Friday, March 25, 2011

He just won't wake up anymore..

It was Tuesday 22nd March 2011
I saw my sister's FB status

今天又下雨 它一直發抖 可是不是因為冷
Apparently DotCom was diagnosed with Leptospirosis
The source of the disease was mainly because of the hideous mouse/mice
Elaine, my sister, was upset
On that day, I was flying back from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Didn't pay full attention to this
I was thinking DotCom will be just fine after a day or two

I was wrong..

The next day, I was doing Kunming turnaround flight
Driver picked me up at 6.05am & I was back at 7.30pm
A long whole day.. I was really tired again
Refresh my FB page, I saw a notification
Elaine posted on my wall, I at first did not bother it
Came out from the bathroom, I received the bad news
It's too sudden, DotCom passed away in the morning

I was shocked!! :(

Made a call to Elaine
In order to understand her pain at that moment
I should put the next few paragraph in Chinese
"到了兽医的诊所 看见DotCom像平时一样在睡觉
我摸摸他的头 可是他没有醒来

平时我摸他 他会醒来的 可是这次连开眼睛都不会..."

I wanted to know how the hell this could happen
Elaine kept talking while I tried to imagine the flow of this case
The above conversation, drawn out my tears

So this is the last picture of DotCom
Elaine snapped it and she kept saying..
He didn't wake up.. He just won't wake up anymore :(

Followed up, Elaine posted few pictures of DotCom
The emo her quoted a few, such as

希望你快快投胎 再次當我的寵物 我不會再讓你生病…

"Dotcom , 22/1/2011 - 23/3/2011

Erhm.. The death of DotCom is really devastating
After I hang up the call, my tears began to pour
Why didn't I cry with my sister Elaine over the phone? I asked myself
I guess it's because I am her brother, I have to be stronger
Show her that we have to thank DotCom for his advent
Advent is a strong word, to describe Jesus homecoming
A white poodle is like an angel, he deserves to be addressed as such

Typing this post, I am still feeling the sour
I know it is just 2 months, not like 2 years or 2 centuries
But you can't deny the fact that love grows with time
And I have to admit, at first I was a little turnoff by his aggressive movement
Maybe because of Georgy is a girl, she is more lady-like
This naughty DotCom, is such a wild puppy!
Now that he is gone, I miss his everything..
I used to tell him to stop licking me
Can I now just lie there and let him lick every part of me? lol..
Come on, don't make such a joke when you have tears flooding your eyes

This totally affected my mood
I got myself drunk that night, was being carried to the bed
Woke up with swollen eyes, cried too hard I guess?
Driver came pick me up again at night
Schedule is to Incheon/Seoul, South Korea
Under a normal circumstances, I should be smiling like a star all the way
Instead, I was fucking down and I just wished to come home soon

DotCom DotCom
There will be no more this name being mentioned anymore huh?
It's hard to deal with death, hard for me at least
I am still in Seoul, South Korea
Coming home tomorrow, reaching at evening
When I am home, I wanna hug my sister Elaine
And take pictures with Georgy
I did not have any pictures with DotCom, is a shame
I wonder how Georgy feel about all these
Does she even know the death of DotCom?

What a March 2011, so many things happened
Will blog more about my recent life
DotCom, I hope you were happy with my family & me
We will love you forever, I promise

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DotCom, We'll always Miss You

Every body loves Poodle
& I am considered lucky to have DotCom for 2 months
Although I am not home most of the time
When I am home, he always cheer me up
A naughty, fat, smelly sometimes, too many saliva sometimes :P
& of course cute, adorable, fluffy too
I will miss you DotCom

Maybe you didn't know
I actually picked him up at a street
He was all alone loitering at shop area
It was early in the morning
Took him home immediately
Elroy, Evon love him
My family especially my papa loves him the best
Could not imagine my papa was obsessed with DotCom though lol
And so, DotCom is kinda famous of welcoming people with his dick lol
I was literally "raped" for few times
I could really feel his body movement, his erected puppy dick
For your info, his puppy dick head was pink in colour though :p
A true doggy style
Don't you love it?

