Saturday, February 26, 2011

1st time in Brisbane

Finally~~ I got my chance to Brisbane!
Do you know how frustrated one could be to travel as a normal passenger?
You need Visa for entry, a valid passport of course
& most of all.. You are not allowed to bring in any food into Aus
Even travel as an air crew, no foods allowed!
Aus Security, they brought a special trained dog to sniff all our bags
I felt a little offended though

Anyway it was my 1st time to Brisbane,
I was thinking about Gold Coast all the way
Who knows, we stayed in Brisbane downtown
Its about 2 hours far from Gold Coast
I gave up, it was not a long stay pattern :(
Summer time in Aus
Flowers are red & blooming
I was thrilled, going here & there snapping photos
Though I am not Christian
I love its building :)
I was there standing & staring.. Hearts said Wow.. Nice Nice!!

Thank god not much people walking around on the Brisbane Sunday night
I was able to take this kind of shot with the help of Mr. Timer
King George Square station was just located right in front of the hotel I stayed
I could have taken the train to Gold Coast
Instead I walked around,
Found this bistro & bar in the downtown
How cool to have a sip of wine or beer here!
There was this Casino nearby
What are these? 2 big balls with light hidden in it?
Does it mean something? Or just decoration?
Proof to show I WAS IN BRISBANE!!

Syiok Sendiri is a must darling
No way I am gonna shoot scenery without me in it :P

Walked a little further, I saw Ferris Wheel
I always find it romantic overlooking Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel tells me what is Love, what is Eternity (sentimental statement)
Excuse me, Ferris Wheel is just a gondola, a nonbuilding structure (down to earth statement)
I like this pic, not because I am in it
Its the light from the top right corner
Underneath of it, there was a couple passing by
The other side of the bridge shows another kinda of Brisbane Lake View
Yeah I know, nothing much but an advanced city view
Again I stood there, staring.. Love this view
You can see how weirdo I am
I usually like something that others won't pay any attention to :P
Over do effect lol

Can you imagine at this night, I saw only a few people on the street
Not more than 30 people I think.. Really little!
Shops are closed early evening, same to Restaurant
But why? I have seen this before in Birmingham too
How nice is this! I wish I could have my house in this kind of western building structure
Poor baby, you passed away on the year I was born
RIP, peace!
Next day noon time, got up from my lazy bed
Dressed up the same plus my shade
Ready to explore Brisbane downtown with people walking around :P

Wuuuu.. Almost all whites!
Yeah man, white white whites~~~
Finally can see people walking on the street unlike last night
I ordered this for my lunch
Just a dish costs me AUD 10
Which is about MYR 33?? OMG!

Alright, this picture is exclusively taken for someone my friend
Who loves to chop people's arm for collection
His arm is perfect, yeah yummy baby~~
You can really see 40% guys walking on the street with this kind of arms
Haha.. You better migrate to whites country!!
Found it in the town
No one was surprised, only me I guess :p
What you doing here? Looking for a little pond with fish?
Aus World's Expo in year 1988 "The Human Factor"

Our flight was retimed a little
I was just thinking about going back to KL
Oh please.. no further delayed please!
While preparing to go back
It's a must to try Aus chocolate drink, similar to the Milo we have
Australian sugar, have you tried it before?
Haha!!! Not showing off, simply sharing my little happiness with my career :)

Ok.. What now? Oops!!
I can't believe it, my this post is so the empty
I am sorry darling, I did not really enjoy Brisbane
Partly I was a tired, did not rest well
Plus, it was so fucking hot!
Malaysia is hot enough, I need not another country to torture me!
Everything there is so god damn expensive too!

Anyway it is Australia, what to expect?
I have heard of Sydney, Adelaide and Perth
Happy to share, next month I am going to Perth! Huhu~

I have just thought about it last night while driving back from BJ to home
March, April, May, June.. No one celebrating birthday and wedding
I should be able to start saving money from now on
Target to get a house is still on going, I hope I can get it really soon
I love my current life, so the peaceful & smooth
Gonna spend a bit for family dinner later, I love you my life man!! :)

C'est La Vie, I hope you enjoy your life too!!


  1. thanks for your info especially your intro there.
    looking forward for your next visiting city, Perth..
    hehe..and i countdown for 6 months for me to step on Australia land..

  2. Hey Hi, since u will be going to Perth, u should try the apple strudel in Northbridge, Perth. I didn't managed to try it, but my friend says is nice. And also the pizza at Ciao Italia (273 Mill Point Road, South Perth). U're welcome :)