Friday, April 29, 2011

After So Long! Perth, Australia

After flying for 2 years plus
I finally got a chance to witness Perth, Australia
I was thrilled of course!!
And this pattern is the awesome pattern
I act like a passenger but in uniform sleeping to Perth
Coming back work as a crew just 5 hours :P

If I am not mistaken, I did not get enough sleep for this flight
Because I knew that I am not gonna work, just sleeping to Perth
To enable myself to sleep like a Prince
I must take off my jacket :p
Don't always fly Air Asia please
MAS has this kind of screen to show you all the details
I doubt AA has it

The screen keeps switching
And I just keep snapping pictures

Other than this of course MAS do have inflight entertainment
I even watched movie and listened to songs
While waiting for.. Meals to be served :p

Today's menu is Nasi Lemak Shrimp Sambal
Cheese Omelette with Chicken Sausage
I love Sausage!!! :p
The flight time is about 5 hours plus
About to land soon, and I feel so happy!!!
My mood to shoot, starts immediately
Love the building!
Western building

Australia Red Wine, Shiraz
It is fucking cheap! Only 5 AUD
Which is about 15 MYR? lol
I did not change much money to spend though
Except wines are cheap, nothing else!

Walk out from hotel
Gonna pay a visit to the infamous Swan Lake
Along the way, kangaroo caught my attention
I actually think my puppy Georgy looks a little like kangaroo :p
Lovely view
I want to sit beside my love one in this park too!

Do we have this kind of tree in Malaysia?
Spotted! Swan Lake Tower!

Side view looks like a swan though seriously
Love it!

It is a harbour
Peacefully enjoying the sea breeze

Spotted, Black Swan
It reminds me of the movie :p

I was there reminiscing bout past
Feeling calm, easy
How I wish I can do this everyday

Make a wish?
Erhm.. I want to be a rich man! :p
Okay, this is my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper
Like I said it is too expensive in Australia, I can't afford to spend too much
The best part is less than 1% fat
Good for diet :p
Drink only water.. Gosh, this is so not me!
Australian coins
One side different, the other side the same Elizabeth
Church Church Christian

Excuse me.. SQ?!
It has a story behind this word
If you wanna know more, roll back to last year on my posts
Saint Mary Church
Nice one

What kind of pose is this?
Damn ugly :p

Upon entering, I was so shocked
Colourful church, designs and everything in it nicely done
This is the utmost piece of art I guess

Let's do something that Wayne talked about before this
He said he likes Perth because it feels so peaceful
Yeah I sat there, pretended to be cool, I feel the peace too :)
This is how Perth's Condominium looks like

Perth Mint

Nothing much
Just digging, selling
Historical turns to be another way of Tourist spot
Check this out, expensive or not!?
Udon is 18.80 AUD? Which is about 55 MYR?
Kill me better
I think Jaws doesn't suit you
Sharks suit you better
You bloody money sucker!
Perth was really hot darling..
No cloud in the sky
Big big sun!
Finally back to my room
At least air cond is running
Messy room!!
The condominium that I was talking about
Situated next to the hotel I stayed
Look at the back of it? Gosh.. Swimming pool and classy balcony
So you can basically drink and smoke with your buddies
Life is so simple baby~
Night falls earlier in Perth
I went out to check out another spot
Huhu~~~ Really Gay and Lesbian!!
I could see people stopping by, snapping a pic of this banner
You can find it here!
The Court!

Before heading back
I went to Seoul market in Perth
It's kinda lame isn't it?
But I could not take the cereals anymore!
Bought Kimchi
Hoping that it tastes the same :p

Bon Appetite!
In the end? Throw it away
It tastes seriously weird
Moral of the story, don't ever buy Kimchi in Australia!
Because Australia has a very strict customs regulations
Fresh foods, vegetables and many many things could not be brought into
Therefore Perth produces it's own Kimchi which is so sucks!

My birthday is approaching!
7th of May ^^
Turning to be 25 real soon, it feels so weird!
Well well.. I still see myself like 18yo? lol
No way man, perhaps 22yo? Give some discounts please :)
I'll celebrate to the maximum for this year
Because I have 5 days off given by company for my birthday!!
Let's celebrate it and I shall blog about it soon
I know you Love me XOXO