Thursday, March 24, 2011

DotCom, We'll always Miss You

Every body loves Poodle
& I am considered lucky to have DotCom for 2 months
Although I am not home most of the time
When I am home, he always cheer me up
A naughty, fat, smelly sometimes, too many saliva sometimes :P
& of course cute, adorable, fluffy too
I will miss you DotCom

Maybe you didn't know
I actually picked him up at a street
He was all alone loitering at shop area
It was early in the morning
Took him home immediately
Elroy, Evon love him
My family especially my papa loves him the best
Could not imagine my papa was obsessed with DotCom though lol
And so, DotCom is kinda famous of welcoming people with his dick lol
I was literally "raped" for few times
I could really feel his body movement, his erected puppy dick
For your info, his puppy dick head was pink in colour though :p
A true doggy style
Don't you love it?

Yeah, he is gone yesterday 23 MAR 2011
It's hard to believe this is happening
I wanted to elaborate further but I have time constraint
I promised myself to write a post about DotCom
Stop for now & I try to finish it by tomorrow
A more detail & memorable post for DotCom
RIP baby.. You are so adorable when you are sleeping like this forever..


  1. cheer up.....