Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy CNY & I am Sorry :(

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
Gong Xi Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fatt Cai :)
Its a brand new year, everything has got to be new!
However, I have a confession to make
I wonder why this could hurt a little of me :(

Above is the pic taken in hometown, Malim Nawar
A place near Kampar about 7km in Perak
I was certainly having a great time celebrating CNY eve
Not to forget, we have totally left Georgina behind in Kepong, KL

About 1 week plus ago, I met a male poodle on the street
Brought him home & I left, he was at 1st having fight with Georgina
No choice! Georgina owns this place at 1st and now she has an intruder
I am sure she was really freaking out!

No longer after he joined this family, he has become the favourite puppy
My papa brought him out with chain, pee & shit everywhere
Took him inside car & driving here and there
Which Georgina has never enjoyed all these
Its prejudice! It's unfair..
Well, has the world been fair to everyone anyway..
I am sorry Georgina :(

Its CNY, my parents brought back the poodle to hometown
While leaving Georgina behind.. Guarding the house for god sake
I have been away for few days, when I was home
She was totally different! She seems to be upset, depressed!
I know she must be going thru some emotion, I feel so sorry for her
It reminds me of something.. something I have done before :(

Giving all your love to someone, strike to be independent at all time
Telling yourself to be responsible, guarding the precious love
In the end, all you got are nothing but being eliminated
All hard works have gone in vain, good girl gone bad..
All you want to say will be just MOTHER FUCKER PUKIMAK JIBAIZ!
Georgina, don't worry, I do love you
You are always ahead above the poodle & most of all
You are not alone! At least I am here with you..
An empty house with just both of us, the others are still in hometown :(
It has been a while since my last update
I really don't mean to dump my blog like this
It has been my busy month with lots of celebrations
Its just sometimes.. bad timing + busy month
I promise I will make another blog about Happy CNY & I am Happy~

By the way, I have gained so much weight!
From 5X kg to 6X kg
That is so so so stunning! No one sees it but I can feel it
I have just started my 1st day intensive slimming course
Biscuits with Water, fruits, boiled vegetable
I have heard a normal person should not take any meal more than 2k calories
Now I am doing less than 500 calories per day
Give me a month! I will show you the result!

Back to the being left over case
It is sad.. If you do have a little conscience
Please do not do this to anyone, it is so cruel!
I often tell myself how strong am I, could recover from a very bad love experience
That was so strong of me that I could keep moving forward
Without a single regret, telling myself that it was not that bad to be dumped :(
The 1st one to thank is my very own soul,
Hence my friends & my family to show me the meaning to carry on
It was hard but it is all over.. I am so thankful to have my current life
So once again, I would like to thank whoever stay with me
& thanks to those who have left me, thank you for not wasting my time :P

I am with red wine tonight
Maybe not so sober
I am very sure, whatever U posted here
Means every inch of my flesh & blood
Gonna meet with my 2 angels 2molo, Its time to bed!
Good night everyone, happy CNY~ Any Pau kao kao~~~!!!
I love my CNY, although it was short but I was really touched!
Next post will be telling more in detail :)


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  1. Poodle might gain more attention, but Geogiana is the true hero, support!