Monday, May 9, 2011

I am 25 years old!

I usually upload my picture chronically
But this time, I did it upside down
Simply because of Eric's Gaoliangjiu
Aaaaaah I'm fucking drunk right now
It is 52 % alcohol percentage
Fuck man!!!

This year I have celebrated my birthday for the longest
From 4th till 8th, which is about 5 days
And continuously I'm gonna celebrate again on my next flight
To Hong Kong tomorrow and come back on 11th
What a blessing, I love my life!!

And so.. I stop at somewhere
Half celebration on 5th because I left to Singapore
Of course I have celebrated with joy over there too
But you know.. Something seems not right
I was thinking about something not right at the time too

While receiving all the blessing and love from friends and family
As the picture shown above, they are from Triple E
Eric Lim, Elroy Chong, Evon Tan
Isn't I supposed to have another wishes from I?
But "I" did not greet me at all, it felt so dumb, why is that so?
Someone could put his car plat number BLA 5007
Someone could put his passcode in iphone 5007
Could he really forget about what is 7th of May?
Oh man, someone could just forget about me
That is upsetting and I was having my own emotion about it
It's fine Crason.. Never mind..

And so I talked to my mama about this
She told me she would prefer my character
Someone who would shout and scream
Screw everyone when I'm angry but I just won't keep grudge
I let out & I would let go every emotion
A perfect straight forward character
I could hurt someone at time but I do feel fucking regret in the end
Better than I add up the grudge and let someone die all of a sudeen
Mama.. Thanks alot, Happy Mama's day :)

We celebrated Mama's day and my birthday together with my family
A cake for 2 celebrations, it seems so cost cutting lolx
Thank you double E for taking pictures for us
EL, please do not forget to send me those pictures!! :)

And you know I have got myself iPhone 4 in White
It's like a snowy princess, so cute!
My new baby in my life, I'll sure treasure it very much
And so, I sorta took alot of picture with it
Best best, finally I'm using iPhone!!

Brother supposed to enter New Zealand successfully
However, something was up and now he is with us again
He made us dumplings! Can you imagine my brother can cook better than me?
Haha.. I feels so shame of myself, I can't even cook a proper meal

This year birthday I've witnessed alot of friends' and family's love
It feels so warm that I could never forget about this 25 years old birthday
For those who always stay behind of me
Giving me support silently, encourage me all the time
I heart you guys the most :)
For those who don't even treasure me, thank god that you have left
You are just someone disappointing, it's really better that you have left me
Thank you for those who care to click on me and send me birthday wish
Thanks alot darling~~ you guys totally make my days man!!
The remaining balance of birthday pictures, I'll try to upload soon
Muackz! Now I know I'm perfectly fine after blogging
I'll blog more! I promise! :)



  1. Here my wishes to you..
    happy birthday to Crason :)

    Iphone in white reali nice
    U are reali quick in getting it...

    Blog definitely will make ppl feel calm...
    Lets blog more, you blog more, I will read more :)