Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby admitted Hospital

Came back at 4am in the morning yesterday
I was seriously exhausted =="
And today I have so much things pending to be settled
First of all is to send my baby to hospital
My baby MacBook Air, it's left shift keypad is dead
Drove to The Gardens for repair

The above pic is a print screen of my current iPhone wallpaper
Like it this way though smoking kills
Ask me ask me!!
I think this pic shows who I am
An angelic hearted person (perasan)
With bad habits not just smoking but bad tempers too
If I don't put this, I guess I will just choose any default simple wallpaper
Call me old fashion, I'm an uncle already anyway lol
BUT an uncle with young face ^^

Colleen and her new bf Dino
They met me there and celebrated my belated birthday
Brought me to this Taiwanese restaurant
And we kinda swallow everything
Colleen seems very happy today
She keeps telling me how good is her bf
The smile and the sweet aura tells me that love does exist in this world
Congratulations girl I hope you are happy always :)

Deep fried black pepper squid

Taiwanese style oyster fried egg

Colleen's set lunch
Forgive me that I have to put in Chinese

Chicken chicken lol

And this is mine!
Shabu shabu set
I couldn't finish it though
I guess it must be 2 person portion

Don't blame me darling
Its just a normal thing to do when someone owns an iPhone
Of course you need some cool apps to help you to do this
Assemble few pic into one
There you go, a cool one ^^

Oh man, this girl is my favorite senior
She is a mainland china girl
But it does not affect my respect to her at all
First of all she is much more outspoken than me
More wild and daring which is why I love her so much^^
Plus she is expert in Jailbreaking!
She did everything for me for free
While she could charge me RM150 lolx
What a wonderful pic darling Laura
Now I really want to sing
Tell Laura I lover her~~

Without my baby MacBook Air
I blog it here using iPhone and it seems much more convenient :)
This apps cost few US dollars but bcuz of Laura I got it for free
I don't know how would it look like after I post it
But I'm sure it'll be as good as how I did with laptop

Lastly I wanna say
I am feeling hard to breathe again!
Time is too short, work is too long
Can I rest for another few more days before going on with my journey?
I guess is the price to pay
My job does not allow me to rest more :(
I feel bad you know? (I don't know)
There are too many ppl that I would like to sit down and talk to
With a peaceful heart, comfortably talk about everything
And today I am just moody and short circuit
Lack of sleep is the cause and I'm sorry I can't control myself just yet

And you out there..
Please believe that I always have the heart for you..
Please don't stop believing me..
Give me times.. And forgive me for everything..
There will be a day
I can finally bring you the true happiness and I swear
Till then.. Pls bear with me

I have no ability to make you happy just yet
And I don't wanna be a selfish bastard anymore
Let me live my own life
With just my family and my 2 best friends
When I am ready you will notice me
And I will find you..

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