Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dwelling in the Past

Still have bunch of old pictures ready to be exposed
Here I am, back from Shanghai this evening
Decided to compose the 1st post of the year 2011
How was your new year celebration?
I am still thinking about my 2010, it was a great year for me
Great enough for me to keep staring at those pictures below
& smile a bit, I told myself "Yeah man, it was a great year"

As I was still showing the Dubai trip pictures
Here are some of the balance pictures
Perhaps every shopping malls are almost the same
Grand, eye catchy, huge, full of branded stuffs
In Dubai here, it has a little difference
Do we have this kind of kinda huge human made waterfall here?
With commit suicide swimmer hanging there?
It has its infamous aquarium too
We did not plan to pay any single cent for this
Instead, let's snap some pictures outside of it

I can totally imagine how cool it is inside of this
Full of different kind of fish, coral & life

Imagine if you are a fish
You, unfortunately or luckily, get caught in this huge aquarium
All you have to do is to swim & do a little performing
There will be someone feeding you daily
Need not to worry about finding tiny little worm
How nice isn't it?
Sit back, relax, you thought you have found a heaven
Huhu, a shark is on your way
Aren't you worried?
Or seriously you think everyone would live in peace?
1Malaysia? lol.. LMAO
One thing I like about Dubai
Its tall & uniquely designed building
Standing aside, looking at it
Take a breathe, all you inhale are nothing but dust :p
It still does not kill my mood taking pictures in Dubai
Its hot, killing my skin too
Oh yeah man, the sun in middle east country seriously seem bigger
I like this picture so much
If I could put a couple holding hand walking in the middle
You could see all these at Dubai mall
Though Dubai has never been my favourite destination
We live only once, why not try everything, once in a life time :)
And this is the tallest building in the world still?
Burj Khalifa, at least for the moment year 2011
This Dubai trip was 6 days that long
2 nights in Dubai then fly over middle east to Beirut
Stopover for few hours then fly back to Dubai again
This picture might seem a little fake
I swear I took it with my little digital camera
When I get the chance to sit down, take a look from high up the sky
I could not imagine that I am actually inside the aircraft
Everything on the world seems that tiny
And about the problems you have in your mind
Will just go away without notice
What for to worry about this & that?
There is always a solution, there is always a choice to make

Eenaz seriously look so different in uniform
With her super bitchy hair dressed up
I like her alot!
A couple on this flight
The guy in cardigan beside me
He actually looks like someone
Someone who is now an ex of my best friend

Beirut guy
Sharp features, high nose, dark eye brown
Even if I smile like an angel, I am looking a trash beside him lol
Asian should never take pictures with any middle east people!
Asian with Asian better :P
Come travel with Malaysia Airlines
Colourful seats, cheerful cabin crew
Good service :P

I told Eenaz I have a great muddy mask
Before put it on, let's see how dull is our face
Eenaz I miss you so much!

And this is my new name tag
With my chinese name engraved
An official Mandarin Crew

I told someone younger than me
Don't ever expect too much from me
I know.. I am getting old!
Turning 25yo this year & the feeling is so.. yucks!
Maybe I am trying to deny my aging, after all it is not something to be proud of
The responsibility for everything is just increasing
A voice comes from nowhere would whisper into your eyes
It's time to settle down, it's time to get a house
It's the time to get married? It's the time.. It's coming!
When I was 16yo, I expected my 19yo scandals to do everything
Pay my meals, reload for me, spend me movie, subsidize my shopping
And now I am about to be 25yo, if I meet someone like this
Sorry~~ Bye~~~ Have a nice day, I would say
It was so wrong of me to think things that way
Dude, don't ever expect anyone to do anything
The least you expect, the more happier you would live :)

Evon is in Hong Kong, and YOU are in Singapore
In such a beautiful weather 26 degree KL Saturday night
Drinking Otard extra fine Cognac with water
It seems fucking dull!
Hey man, where is my life?! Or maybe I have no life at all?
While driving back home, I started to think
What would I'll be doing if I am not in this field?
Is this job sucking my blood that much that I feel so exhausted?
It is normal, I can imagine someone working in office
The same face, same wall, same weekdays Monday to Friday
Growing up isn't really a good stuff, I wish time will turn back
I wanna live my school life more happening
Rock my college like no one does before
Unlike an adult, being tied down by so many commitment

I have been thinking alot since arrival from Shanghai
Even talked to Wayne about my past again
It makes no sense dwelling in the past
Those disaster happened either intentionally or unexpectedly
It shall be a good lesson to learn
Step your foot forward & life goes on as the earth slowly turns
I shall end my night with my last sip of Cognac

After a bunch of crap, I am feeling better now :)
Not every Saturday night must be a wild night
Good night everyone, sweet dream baby~


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  1. OH man.. you gotta love your job!! Dubai wei.. but i guess its true tht they said its really dusty there. haha

    keep up the good work! XD