Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ching Ming, A Day to pay Respect

Went back to hometown for Ching Ming the other day
Before that, I was working for 5 days
Did not rest well? YES!
Did not sleep well? YES!
And the best part was, we started our journey midnight
Reached hometown about 3am
Oh man.. That was so tiring although I was just sitting in the car sleeping

Got up about 6am
Prepared and stormed to see my great grandparents
It has been.. 3 years I guess

I am so sorry!! I was really sleepy..
I hardly rested well that period of time

Scene taken is in Kampar
Considered as one of the biggest graveyard though
Traffic could be really bad
Thank god we came out earlier

Relatives drove all their way from their place
Some in JB, Seremban and KL
It's a day to pay respect to the wise olders
To let them know that, you are always be missed and remembered

Call me a weirdo
I find it peaceful to look at the view

Someone commented 1st time to see people wearing like this on the day
Hey dude, I just didn't want myself to get any more tanned lolx
The trip to Kuantan Beach has tanned me to the maximum
No way I am gonna get any tanner!!

Cousin and grandma :)

I was instructed to do something rather than sitting there dreaming
Yes please, gladly to help

CCP Ipoh? lol..
What brand is this?! I don't see KL selling it yet :P

Aaah.. Shirt for my great grandpa
Shopping day for you darling :)

Pray hard
It is always the same
Good health, wealth and everything goes smooth for all family members

Silver money, clothes
Don't over spend great grannies, one year once! :)

Done! Time for a bathe and lunch before heading back to KL
And finally I can smoke! Puff puff puff~
My relatives know nothing about me being a smoker :p

I love to swing
I have so many memories when I was a kid spending time in hometown
Sitting there, all sorts of memory will swing by
Bitter sweet sour, all of them

I don't know what is this called
It has garlic & tofu thingy inside
Tasty for sure :p

All these looks like CNY meals to me
The menu is about the same

But this is special this year
My uncle bought it, made it frozen and sent home
With the combination above, it makes heaven!

Oh grandma, I call her Ah Ma anyway
Lovely lovely pic :)
Ah Ma always tell my cousin, the girl in the pic
"Last time I sayang your Cousin like how I sayang you now
I only sayang both of you more"
Ah Ma, I sayang you too :)

While all of them were still eating
I had to get a quickie
Phew, just in time

Get dressed up again have to leave
Ah Ma Ah Ma, I'll miss you
I hugged her.. tightly & I whispered to myself
No one will ever love me like my family does
And if you do, you must be my Mr. Right

Dropped by my mother's side grandma's house, my Popo
Popo, I know maybe you don't really like it in KL
But if you change your mind
We always welcome you to stay with us :)

It was seriously bloody hot out there
I wonder why my hometown is always hotter than KL
Iced blended is a must!

Iced blended red bean
Yummy yummy especially in such a weather :p

Sis helped me to snap a shot
She said "Gor, you look so weird in the pic"
I was like.. Really?? Bcuz I act cute?? :P

No matter how unhappy I am
I will still go to work without failed
Could not sleep, could not even eat
I will not jeopardize my career
Seeing my weight keeps dropping
Witness how tired & terrible I look like now
No wonder my colleagues said I am not sexy anymore, no more flesh lol

For those of you who have read my previous post
Sorta understand what am I going through
Yeah man, it is kinda hard for me to digest all the things
See I start blogging again, I feel much better
I just need to get back to my own self
The Crason that I know is an undead cockroach, quoted from Elroy :p

For such a person like me, it's hard to open up my heart
You have been knocking the door for so long
I am touched but when I go near to the door
About to deliver the key to you
I find only a pair of shoes, you are not there anymore
I try to trace, try to do whatever that I can to get you back
It's all in vain I guess
Therefor I choose to smile, smile it all away :)



  1. Today actually my family also go 'sao mu', but mu parents ask me go to work and no need to go.

  2. What a happy family ! Picture (15) looks like dumpling !

  3. as least you know you are over dress. When i saw that picture, i'm wondering are you going to fashion parade or Ching Ming. Anywhere i think tan look nice actually. Btw take care since you really look much thinner than before.

  4. me over dress??? u r so gonna be dead!!!!

  5. take care..i've seen the 3rd pic...suddenly miss my kampung...anyway be happy always =)

  6. ya! you are definitely over dress for this event. Why i'm gonna dead, are you planning to kill me? :p