Friday, April 29, 2011

*Touching* Congrats Georgina :)

Oh my lovely Georgy
You are such one lucky mother in the world
To be able to give birth to 3 cute little puppies
Congratulations :) I am so proud of you!!

Before her pregnancy, she was staying with my another poodle DotCom
DotCome passed away due to an illness on 22nd March
I am pretty sure before his dead, he raped Georgy!
I used to laugh when I see DotCom was trying his best to penetrate Georgy
Bcuz Georgy bites! & DotCom will just run away with shame :p
Who know who knows, Georgy would have her moment of itchiness
I am so glad & thankful
The DotCom we miss, left us an even better present
DotCom, I am sure you must be really happily RIP

And so last night, I arrived kinda late
Nearly 1.30am midnight
& I was so thrilled to finally witness these babies with my very own eyes
I heard from my parents and sis, Georgy has been acting very protectively
She bites whoever touches her babies
My sis father mother all got her cruel bitten!
But not the same to me, she loves me I guess :p
I could even touch her babies, she seems alright
I saw how she breast feed those babies, with her body shaking & a little painful look
Perhaps she was hungry at that time
I went to kitchen & got her some milk
Oh Georgy, I love you~~~ ^^

And so, I sat there for more than an hour
Just to give my best touch to her, kept telling her how proud I feel
Georgy ah Georgy ah, do you actually understand what am I saying? :)
Although you are a single mother, but you have all our love
I suspect Georgy gave birth to 3 princess
Cuz I can see only vulva and there is no penis in 3 of them!
It's alright, bitch is always pretty & seductive
I haven't name them yet, any suggestion?

If you see it clearly, there is one obvious brown
And 2 whitish babies
If I am not mistaken, Brown came out before the smallest whitish
And the last one is the bigger whitish
Mama said she woke up at 5am, she heard baby crying
It wasn't the baby upstair (My mama is a baby sitter)
She found 2 puppies that time
After about 3 hours, she discovered the last bigger whitish
You should take a look at my mama, the way she told the story
Her eyes was shining with her excited tone of voice
Mama.. I thought you hated puppy? I am so glad to see her acting differently
Blissful.. Blissful, what else to say? :)

I have a favourite name though
Liz, full name would be Elizabeth, I hope British won't bomb my place :p
Others name, until further notice, I need inspiration
And I am sure my dearies will name them for me :)
Georgy Georgy, you have no idea how happy I am right now!
Love you so much, take good care of your love ones alright? ^^

Recently I am in love with Norah Jones's jazz song
It feels so good to sip with Red Wine listening to it
Turns out, April is a really good month
Apart of getting rid of some problems
I received sorta loads of compliments at work
I remember Wayne said it once
Asians don't like to compliment others, and when they do
You should be feeling on top of the sky :)
Not trying to show off but I think I am really a good guy hahha!!!

Loves from family and friends make me warm
Loves from a stranger? It's thrilling at the same time, uncertain too
Anyway, don't place your foot on the ground
Go all your way to seek for your love :)


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  1. "Georgy would have her moment of itchiness.."
    haha, what a good description. anyway, congratulations for Georgy.. ^^

    so have u named those three little princess? ^^