Saturday, May 28, 2011

And I am so Blissful

Recently I have been studying some wisdom quotes
It is so inspiring!
Gonna share some of these with you guys :)

The proof of the pudding, is in the eating.
Eternity: A moment standing still for ever.
Always laugh when you can, it is the cheapest medicine.

No one could understand the real pain or the real sweet unless he himself tastes it one day.
Love me forever? Changing is the only eternity, the world is changing every second
When you say you love me forever, it's only on that very moment, things will change still.
Laugh or smile? I choose both, do it everyday, costs nothing but a few wrinkles :)

Baby, I am so alive again!! ^^


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Here & There

I'm now at Sibu, Sarawak
It's my first day of the 6 days trip
Had a tiring day & I suppose to be sleeping right now
For some unknown reason, I can't seem to sleep

Mother's day has passed for quite some times
My birthday was 7th and mama was 8th
Didn't celebrate in time so decided to do something
Brought her to this restaurant at PJ TTDI
With my siblings and sister's bf

The taste was not that bad
Just.. Not too good lol
I was a little disappointed though
Not because of the meal
It's just because I'm afraid my mama doesn't enjoy it :(

Finally.. At least one dish that lured my mama's appetite
Looking at the way she swallow the whole things, I smiled a little :)
Mama mama.. Do know you these are very fattening? Lol
But pls stop eating, I like to see you like this, so long you are happy :)

So this is the powerful lady who gave birth to me
A crazy son named Crason
A naughty kid, an unusual character
Thank you mama
I can't be hugging you and kissing you like what we see in the movie
In my heart, you deserve everything good in the world
And the best of all...
I love you my mama :)

The other day I came back from Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Flew with a bunch of fun person
I have an awesome pic to show
Maybe not that awesome though lol

At first my leading came to me
He was so excited to point to this view
I was like "what's going on?"
Oh well, from far we can see the rain pouring

Awesome?! Lol...
I was laughing but I think it looks cool
It's not like everyone can witness this though lol

What is that kind of posing
Love you two so much
It was really fun to fly with them
They totally made me laugh my ass off

A new 737-800 aircraft
At the right is the old painting which mean old aircraft :p

Oh yeah, I've got myself a new haircut
Nothing impressive just shorten my hair

Can I say something bout myself now?
Erhm.. Have you ever felt this way before?
That you are afraid of listening to any sad love song
It draws out the sadness inside of you
Intrude your inner feeling, crash your pride from iceberg to pieces
That's scary.. Really scary :(

Called me a foolish person
I just want to hide it all away
I would rather to be an ostrich
Hiding in a tiny sand hole pretending the endanger monster won't see me
And I just.. Wanna hide myself :(

For all the sad love song that once healed me when I was so down
Turns against me all of a sudden
I don't expect you to understand what I'm trying to say or how i feel
Only the involved knows it all
We used to hate the devil who broke our heart into pieces
And who knows we have become another vicious devil..
That feeling isn't fun at all..

I sorta got back my own life lately
To be completely honest
I think I'm much more happier now
No more guilty no more unwanted weird feeling in me
I'm sure I'll love again
Till then I must always smile
For the least that I know..

Let's smile kills the pain
Let's smile attracts the love
Let's the pain gone like wind
Let's the love heals it all

And yeah
I'll always smile, I promise :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday in HK :)

Right after my birthday 7th May
Rested for a day then I left to HK
Before the flight I was sweating all over
It has been like 5 days having only fun
I was so lost in track bout works
You are not a crew you won't understand
The job isn't difficult but you can easily forget bout all the practices

Upon signing in, I sorta screamed a little
Flying with this pretty stewardess again!
Oh man, let me introduce her to you
Her name is May, by far the most pretty I've ever seen
I calm a little too when I know I'm not the most junior on this flight

Arrived to HK safely & happily
Here they celebrated my belated birthday
This little cutie pie, his name is Eldon
First time flying with him, a really cool and fun guy to talk with
Me and him drank the most
From whisky to beer to wine
Divine! Totally mixed up and drunk like hell lol

Though we were kinda not sober
The next morning we did not miss the chance for breakfast
Dim sum, what else?

After the "stomach gonna burst" dim sum
Met up with my step mama Gwen
She is a chief stewardess, been flying for almost 20 years
And yet she looks so young still!
I first met her on Incheon flight last year June though
Love her ^^

Took express train from airport to Kowloon
Changed bus to Town

Typical HK city view
An apple to my eyes :)

This McD means something to me
Evon Elroy remember our last trip to HK?
Who started an argument in this McD?!

Mama insisted to have goose rice
Here we are! Chain branch restaurant

Looking delicious, don't you think so?
It's way too oily but once a while should be ok ^^

Next shopping is a must
Its my birthday month man!

Two pieces of shirt
Green short sleeve HKD 99.00
Grey long sleeve HKD 199.00

My very own shoes after so long
White in colour HKD 149.00

Tried something new in HK this time
Came to this Harbour City to take ferry!

Boarding time haha!!
Sound like going for flight

Happy happy!!
First time taking ferry in HK

The view along the way

Nice experience :)

Give me something new!
Taking bus in HK! Wow~

Another type of bus
Ding Ding bus

Aww my eyes bag!

Dinner time, Thai cuisine :)

Hainan chicken rice?
Am I in Thai restaurant or what?

Pork chop noodle
But I'm not the pork chop k? Lol

Why is the appetizer last to come?
Anyway it's so yummy!!

HK night view :)

It was fun that I came out at 10am
Till night falls, time's up gonna head back
I love HK I love HK

I can say this is the first time I feel this way
I finally in love with HK
Moreover tried different thing this time
Boast up my impression towards this beautiful East Pearl

Thank you so much
This bracelet is so shining and elegant
Look at the price, no wonder!
Don't know what to say.. My sincere gratitude my dear
I'll wear it everyday^^

Another 3 more trips to go in this month
Tomorrow is to Kaohsiung
After that a domestic 6 days trip
And Taipei longest stay 48 hours^^
God has certainly given me loads of happiness this month
I am so blessed! Thank you thank you
For those who has celebrated my birthday or even greeted me
Muackz! Love you all^^
For those did not, it's ok, there is always a next time
But don't wait till I pass away ok? Haha!

I actually have more pictures on my birthday stored in camera
But since my baby admitted I can't post it for now
It says 2 weeks to repair my baby
Will blog more again peeps
Stay happy always ^^