Friday, July 22, 2011

I am the Doctor!

Oh man.. I am sick since yesterday
It feels like torturing for sure, don't wanna bother about anything at all
Arrived home yesterday night, unpacked my stuff
And I took those medicine from previous consultation
Not sure about how the other family deal with illness
Immediately visit a doctor? Or trying to be a doctor first?
Oh well, my family members are certainly not certified doctor of our own :P

This cap, colourful and I love the wording
LUCK with a star :)
I used to be told, I do not look good with cap
For my past so many years, could be about 6-7 years
There was no cap in my life :P
Perhaps I have a big face and weird skull, cap doesn't suit me
Just the other day, I put it on
For a second, I found myself looking kinda boyish though haha!
What do you think?

Just posted this status in my FB
We are doing an exact same thing in our life, a routine life
I sit and think, what am I actually looking forward to?
And I get back to work, a job that pays the rent
Obviously I am contented with what I have right now
But contented doesn't mean that I am happy
Do you know what am I saying?
Stop telling me that my job is fun, stop saying that I have such a nice life
I have lifted myself into a stage that I have put my true emotion away
Such a horrible zombie alive life, I want a change of my life!!

Ah Wayne ah Wayne, thank you for being so sweet
My sister got into a car accident, she literally bang the car into pieces
Ever since that day, my family has a little problem pertaining to transportation
So the good me (perasan) borrow them my little hero Kancil
At first it was fine, but after a while, I was being filled with anger
And the reason being is.. I don't know either
Perhaps it is normal to feel this way?
When you own something, there would be a little stingy of you
Unwilling to share, reluctant to even let others to touch
And he.. Ah Wayne, he borrowed me his new car Myvi for 2 days
OMG.. I am so touched! You are such a sweet lovely housemate!
Oh ya, he did not fail to remind me if there is any break down I have to pay :P

When was the last time you cried like a bitch?
I am weird.. I suddenly feel like missing that moment
A person who would cry like a bitch, is his very true moment
I kept mentioning that I have kept my true emotion away
In fact, I am actually looking forward for the moment that I would truly cry again
I am like a robot without true emotion, it would be nice to just cry
So when was the last time you truly cried for someone?
Mine? It has been a really long time ago..
Crason ah Crason, where are you? How could you change so much?
I thought you always like to cry? What has gone into you that you are such a demon now?
Do you miss the old you? Or you prefer the current you?

I am sorry Evon Elroy
I still have not uploaded those pictures that you guys wanted
I am just.. too out of my mind and don't wish to do anything
I guess I am just being emo now, and please don't question me why
Most of the time I have to carry my signature smile and do my job
Reach home, except sleeping is sleeping too..
And the next day, get up and pretend to enjoy my job again
Gosh.. It's difficult but I can't act like the others
Showing black face and unpleasant body language during work
I respect my job, it's just like how I expect myself to perform well too
It's not that I don't wanna pay attention to everyone
Trust me.. I am not that worst.. I just simply want a space for myself
To moan, to cry, to whine, to do anything that I wanted to

Give me a day or two to disappear
I will come back and I promise you that
Rather than forcing myself to do things that I am bored of
Grant me a chance to cry, a moment to recall how it feels to cry
Where are you Crason? I miss you..
You are far most the full of emotion guy.. How could you become like this?
Met a few obstructions that kill you deeply, I understand
But you can't hide yourself forever, you need to open up yourself
Come on peeps, give me the energy, make me alive again
I am dead for so long, I need to do something
I promise myself, I will be back soon.. The long lost Crason will be back soon!

p/s: Such an emo post lol.. But this is just me, too bad :P


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Days have been Busy!

Busy bee, I wonder how many of you are as exhausted as I am
Man.. I am completely exhausted, I could feel the weight of my neck
Some good and bad days passing by, now I am gonna blog bout them!
Let's start with a semi-bad incident, shall we?

I was supposed to operate A330-200 aircraft, an old one though, to Guangzhou
What a surprise! A sudden change of aircraft
Couldn't hold my excitement to experience this new aircraft A330-300

The painting is new, seats are new, inflight entertainment is superb

I was literally jumping here and there
The feeling was really good~~

Even the toilet is so new too lol..

Can't help but snapped myself a pic
Aww.. Tell me I am such an adorable person!
However.. There was this bunch of asshole that I worked with
Fucking lazy, attitude problem and also.. No manners, no courtesy at all!
One of them has been flying for 14 years, another one is 17 years
But pls.. You guys are worst than my juniors!
Please don't know only talking! You were born with a pair of useful hand
USE THEM! And use them wisely, not to point at ppl to do your job
You must respect your job, do your part
Or else? Not happy, please resign!!!!!!!!

And this whole day flight.. I was walking up and down
Being pointed here and there, swallowed in their harsh words
Working with them for 11 hours, it felt like 11 months
Mother fucker, I wish they are dead soon!!!!!!!

Male aka Maldives
What a beautiful island which might be sinking soon :p
Standby at home, got called up for this flight
Everyone thought that I am gonna spend a night or so at Male
In actual fact, it is just a turnaround flight!
How sad.. And it was seriously fucking tiring flight too
Flight departed at 9pm.. Came back to KL at 6am
Didn't sleep for whole night and whole midnight.. :(
Oh man.. please pray that I won't get this flight anymore
Or else, I am 25yo, might look 52yo very soon!!!!

