Saturday, February 26, 2011

1st time in Brisbane

Finally~~ I got my chance to Brisbane!
Do you know how frustrated one could be to travel as a normal passenger?
You need Visa for entry, a valid passport of course
& most of all.. You are not allowed to bring in any food into Aus
Even travel as an air crew, no foods allowed!
Aus Security, they brought a special trained dog to sniff all our bags
I felt a little offended though

Anyway it was my 1st time to Brisbane,
I was thinking about Gold Coast all the way
Who knows, we stayed in Brisbane downtown
Its about 2 hours far from Gold Coast
I gave up, it was not a long stay pattern :(
Summer time in Aus
Flowers are red & blooming
I was thrilled, going here & there snapping photos
Though I am not Christian
I love its building :)
I was there standing & staring.. Hearts said Wow.. Nice Nice!!

Thank god not much people walking around on the Brisbane Sunday night
I was able to take this kind of shot with the help of Mr. Timer
King George Square station was just located right in front of the hotel I stayed
I could have taken the train to Gold Coast
Instead I walked around,
Found this bistro & bar in the downtown
How cool to have a sip of wine or beer here!
There was this Casino nearby
What are these? 2 big balls with light hidden in it?
Does it mean something? Or just decoration?
Proof to show I WAS IN BRISBANE!!

Syiok Sendiri is a must darling
No way I am gonna shoot scenery without me in it :P

Walked a little further, I saw Ferris Wheel
I always find it romantic overlooking Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel tells me what is Love, what is Eternity (sentimental statement)
Excuse me, Ferris Wheel is just a gondola, a nonbuilding structure (down to earth statement)
I like this pic, not because I am in it
Its the light from the top right corner
Underneath of it, there was a couple passing by
The other side of the bridge shows another kinda of Brisbane Lake View
Yeah I know, nothing much but an advanced city view
Again I stood there, staring.. Love this view
You can see how weirdo I am
I usually like something that others won't pay any attention to :P
Over do effect lol

Can you imagine at this night, I saw only a few people on the street
Not more than 30 people I think.. Really little!
Shops are closed early evening, same to Restaurant
But why? I have seen this before in Birmingham too
How nice is this! I wish I could have my house in this kind of western building structure
Poor baby, you passed away on the year I was born
RIP, peace!
Next day noon time, got up from my lazy bed
Dressed up the same plus my shade
Ready to explore Brisbane downtown with people walking around :P

Wuuuu.. Almost all whites!
Yeah man, white white whites~~~
Finally can see people walking on the street unlike last night
I ordered this for my lunch
Just a dish costs me AUD 10
Which is about MYR 33?? OMG!

Alright, this picture is exclusively taken for someone my friend
Who loves to chop people's arm for collection
His arm is perfect, yeah yummy baby~~
You can really see 40% guys walking on the street with this kind of arms
Haha.. You better migrate to whites country!!
Found it in the town
No one was surprised, only me I guess :p
What you doing here? Looking for a little pond with fish?
Aus World's Expo in year 1988 "The Human Factor"

Our flight was retimed a little
I was just thinking about going back to KL
Oh please.. no further delayed please!
While preparing to go back
It's a must to try Aus chocolate drink, similar to the Milo we have
Australian sugar, have you tried it before?
Haha!!! Not showing off, simply sharing my little happiness with my career :)

Ok.. What now? Oops!!
I can't believe it, my this post is so the empty
I am sorry darling, I did not really enjoy Brisbane
Partly I was a tired, did not rest well
Plus, it was so fucking hot!
Malaysia is hot enough, I need not another country to torture me!
Everything there is so god damn expensive too!

Anyway it is Australia, what to expect?
I have heard of Sydney, Adelaide and Perth
Happy to share, next month I am going to Perth! Huhu~

I have just thought about it last night while driving back from BJ to home
March, April, May, June.. No one celebrating birthday and wedding
I should be able to start saving money from now on
Target to get a house is still on going, I hope I can get it really soon
I love my current life, so the peaceful & smooth
Gonna spend a bit for family dinner later, I love you my life man!! :)

C'est La Vie, I hope you enjoy your life too!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

On Going CNY Festival

I have just realized this
Since middle of last month up until yesterday
I did not have enough rest
None of my day I slept 8 hours and above at home
It has been extremely tiring for me
The good news is, I slept 10 hours last night
Finally.. This is what a DAY OFF should be!

