Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happily Commiting A Serious Crime

Just posted a day like plain water
I met someone who gave me such a thrill after that
I know, I knew this is so wrong
But a part of me seems enjoying it
The other part, which is as slim as 1% stopping me
Beautiful crime, kill me please

Someone explained to me about what is so called dream
He further said "Don't u have a dream too?"
Everyone must have a dream
For all sorts of dream, I wanted to be an actor actually lol :p
Along the way, I was influenced by the "down to earth" ethic
This dream has been put way behind
I don't dream about this anymore
I would rather to be a normal working adult
Yes, a job that pays the rent
Nothing impressive, nothing extra ordinary
I think it's actually a good thing to be an ordinary person :)

According to him, dream is a must
However not much people could actually fulfill it
And a person like me, could never understand why someone wanted to be a star
There can't be anything wrong to a have a dream
What makes it wrong would be the incapable you fail to realize your incapability
Chinese say "fix your head with the appropriate hat size"

I'm actually doing a serious thinking bout the whole thing
Even ask of my mama's opinion
Turns out, I can never understand that kind of mindset
Knowing that we were all born in this earth
Neither me nor you come from Mars
Why is that difficult to reach the mutual understanding stage?
It's similar to a couple who might call for divorce after 20 years
And the simple reason is "I can't understand you, you just don't know what I want!"
Oh well, perhaps.. Either one of us is alien
Perhaps it makes no sense keep wondering why
Why not we choose to leave it as it is
It's just different mindset, we come from a different world
Still dwelling? It's in vain baby

To all the dreamers, may your dream comes true
Dreaming is not enough, you gotta go all your way
With guts, bravery and courages
You want to feel like you are above the sky?
Go all your way!

Me? I'm not a dreamer
I'll stick to my own plan
Earn money, save money
Go for flight, day off, work, day off
Sound pretty boring huh? That's just who I am
Everyone is beautiful in his own way
I'm beautiful, what about you?