Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's the End of it

Been dragging it for almost 1 and a half month
It's time to really put it a full stop
A part of me feeling depressed
A part of me wanted it to end desperately

When I was younger
I used to love someone whole heartedly
But when I'm getting elder
I begin to hide, to fear
Perhaps the past nightmare is too vivid
I'm afraid to love again

And so.. I seal my heart away
Waiting for someone to unlock it
The key? Is my own spell
If you could show me the sincerity and the faith you hold
I'll be definitely yours

What now?
You think a charming smiling face has no background?
Especially those hideous past
What now?
You think I'll tell everyone the inner part of Crason?
When I choose to tell you
I have trust in you that you will accept me
Cherish me, take good care of me
Oh well, time sure proves everything
And I was so wrong!!!!!!

At first I could not believe it
You could say something like that
Fucking cruel and inhumanity
I thought it was the cause of anger
And I was wrong again
You are totally the heartless bitch I was thinking on the other part of me
Within 1 month, there you go a new lover
OMG.. I knew it before Elroy told me
But I was in between of doubt
Tonight everything revealed to the fullest
I didn't know that I would feel hurt
Not till this moment..

Hey bitch
So you think you are above the sky now?
That you can simply don't care about how I feel anymore?
That's so cruel.. How could you hurt me like this?
I didn't know that you are this heartless
I thought that I know you..
I'm so fucking embarrassing now
Used to tell ppl how much you loved me
If you truly love me, will you really dump me and go for someone so fast?
Fuck man, I'm fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool down..
It's a just sigh.. Damage is done
Fine, even my birthday you didn't wish me
It's alright, I'll not talk about you again
I again trusted a wrong person
It feels so stupid.. Looks like I'm probably will be alone forever
It's a silly thought I know
Just emotionally saying things like this
But the level of heart breaking
You can never imagine

So you think you won this time?
Alright.. A trophy for you
You win
Thank you for lifted me so high
And slammed me to the hell
Tonight is the last night I'll ever talk about this

For your so called sincerity bout 5 months
For the big talk about your love to me
For your new love and direction in life
For everything I thought was sweet turns to be shit

No more about you
I swear and promise
You can delete me from Facebook
Block me plus delete me in MSN
It's your choice kid
I ain't gonna pay iPad 2 for no reason lol
Crason will never die
You should know :)


  1. cheer up crason!U stil have alots of fren b with U.take care =)

  2. Keep moving crason.....blessed!!!