe, Elroy, Evon and my sis
Nothing much, just something to eat
Hope you guys will like it :)

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh finally I've done this post
So the tired today
Helping out moving things from Kepong here to my new house
Been working for 4 days, only 1 day off but still have no time to relax
This time.. Crason is too exhausted
I'm sure this post is boring because I don't really have the mood to finish it

Been to Perth, Brisbane and now Melbourne
Perhaps the next would be Adelaide or Sydney
But.. I'm not quite satisfied with the aussie Customs
Seriously, they arrange special kind of dog to sniff all our baggages and body
They are too strict, it makes me not comfortable
You think I like to come to your country? Come on la!!!

Melbourne is full of asians
Easily can see Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many many more races
And, aussie mostly are not handsome lol hahhahaha!!
Not too surprise, they smell too!
They love red meats, and the weather mostly is cold, seldom take bathe
Erhm.. I prefer my babe a lot more :p

Would love to blog about what am I gonna do next year
See you, next post! :)