Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prelude Birthday 2011

Once again I picked up this backpack bag
It has been many years since the last time I carried this kind of bag :)
It feels totally different, no more sling bag but backpack bag
Seriously.. I feel younger lol^^

So tonight is to Sunway
To meet up with A
I heard about the plan, dinner and movie :)

Have to drop my bag before heading out
For I carried a bottle of Black Label with me :p
How can I celebrate my earlier birthday without alcohol?
Cosy room
Exceeded my expectation towards the whole idea
It feels so different to see this kind of room set up

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all~~

A was busy preparing the meals
With sweat and heat all over his body
Never could imagine someone would cook for my birthday except my mama
Onion & Chicken slices
Spaghetti that comes with mushroom
And perhaps.. With the Love essential?

Oh man.. Am I a freak?
I was so thrilled to see this small fold-able tiny table
With music on, I could finally taste the dishes prepared :)
Later on, rushed to Sunway Pyramid for a movie
Red Riding Hood, it was not as bad as what people talked about
Will you choose Henry or Peter?
I asked.. Do you think I am Henry or Peter?
He replied.. You are Crason..
Meaningless conversation? But I do feel some special feeling inside

Came back ready for hard liquor session
Black Label whiskey with Grape Juice
A came with a short cake, candle lighted on!
That birthday song, it touched my heart
Oh man.. I was seriously melted
I made a wish, the same like I did all these years

Well.. I am not a cake lover
For my birthday, at least a bite shall I?

And that is for 4th of May 2011
A celebrated my very early birthday
Need not to ask.. I always have a heart for someone sincere
Thank you so much.. I am kinda speechless btw
I am fucking blessed!!!

5th May 2011 Morning :)
Woke up with messy hair
The same T-Shirt as last night
Sleepy still but there is no way I am gonna skip my mama cooking
We do this every year on my birthday

Yummy yummy chicken
Mama always know what I love to eat :)
She is the heroin
The tiger woman that guarding our home quietly
Seeing how you prepare the noodles, I feel like hugging you

There you go
One year once
Thank you mama!!
Trust me it is seriously tasting sweet & delicious
My big mouth :p
Drumstick for me ONLY ^^
Double eggs
Does it mean something? I should ask my mama later^^

BOK BOK BOK~~~!!! Finish all!!

I remember earlier of the year
I promise that I would get a house before my birthday
The thing now is I could but at the same time I must delay it
To buy a house is not like to buy fast foods
Either McD or KFC, only 2 choices
House is like.. Lots of option to be taken into consideration
I tell myself it is ok, so long the money in bank is growing
I can get my own house one day, there will be a day

Tonight is to celebrate with Evon and Elroy
Hill Garden Lounge at Damansara Heights
I am one lucky bastard that having so many people loving me
I just wish I am not a heart breaker, I don't like myself like that
If you could hear me, trust me, I could be dumb at times
And please forgive me.. I am not that kind of bastard you think of
I heart all of you who love me, I do I do
Let's enjoy another celebration tonight^^
Love you Mama, Love you Evon Elroy
Muackz Muackz XD