Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Days Are like Plain Water

My recent days are like plain water
Nothing much to tell, it's just the usual Crason who flies here and there
Either flying or having day off or slumbering on the bed
Kinda contradict to how people who think of me
"You are what a happening person!" <-- Not really.. Trust me!

On my flight from Taipei the other day dated 21st June
I was receiving passengers with my signature commercial smiling face
"Good afternoon, welcome aboard"
"Hi, how you doing"
"May I have your boarding pass please?"
All of a sudden, I was stoned! I saw these group of kids
(They are younger than me)
"Ain't you the Astro Talent Quest star??!"

May I present to you, she is Miko!

And this is Geraldine!
For all the due respect, I really love her name!
And she was the one who scored 28.5 over 30
So far the highest in Astro Talent Quest 2011

This is her performance
Lady Marmalade which gets her 28.5!

The top 5 members
Starting from the left
Licus, 洁莹, Kim, Miko and Geraldine

My sister is her junior!
She stays nearby me though :p

I sorta gave them a lot of Malaysia Airlines souvenirs
Their bags hardly can contain anymore
It was really nice to see them on board

OMG.. This post is so empty :(
Even I myself finds it "Hello bitch, could you please post something else?"
My apology, recently there is nothing interesting enough
Let's just crap here, don't waste a post
Erhm.. I am currently having my day off at parents place
Comfortable as usual, my very hospitable mama cooks the best for me
Knowing that I am trying to slim down, she got me Lotus soup with Vege for whole day
And we gossip and talk about all kind of bullshits and that's my day today
Sound plain boring? But I like it the way it is

I am gonna have a hair cut tomorrow
This picture is for memory lol
Someone commented I have a pointy nipple :p
I don't, my nipple is very small hahha!!
Oh yeah, it seems my two dearies are very busy recently
Is this the price to pay to be an adult? Sigh, I wish we are still a small kid
Sometimes I imagine that they don't like to talk to me anymore
Or maybe they don't like to have any meeting anymore
Darling.. I wish to see you guys, let's talk about all nonsense things all over again
Shall we? :)
No matter how unwilling we are, we still gotta grow up
Grow up? or Grow Older? That's so true
It does not matter, I love you two! And my family members
Good night to you all, with love :)



  1. Plain Water more healthy....
    enjoy your Plain Water life 1st....
    take a good care ya!

  2. haha, i think tatz d awesome benefit of being f.attendent. No need to pay to meet with those stars ^.^