Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its CNY & I am Happy~~~

Just posted an emo blog last midnight
Now I am presenting Happy Mode CNY~
Before proceeding, I shall briefly story morry bout Jan'2011
It was Wayne, *Someone* 's birthday
Followed by Nichole Wedding, all big time eating celebration
It was fun but sinful at a time, you know how much weight I have gained?!

I was already getting tipsy on Nichole's wedding :p
See my wink wink face haha!
We went to Jogaya for Wayne's birthday celebration
With Colleen, she is the biggest eater of all!!
& Let's welcome the new member of my family :p
He is a poodle, big size! We name him DotCom (.com)
Thank you Wayne for the brilliant inspiration haha!So this is the bitch that I was nagging bout on previous blog
Now everyone loves him, totally abandoned Georgina!
Isn't he cute by the way? Haha!
So this is the CFM look
CFM = Come Fuck Me
Who makes it more inviting? lol, I think I look like a ghost more :p
Even without editing, Wayne's eyes can be dug out to make fish ball
His eyes are so big and round!!
Joleen, another crazy stewardess our girl friend :)
Love that night!
They are preparing Nichole to receive her hubby
We stood there doing nothing but watching
And the best part was, Wayne & Me were the Ji Mui that day!
Nichole Nichole~~
Happy getting married~~~
Oops.. Her boobs!! Is gonna drop out any time soon I guess :p

Yeah Yeah CNY CNY Chinese New Year
I managed to drive back hometown
Woke up for reunion lunch at my father side family
1st table, kids + aunties
2nd table, teens & aunties
3rd table, Senior Citizens + Uncles + Adult!
& of course, I am an adult
No longer sitting the others table, here is my era!

After the meal, of course have to take some pics
For I am here only a day
Cute little girl, oops.. I don even remember her name
But she is my cousin for sure :p
Another cute princess
Oops.. I dont know her name either haha!
My cousin too :)
If you see it carefully
I need to tile their face
They just won't look at the camera!
All the Girls (except me)
Well, there is no All the Guys
Maybe because I prefer to take pics with girls :P
Yuhu~~ Time for Ang Pau
Gong Hei Fatt Choy, Gong Xi Faa Cai!
My youngest auntie with her lean fit hubby :P
Eldest auntie with her blackmore hubby :p
I love this pic the most! Muackz Muackz grandma & grandpa :)
See how the generation goes?
From the most left corner follows by the latest pic
They are all now married, I guess my brother should be the next :P
2nd Uncle with his wife & daughters
Time passes so soon kan?
We have 29 of us already!
This year is a complete year because my brother is back from NZ
Yeah man, need not to tell me
I know I know
I am the most lengchaiz & cute & charming smile
I know I know hahaha!!!

Gamble time is a must~
Even a 20 cents bet is accepted too
Another moment of truth
I can see 9 of us laughing/smiling inside
Isn't this should be the way for CNY? :)
I was winning all the way
Half way I stopped & went to bed
Was really tired, drove all the way midnight to hometown
It was extremely exhausted
Next round was to my mother side family
Bigger dishes I could see
More menu & lots of fried things
My sister had her meal 1st
I asked her, are you that hungry
She replied, no ah.. The dishes here are more delicious
Oops! Y compare?! Kill her pls!
Snap a bit and spotted my uncle ate like.. So the full of emotion
Haha!! The fried chicken won't go away, chill man!
Compared to my father side
Cousins here seem more chubby~ haha!
Oops, I am comparing too! But don't kill me pls :P
On the right is the younger sister to the left
She is the cousin I love the most of all :)
Sayang Sayang, of course I know her name
Ng Jing Rou, she names herself Crystal
Yeah man, her skin is perfect! & She is much taller at her such a young age
She will be eventually taller than me sooner!
Shame Shame =.=
Okie Okie
I know it too I know it well
I am the fairest right? Haha!!
Lovely grandma, my Popo
Popo, please get well soon
I know you will :)
Enjoy gardening like you always do Popo!
Darling.. Maybe you guys should go for slimming course too!
I have started it since yesterday
I have gained too much weight, it's time to slim down :p
I certainly would not want a big tummy like my cousin!! Haha!

This CNY was too short for me

When I drove away from hometown back to KL
I was feeling depressed inside
Don't feel like working, I just want to see all of them more
It's CNY man, the time whole family get together
Enjoying the foods, sharing stories, laughter
Believe me, when I look at all these pics
I smile like a candy, I am so touched
Love you all! Muackz Muackz Muackz!

Now in Kepong, my parents place

There is no CNY songs playing around, no fire works here
It's like everyone here is dead! Where is the CNY feel?!
So my mood for CNY has stopped too
The coming would be just as usual busy busy busy days
For whoever wishes me Happy CNY, thank you very much!
For those I did not make it on time to wish you
Please accept my sincere apology, I was in Beijing on 1st day CNY
I had only 1 day off on eve of CNY darling~

What else?
Happy CNY again everyone
May you all have a great year ahead :)
Happy celebrating & eating!



  1. Tell me about it! Ive not left KL since CNY and its been so dead. No CNY feel, like you said. Sigh.

    Btw, you look the slimmest among your relatives. : D

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Hope you get more opportunity to spend time with your family in the future. :)