Friday, April 8, 2011

I hate this part and I thank this part too

It has been 4 days since I last saw you
It was a cold night, I could even feel my spine shivering
Waited for 2 hours plus
Just to see you could talk to me in such a cold way
Left me a nil position to even say anything further

Baby I know I have screwed up the whole thing
There are so much things that I should have done, perhaps earlier
There are loads of stuff that I should have never done, it's just too late

Back to the place where I stay for my work
Picked up this X'mas card handmade by you
Tears begin to fall.. It's all my fault..
Why did I lose myself in the middle?
Why am I the evil I always talk about?
Since when I have become like this?

I have taken things for granted
Neglected your feeling
Temper went too far like a wild fire
Couldn't hold it back
Ego man, self centered
I couldn't help but to blame myself

You are such an angel
Brought hope into my life
I was never alone with your hands tightly held onto
Gave me all the patience & love
Silently taking in all the bad of me
Spoke no word about your true feeling
Oh Baby, I miss everything about you

I would do everything no matter what it costs
I would correct all the bad things about me
I would give up anything just to want you back
I will give you happiness
I will fulfill all the promises
I will be the best bf
Only for you.. All for you

It took me tears and pain to realize
The only thing I could not let go
Is how you truly appreciated me, loved me, accepted me for who am I being
The now you, is a person that who doesn't love me anymore
Thank you for appearing once in my life

I used to keep asking myself
Why he could do this to me when I truly understand where did I go wrong
Why he won't give me another chance to fix it
Why he could just walk away like that
Why he won't even feel sad about the whole thing
I thought he likes I'm being myself
I thought he admires me for who am I being
I thought he adores me as his sweet little honey
I thought he will never give me up

He just doesn't love me anymore, simple as that
I begged, I cried, I regretted, hoping that you still have a slight feeling for me
Oh Baby, now I know I was wrong about you


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