Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cinta Ria @ DJ, A Must Try!

I have a girl friend as well as my colleague too
I met her in year 2009, I was completely attracted to her
She is friendly, humble, funny, cute, pretty & cool~~
I like her since then
She is getting married this year 22nd of Jan
Congratulations Nichole! Damn happy for you :)

Her hubby, Christopher, a tall gentleman
Running a halal restaurant here

Cinta Ria @ DJ (Damansara Jaya)
78, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya, PJ
Contact Number: +603-77268981

Went there with Wayne, my housemate

Arriving 1st was the crispy garlic bread
Garlic flavoured of course, each bite was full of crunchy sound
Love it!
The signature mushroom soup (RM 3.90 ONLY)
Unlike ordinary, it was full of herbs & fresh mushroom
Not just a plain soup, not at all!
Mushroom goer, you could find it best here!
Chris, the owner aka Nichole's hubby
Has so much interest in cooking
It explains why Welcome to My Kitchen
Nevertheless, service rendered was impressive too
Courtesy, good posture with smiling face
Yeah man, personal touch is what matter most :)
Creamy pasta, blame me, I forgot it's name
Accompanied with herbs & spices
Makes me can't wait to grab a bite!
Cinta Ria Signature Chicken Chop
The chicken is marinated overnight
Succulent, juicy with the wonder of gravy
You would finish it without few minutes :p
RM 14.90
My cute little sister loves it so much
Do I look like my sister? lol..
My Caesar Salad (RM 11.90)
Heart the fresh vegie & baby tomato :)
I am trying to slim down for CNY though, that's why :P
A little chicken slices will do
Lamb chop (RM 16.90)
You can choose either Mushroom sauce or Black Pepper
The above comes with mushroom sauce
Lamb, divine! It has no strong smell, everyone would love this!
And my favourite among all
Here I present, Spaghetti Pesto (RM 13.90)
I give 101%, full marks with a diamond star!
You must at least try this before you walk out from the restaurant!
Either with Seafood or Mushroom + ChickenEven the Fish & Chip tastes great too!
Fish & Chips might seem easy to be served
In actual fact, I have tried kinda alot Fish & Chips
Mostly they use stale fish fillet, it has some kind of smell
But Chris's fish fillet, its really the best among all!
Are you asking.. Why am I advertising here
I do not need to advertise
This infamous restaurant has already achieved a great name in DJ
Even news reporter came over to have their meals :)
Don't believe me?
Look at Wayne! He finished 2 plates main course!
Envy of this kind of generic skinny guy
He won't increase his weight no matter how heavy is his meal
Dessert time!!
Malacca Cendol, they have added Nangka!
Each spoon is snowy paradise :)
I haven't show the great chef yet, haven't I?
I give you, Christopher Chin
Who is happily running a restaurant with his lovely wife, Nichole
And of course the cute Wayne in Devil too :P
It has been a long time
I did not scream & shout "OMG, the food here is so best!!!"
Bet how many times I screamed in his restaurant? lol
Not bragging, not lying
The foods here are really delicious
The money you paid, you know it is worthy!
Plus, I might be working part time there to help out
You could have bumped into me :P
Remember to say Hi alright?

Nichole Nichole dear,
I am so proud of you
Getting married with such a lovely man
Who would call you his princess
I will see you on your wedding night!

If you need guidance how to visit this restaurant
Please do not hesitate to inform me :)



  1. Damansara Jaya? but the address is SS2/25 geh? izit near the SS2 police station there? : )

  2. darling, it is the opposite of SS2
    Its nearby KDU!

  3. De foods really attracted me...:-)yummy:-)

  4. who's that guy wearing white t-shirt sit beside you?

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    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.