Saturday, June 4, 2011

Same Old Thing, Same Old Me

It's about my birthday celebration last month again :p
It was 4th of May, happened exactly 1 month before
It feels so weird.. Looking at these pic, it seems it was long ago

See? I think I was slimmer than right now
For I was only 5X and now increased at least 4kg! OMG
I remember I changed and changed, tried every outfit
This was the result and I hope I did not look too ugly for my very own birthday

Evon did some researches
She recommended me to go for this - The Hill
Situated somewhere around TTDI

It is a restaurant and bistro
Looking classy for sure and I was already fear about the bill they might pay

I actually took kinda bunch of pics there
However, my lousy camera did not perform very well
Could only choose a pic or two to post it here

Evon's super light meal, Salmon Salad

Elroy was frustrated cuz he ordered this
Some kind of pineapple cocktail but it tastes like cough syrup lol

I suppose to look good here but the over shine flashing ruins it!
Lol.. no choice and I have to edit it in such a way
Hoegaarden~ Loving it^^
And my favourite - Salmon Steak
The portion was so small.. While the plate was ass that big
Can someone please tell me what is going on with my face?
It looks so fake and weird in shape!

There were also Deep Fried Oyster and Tempura for my big stomach
I ate and ate.. Never stopped, once a year, should be okie right? lol

The bill was about.. 350rm? I think so
Fuck man.. expensive maximum and I was feeling so guilty
The best part was.. I was not even full :p

Reached my place, 2nd round to this Curry Noodle house nearby my place

This time I paid lol.. Only bout 10rm lol
Yummy yummy and finally we could call it a night :)
Wait a min! I have words for you two baby!

Dear Elroy and Evon my lovely dear
See, I am the eldest among we three
Sometimes I wish I were born younger than you two :P
Cuz I want you to feel how it is like to be the eldest in a group
Although I look kinda young hahha! But anyway, I'm 25yo officially
The dinner you two spent, it was lovely, really lovely
I want you to know I feel bad bout it cuz I have never spent like that on you two
Remember right after my birthday, I left to Hong Kong for flight?
That time I already planned to buy something for both of you cuz I have few hundred HKD
Who knows, in the end I bought my own stuff for my birthday
I am sorry, so sorry!! :(
Coming days, it seems no special occasion, no one's birthday not until September
Unless you want me to worship you two as my father
Father's day is coming lol.... :P

You two see how I fall.. How I come back alive again
And fall again, dead once more, resurrect to live repeatedly
I am sure this kind of friendship means something to three of us
I define you two as my loyal listeners as if I am the hardrock DJ
I call you two my dear as I borrow your hug and shoulder to cry on
I name myself as a blissful folk to have you two be proud of me just like how I feel for you two
I wanna ring your phone one day and say "Hey, how you doing my soulmates"
And I.. right now staring at the these pic, telling myself how lucky I am
And I.. could not wait to come home and kiss you two on your foreheads (disgusting :P)
And I.. will always treasure you two, I promise :)
Thank you for the lovely dinner my dear
With Love, muackz! xoxo

And so.. the most difficult part of going through process has come to an end
I am again the Crason who cooks instant noodle at home
Though I might miss the KFC, the Yong Tofu, the Mimi snack.. the companionship
I think I still prefer to live my life in such a way, in Crason's way to be exact
Oh yes Evon, we are not so lucky like Elroy right? He always has someone to love lol
Hey Evon, I am okay to be single for now, in fact I am always okay to be like this
Are you doing okay there? I think you would love to be single but not too long okay?
I wanna see you getting married, I wanna be your best man
And I wanna see you giving birth to cute baby^^
And fulfill your dream, bringing kids to my house and visit me haha!
"Ah boy, be careful of uncle Crason ya, he is dangerous" <-- U imagine tis before!!! lol

Someone enlightened my day today by saying this
"I am looking for a matching personally
That we are naturally click and do not need to do/change so much"
Wow.. this fella is certainly more expressive than I do
I am looking for this kind of person too
But please don't appear first ok? I like it to be single right now :)
Cheers~ Will blog again~

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