It was just another day, flight to Penang
A so called food paradise which costs a small plate of Char Koay Teow RM7
Don't you think this is a little too much? Too expensive!!
Yeah, prawns were big and juicy
Noodles were fried with fire heated up by charcoal
Oysters were doubtlessly yummy too!
But still.. Too expensive!!!
Someone please pay the bill and I am gonna have two big plates! :p

Wuu~ Now I'm gonna blog bout this
Couldn't believe I would wear formal office attire
I remember, someone used to tell me.. He got turn on to see me in this :p
Looking kinda different, right? Especially with my such a short hair

Met an old friend, Alvin
A married man with kids and he is a Pilot!
We all know how much a pilot earns, how cocky they can be
However Alvin is such a friendly person, humble and yet humour too :p
Our first time flying together was to Hong Kong
He talked to me in a really really gentleman nice way
Which caused me thinking.. Is he gay or something? haha!

The one on the right is a Japanese
The one on the left is a Korean
The middle is a Malay
And me? I am a Chinese+Japanese+Korean (How I wish :p)
We are doing safety recurrent class
A one year once class, the purpose is to renew your safety license

Went out for lunch with my step mama, Puan Nazimah & Carol
They were stewardess before but came down to ground to be instructor
The way they conversed are totally different
I don't know are they rich or poor but the way they portrait themselves
Is like they are datin or something
Very classy, very feminine and could be bitchy too :P
Seriously cannot compared them with others auntie in pasar pagi
Can a cabin crew life change you? YES, definitely

Mama spent lunch on me!
Oh lovely mama, love you two~ Muackz muackz~

We have to sit and slide the aircraft escape slide
Is a must to rehearse our evacuation command
"Evacuate Evacuate, release seat belt, leave everything!"
Not just saying it but to shout it out loud, you think this is so fun right?
But you better pray you would never hear this in any of your flight
It's an emergency ladies and gentlemen! Come this way!!!!

Jump jump!!!!!
While sliding down, I'll make all kind of noises
Kinda enjoy it though :p

It was just two chinese in the class
It did not affect my mood at all
See my PEACE? yeah man~~

Coming up is to swim
Many ask "Do I need to know how to swim? I want to be a flight attendant!"
Honestly, what is your main intention to be a FA?
To look good? To look glamorous? You better know how to swim!
Jump! Jump!

Even stewardess can swim like a butterfly
Why not you?
Furthermore, there will be a life vest
What to worry about?

OMG.. My uncle's pant without alteration
It looked so bulky on my lower trunk
Please focus on my facial expression only please? :P

Got my new watch, Polo club
The previous watch which was a present from someone
I accidentally smashed it to pieces lol..

Good foods are everywhere
And I am gaining weight again!!
I doubt.. Am I going through my 3rd or 4th metamorphosis?
Yeah.. I am gonna be a chubby butterfly soon~~~ :p

So you see? I am tired :(
Many many things could happen to me during flight and also to my days too
Upon reaching home, first thing is to wash myself clean
Switch on my MacBook Air, talk to my housemate Wayne
Reply emails, whatapps or maybe eat a little
Sip a little red wine and there I go to bed
After a long day, who doesn't want to rest?
And because of this, I am so used to snap some pictures of my days
Looking at them, I could recall what was I doing and how I felt back then
I don't know is this normal or abnormal
It seems I have not much time to fully digest whatever happened
And that's the reason I blog :)

Oh yes! I love my BAD ASS attitude
It feels so good to be myself, I am who I am, natural is the power!
I watched an old movie titled 200 pounds beauty
An ugly fat ass went to do plastic surgery, hoping to win over a man's heart
Along the way, she lost her friends, abandoned her old man and lost herself too
Physical is not everything darling, the inner beauty shines brighter
Sadly, the society nowadays, everyone has a pair of colour blind lens attached
It says "Inner beauty? No No, I prefer to see and touch physical beauty"
Over the time, I have gained so much confidence and I have become a cocky dick
A cocky dick is known to have the weirdest and the worst attitude problem
I think.. It's time to let go.. It's time to adjust myself again
I do remember, I used to emphasize Quality rather than Quantity
I used to appreciate a sincere heart and not to break it
The other day, a married stewardess told me
"He is handsome, rich, gorgeous and everything good is he
If he doesn't love you, you are NOTHING"
"But if you meet someone sincere, he is kind, generally presentable, average
And he loves you with all his heart, you are his EVERYTHING"
So now you pick, you want a Quality Dick? Or you want a lot of dicks?
Remember, you can only have maximum 2 dicks
One for your mouth and the other one for your hole LOL hahhaa!!

I have planned ahead on my monthly expenditure and monthly saving
It's a little heart ache to see my account balance has not increased this two months
Mainly because I am paying my sister for her ACCA courses
After two more months, she is gonna suck another 2.5k from me though
These are not part of my plan, that's why I am feeling a little.. uncontrollably upset :p
Think of the bright side, a brilliant student like her, who has scored 4.0 in her diploma
I guess I must ensure she could get to study for her brighter future
Mei mei, I am proud of you, I'm sure you will be a good girl
Just remember, don't abandon me when I am old!
Take care of me, you know I might be a single old and lonely old ass in future lol
With all the love, I will support you until you finish ACCA
Pocket money? Okay.. Not too much ok? Hehe.. Muackz! I love you^^