Friday, May 13, 2011

A Quick One OK?

Oh well I have been celebrating my birthday for so many days
Things just keep appearing and I feel kinda hard to breathe
Too much.. I'm drowning and I wish to digest it all
Thank god I kinda had a good rest today, brain worked out perfectly

This post is dedicated to you my darling
I cannot imagine that kind of feeling, to bump into your ex-bf
For I have never met this kind of situation and I guess the feeling must be sucks
Dear, I'm pretty sure you are kinda lost right now
Stuck in between of recovery and moving on situation
And there you go, you met him all of a sudden
Of course it lures out all kind of feeling and fantasy
Especially those.. If only I try harder, If only we did not go too far..
I wish I could tell you what to do, what you should not do
We are just a human being that is full of emotion and flesh and blood
Perhaps there is a way turning back time but think harder, wiser
Do you really want this? For all the hard time, are you gonna regret after all?
I just want you to be happy, simple as that darling
You shall do all the thinking, and I hope you do feel better after a good sleep
I just wanna hug you right now, and we don't speak a word ok?
Please be happy my dearest friend, I'm always beside you
I promise


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