Yeah, he is gone yesterday 23 MAR 2011
It's hard to believe this is happening
I wanted to elaborate further but I have time constraint
I promised myself to write a post about DotCom
Stop for now & I try to finish it by tomorrow
A more detail & memorable post for DotCom
RIP baby.. You are so adorable when you are sleeping like this forever..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hey Bitch aka Beach~

Evon, Elroy & me went to Teluk Cempedak last year
It was fun with just 3 of us
This year, we did it again with additional 2 more newbies (Juniors, oops!)
Lets take a look at the beach~~

The sea colour seems a little dirty
But the sky is really cool over there!
Blue sky that comes with soft cloud
To enjoy the above, one must have great breakfast in the morning
Here I present you, my all time favourite breakfast Claypot Yee Mee

Seriously, if I am those genetically skinny skeleton
This would be my entire life breakfast & I won't mind :p
Senior members Evon & Elroy
Most junior Eric Lim aka AiLiKer
Slightly senior member Ivan Sim aka Bottomless Stomach XD
This is how usually I mix and match with the Yee Mee
Its special made chili paste & a tea spoon of super hot chili
Drive me crazy man~ Love it!
After this shot, Elroy said he loves this pic
It shows the invisible friendship & love between us
Except an outsider was at the left corner haha!
I was the driver for the whole day
The distance was about nearly 3 hours up and 2 hour 45 mins back
With 3 hours flight, I could have arrived in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia
Haha.. Cannot let go my flying career, keep talking bout it!
Stop by for a cig & sniff a little highway toilet bowl smell
Oh yeah, a gentle reminder
To those who seems to be so kind, keep telling me not to smoke
"Excuse me, not even my mama says anything, who are you please?"
Not trying to be bitchy, its just too annoying man!
Give me a break, puff puff puff.. another cig on my hand :p
Evon looks so lazy, btw your boobs seem bigger nowadays! Haha!
Elroy smiles like a kid, love his eyes :p
Evon, please be a deodorant model~~
Her armpit is so clean & clear + white! lolxx!!
I guess 4 of them must have discussed at the back of me before this day trip
Senior in white, junior in black & white
Me? Excuse me, I am the most senior among all!
Red is not too bad~~
After struggling for a few hours, here we are in the beach
Welcome to Cherating beach, Pahang
It was really empty at its noon time
It was low ebb
Sea water decided to return back to the ocean
Flowing from tide backwards
What to do?
It makes no flaw to the view still
I remember I used to sit on a rock & stare to the ocean
& tell myself.. The world is really big out there
There is nothing cannot be solved.. Lets enjoy the peaceful sea breeze
Evon was like a photographer all the way
Too bad, her auntie visit makes her bleed in XXX
Can't join us in the sea
When I smile like an angel, why are you frowning?
Not happy please resign!!!Trying to make some fun while we can on the beach
Trust me, it was really hot!!

I think I was the only one doing the sand paint
Is it not popular anymore?
I thought everyone will do this on the beach sand?
Sirim approval chop!
5 of us made it to the beach~
Have you seen this before?
When the sea water back flowing
You will have the chance to see the soil/mud at the bottom of the sea
Wavy pattern, looking artistic :)
I stole it from Evon's album
I wonder why it is in black & white
Evon, please write a full report & send it to me asap!!!
I am sure I am the only one wearing that short
Yuuhuu, how sexy lol
Elroy did not make the jump on time
Eric looks like a Sailor Mercury revolving, at least half
Ivan is a nerd for sure!!! Is that the Beyonce dance?
Me? Perfecto! huhu~~ Jangan Jealous~~
While all of us trying to rest
The bottlemless stomach keeps feeding himself with the Soba I cooked
It tastes real bad when it is not cold but still... You know.. :p
Love this pic
Standing high up on a big rock
The best part is my move~~
Very the attention seeker~~After all the fun...
This is the consequence!!!!!!
OMG OMG!!! I was so the red, my skin is burning!
Guess it will take a month or two to get back to my fairy snow white skin
Sob Sob.. :(

Oh yeah to my two darling angels,
Sometimes I wish to spend time with just two of you
Talking about our most inner feeling & sharing secrets
There will be time for us right?
After all Elroy has committed himself in a full time job, timing is a factor
I guess we have met too often nowadays, its getting oily :p
But I do miss both of you.. Miss the time we spend together

Love this pic too~~
Very much indeed~~
And again.. Please look at this pic, I mean see it with your very own eyes!
I am not tall at all! Please do not assume I have 180cm~~
I am short enough to be asked.. "How come you can be a flight attendant"
I get this very often when people see me in real
Do I really look tall in pictures? Not at all darling!!

This is what Chinese called.. Smile until the eyes are gone
Summer getaway, 1 day trip, a round trip, gathering trip whatever it is
The scene is not important, the people who hang out with you matters the most
Love this trip, let's do something else next time k?
I don't wanna get burn again~ Maybe Genting Highland? Cameron maybe?

Muackz~ Love Each Day :)