The other day I flew with my 2 batch mates
Wayne & Colleen to Shanghai
Not as good as I expected though
1st of all, flight has been retimed from 0140hrs to 0400hrs
I was upset!
After passengers boarded, we were about to go
Captain announced the aircraft was having technical problem
OMG.. Thus delayed for another 1 hour
When we arrived in Shanghai, it was cold & we did have some fun
Pictures taken will be published soon
Camera is not with me at the moment

Got back to KL, we celebrated my another batch mate's birthday
It was Terence birthday, big big meal was served in Sunway Giza
I had to go early & Colleen decided to stay overnight in our place
Another tiring flight to Beijing, I arrived with exhausted mental & soul

Switched on my cell, I got a text from Wayne
Unbelievable.. Colleen's father has just passed away on the same morning
I was like :( :( :( :( ......... sad sad sad
Hey bitch, its CNY man, tragedy.. I am so sorry Colleen.. :(
Got back to my room, I started chatting with Wayne
My own drama has just started, I could not help imagining myself in her shoes
What if this, what if that & tears just won't leave me alone
Sigh, if I were in overseas for even 1 day or two
Anything happens here in KL, I could not just fly back immediately
& above all these, I recalled a word of advise from this supervisor

Could not remember his name though,
He was saying.. Before he left his house to work
He would kiss his wife on her forehead
Kiss his kids on their cheeks
& tell them, "I Love You & I will come back soon"
Regardless, the unpleasant incident is gonna happen to his family member
Or even to himself (You know the risk to be a Flight Attendant?)
At least he could tell them how he feels for them before it is too late

Oops, I was very touched when I heard all these
He then asked us, did you tell your parents or your loves one
That you love him/her before you come for this flight?
Oops, I did not.. It does not mean that I don't love them
It's just different culture, chinese hardly practice love confession
Especially to family members, am I correct?
I know what to do next, I will just whisper I Love You to myself
So, next time before I go for my flight, I shall..
I Love You.. Papa, Mama, Mei Mei, Gor Gor, Popo, Ah Ma, Gong Gong..
I am sure you guys could feel my love even if I don't say it out loud :)

But please.. please.. please.. Don't ever give me any heart attacking news
Sometimes people say.. It is destiny.. Is a life cycle..
I should spend more time at home & my hometown
To accompany my loves one, love is the most precious gift in the world

When we all are talking about love, it is so disgusting to see some ass holes
Who love to bring us so down & humiliate us like we are nothing but shit
This kind of people, I wonder how were they brought up from the family
Parents gave birth to this kind of kids, must immediately suffocate them!
I give you the world's best mother fucker
Mr. Rolling Ham & Mr. Ass Tant, well I hate you two
I see myself as a very kind person (Huhu perasan)
How could you back stab me like this!?
You two deserve this, totally no more mercy towards you two!

Hence, to release my anger, I did the above
Chinese call this Da Xiao Ren, English would be Villain Hitting
Draw the ass hole in a picture, hit it with the most dirty shoes
While cursing it from top to toe, demon exorcising!
Hang it & burn it to hell!
What an evil act but I finally.. Get out the anger from my chest :)
I won't pity you if any bad happens to you, you deserve it!

And so, recently parents went to check out properties on sales
There is one in Nilai, not a perfect location but an ideal house to stay
Have been thinking bout getting a property for quite some times
Now seem like it is getting into its way
I feel a sudden nervous & uncertain
My family moved out from Malim Nawar, a rural place to KL
When I was about 4 years old
After 20 years, we are gonna move out from town?
My 2 best friends are here in Sri Sinar, been 10 years plus friendship
& I will be away from them 1 hour driving distance?
My lovely housemate, what about him?
Am I gonna leave him just like how Ivy left both of us?
I am still working under contract, though salary is not too bad,
What if company decided to drop my contract?
What kind of job I should look for? In order to maintain my income?
Too many worries!!

When I was about to go crazy,
Mama came into my room & we had a little talk about this matter
It seems my mama is kinda certain that she wants me to have the house
& my papa loves it too!
Sigh, I actually plan to own that place by my own
& during my day off, I could still come back to KL to visit my friends
I love KL, who doesn't?
Its just the money I have.. is insufficient to get a house in KL
The inflation is so damn high that I can't find the KL house price with my saving
A good solution, take the house, think about others later
Alright, I guess no one will call me KL zai anymore
I am gonna be Nilai Kampung zai!!

And so, you are about to be an adult
Carry the commitment & live your life with a calculator
You see beautiful shirt, wait a minute, is there any discount?
See a cool car, erhm.. I want it but money is tight,
Want to have a big meal, it's alright then, I will cook maggie mee later..
& that's what so called an adult?
I don't really spend, I am quite confident that I can do it
Furthermore, I do have friends who are above 30 owns a car
& also.. owing credit card bills, without a house yet
I should be proud of myself I guess..

Told cha, there is no fun to be an adult
I cannot believe I am getting to be 25 years old this year!!
There are some lucky dudes who do not even worry about money
Grandparents or parents have already bought properties long ago
"Oh yea, my grandson has reached 18yo, go ahead the house is yours now"
"Yeah man, I will change the house name under my son"

I am so so so jealous! But what to do?
I can only go all my way, work hard to achieve the above
I love my family, I wanna give them the best that I can

Enlarge this picture,
Fire cracker, my favourite
Can I say something emo here?
A fire cracker tells a story,
You need gut & be brave to go light up your hope
Shining hope, with countless hard works behind
Someone will recognise you, the brave you :)

Happy Valentine Day!