Friday, August 19, 2011

Devils Wear Prada, the Me

Ok ok, fine.. I give up ok?
I met up with my besties last night, finally after so long though
Talked bout stuffs, you know, our stuffs
Erhm, they are quite a teaser, teasing me all the way (true?)
Quoted from Evon, "You better don't go back to the Emo Crason!"
And Eric, "Or else your admirers will flip their eyes balls!"
Excuse me both of you!! Enough!!
Sorry dear, I can't help but to feel lonely right now
To make these days, a moment to be remembered
I shall post them here, remind myself what kind of shit I have done these days
You won't blame me right? :P

It seems like I have not truly been single since last year November onwards
I hopped from this I to D, in between there were few scandals
(Thinking hard to recall) K? C? E? A? D? oh man, I'm such a slut
Ok, the things are, I was carried away by all the attentions given to me
And I thought I am so hot! (Which is so wrong!!)
I am kinda used to put blame on them, accused them, tortured them (scary!!)
For such a workaholic like me, rest period is important
I'll definitely go crazy when they ask me to spend the whole day with them
I tend to be tired whenever I see them too long in a day
And when I see my bed, I would be "Oh man, this is my heaven!"
I love it especially when I hit on my own sack, pick up my iPhone white (<--again)
Mahjong Maniac, F. Fantasy, Defender, Sango Kingdoms.. All sorts of game ^^
Thus, I feel even more tired after spending a few hours on games
Erhm.. What am I talking bout? It's dragging too far away
I want to say I thought I was in need of freedom
I got it all now, so free, so much freedom, a huge space to breathe

I miss you... badly :(

Whatsapp with Jasmin Tsai just now, my colleague, a cute one
I kept telling her how lonely I felt, I did text Evon too this morning
Don't ask me to look forward
You know how it feels when you are stubbornly digging a hole
Don't ask me to rest more
You do know the kind of abnormal heartbeat beats fast
As if you are worried and anxious

Dear ah, I am not happy here.. How ah? Help me please?
Shit, it is my fault, I should not have done that, can I turn back the time?
I thought I am ok to be single that I won't miss him
But now.. I miss he nagging at me, calling me, whatsapp me, hugging me..
I have so much to talk to him, so much to share

- sigh =.=" -
My bad huh?

Don't mind me talking to myself ok? Let's roll the engine
Ok, all that you need is time, time and TIME
Perhaps you should avoid all kinds of distraction right now
Yes, there are many hottie out there and they are kinda irresistible
But you know you are not ready for all this, at least for now
Just that you know, to be single is so cool
You can sleep whole day long, hit all the games like nobody business
I know you want to feel that you belong to someone
You can text Evon? Elroy? (if that's ok with them :P)
When you get busy, you will forget bout this and keep it that way!
Keep yourself busy still, be a little good boy
The right moment will appear in no time, without your realizing :)
(Yuck, this is so disgusting to say things like that to myself)

I told Jasmin "Hey bitch, ain't I know very well how to describe my feeling?"
"I can be a writer!" I smiled after I wrote this :)
In such a bad mood, I could even camwhore, I guess.. I'll be fine

One last time talking to myself, is that ok? :P (annoying!!)
Alright, now that I am single
I swear I am gonna be the shining beacon that I am so uniquely a single lad
Not a dead rock ok? I will smile each day to attract more happiness
I would work out the best of me to make myself feel better
And I will be so ready and capable, one day, to finally meet the right one
Cool? This is self motivation! Come on, don't vomit ok?
Actually I'm bout to throw out too! YUCKIE!!! XD

Phew, Crason is feeling much better now, Thanks~~~~~

A day is a gift, love each day! :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crossing An Unknown Street

Just got back from 6 days work
Been to Shanghai, Guangzhou, K.Kinabalu & Hong Kong
Pls, spare me a life
Don't tell me "Wow! Ur life is fun!"
It's just a job and I'm getting more & more bored of it
If it is not because of the money, I could have quit a long time ago

Tell me what went wrong pls?
I supposed to be someone blissfully living in this world
Holding my iPhone white & keep texting someone started with "D"
It's just like a sudden lightning strikes on me
A second of finger snaps "SNAPzzz", everything has changed!
I couldn't live with this, but what choice do I have?

Oh well certainly life is about choices you make
You can be obedient, loyal, a bitch, a whore, a slut, a drama queen
It's all up to you, what is your preference?
When I ask "Would you like to have Chicken or Fish?"
Don't even try to ask me "Beef?"
You won't want a slap on your face isn't it?

Thus, I has chosen to be single
I fled the scene which might turn out to be a heavenly paradise
And it takes only a few days, to think and to re-consider
Of course I did ask myself "What do you really want?" I certainly did
If you don't like cheese cake, you of course can reject the offer without a second thought
But if you don't like to work, can you? Sometimes you might just force yourself to work
Talking bout L.O.V.E, that's another tricky and yet difficult question
Can anyone here live without love? I suppose there might be
But me? This never-get-lonely person, seems pretty hard these days
I want to be loved, I want to be cared, I want to be hugged
But are you the one who is right for me? That.. I couldn't answer..
Ask me, pls ask me, do I wish to get married with you?
A part of me YES! A part of me.. Erhm.. maybe ask me another time?
Can't you see? My heart doesn't seem want to commit a relationship right now
I have only a word or two for you.. My apology, pls forgive me..

If I say, I wanna play more, can you find me some other time?
If I confess, I kinda like you but not to the extend that I would die for you, how?
If I say, you are so sweet and lovely and yet not up to my ideal type of guy?
If I confess, it's not that I don't want you, it's just I'm not ready, pls let me go?
If I ask, will you wait for me?
If I question you, why would you turn me off sometimes, am I rude?
If I were to be frank, we should have never met each other
Ain't I am the asshole now?
Yeah.. I am the asshole, I did shitty things and I am hideous
I am sad, I want to cry, where can I find a shoulder? Or maybe a tissue pls?

Oh come on, how old are you right now? 25yo?
Why am I acting like I am 15yo? Still emo about stuff like this?
Actually, deep down I do know and I know it very well
It's just.. about the compatibility of two different characters
For instant, a Taurus matches with A Virgo but goes against A Sagittarius?
Or maybe a famous chinese proverb, Mars hits Earth, Oil VS Water?
Simple as that, I guess so? Erhm.. I am just being too rational right now
Not exactly though, it's about chemistry too, the fire sparks
Some sparks last a few seconds, some last a few years, some lasts a century too
And my sparks with you? Last that long, only we both know very well
Hey baby, I am sorry ok?
I don't mean to do anything, say anything to hurt you
It's just.. I did it and it's too late for me to even hold you back with my arms
So I guess.. I shall really let you go, walk thru this unknown street without me
Can't you see the bright star ahead? You would be good
I don't see my bright star yet, I will still walk alone, there will be one ahead
I am sure! :)

See? It has never been easy to be dumped or to dump someone
This time, it kinda recalls how helpless I used to feel
And yet, I need to adapt to a single life, again? That's totally hard to imagine
I have an answer for myself
Oh sweetheart, you will be just fine, to be a single lad is nothing bad at all
We always get this when we broke up, isn't it?

For an unknown reason, I have been eating like a hungry pig
I thought I only eat a lot when I am happy
And now, I don't even know how to describe my own feeling
And I eat and eat, never let go any single dish, any single snack
What's going on? For I have gained about 4kg, time to do something huh?
Not to diet, is to neutralize my inner feeling
That includes sadness, fear, anxiousness, anger, hatred and a lot more
Tell you something, I have been working like a slumber slug lately
No sense of urgency, no smiling face, no cheerful facial expression
And Crason is gonna declare, he is officially emotionally break down
I have about 2 days and a half to cure myself
Time does wonder huh? I hope so, pls, I need a rejuvenating potion right now!

"Hey baby, how are you doing?"
I can't even text that person this way, and this is so sad
I wish you.. A really happy life without me, a really good future without me
Don't say that you need time, because I am sad to walk away too
And.. I need time too :(
"Hey baby, I miss you here"
I can't text you this either.. and that's so sad..

"Hey baby.. you are gonna be alright, and we just have to move on.."


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Energy is back!

I have been sleeping in my own slumberland for a long time
It's time to update my blog
Thanks to a few of them, wrote me mail to remind me to update my blog
I guess I do have a few loyal readers though :P
Thank you, you make me feel great!

Since I have been away for quite some times
I have few stories to talk about
Nothing more, nothing less, is all bout what I have encountered
First of all, this disgusts me the most
Stay focus! Just a few lines I suppose

During day off, I will be at Kepong, my parents' place
It's actually my home, lying down comfortably after a great mama's cooking
I checked out Grindr, a gay apps to connect us to whoever nearby
A free version of Grindr grants you a 100 gay guys who own this apps
It shows distance (depending on the setting customized) and stats too
Okie, let's take a look on this gay man
34 years old, 173cm carrying 61kg, a seductive picture with a abs, nice picture indeed
He posted there " don ask "where about" when you can see the distance"
That's so not right! Maybe you don't know what I mean, but stay focus!
Excuse me bitch, it says there 2.6KM away
Okie, now I'm at Kepong, 2.6KM away, where could that be?

It could be Hartamas, Jinjang, Menjalara( a missing "A", sorry bout it)
And also HELL ok?
So where could you be? WHERE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are such a moron idiot that have totally forgotten the world is ROUND in shape
Come on bitch, maybe you are just too proud of yourself
That you possess a nice body shape and maybe a good looking face (only god knows)
What I am trying to say is.. There are really alot of gay
A lot of them have a very attractive appearance but empty in their fucking brains
And I condemn this kind of asshole the most
That explains why would I waste such a time to edit the picture
Just to tell the world, YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID
In airlines, we call this kind of ppl.. Bodoh Sombong
I wish this guys would read my blog and he could improve a little
You want to be cocky? Be a smart one pls :)
Oh yes.. you ask for a face pic? Please attach yours first at least, THX!!!!!!!

Coming this picture.. OMG
Yes, this is my toilet bowl
I saw this floating shit and I was screaming and shouting
And yes too, someone in my family did this :P hahhaha!!!
Come on.. Pls don't do this to me again!! This is so disgusting!!!

And the other day, I was driving back to Bkt Jalil
Along the way, somewhere at a traffic junction
A guy stormed in my way and I did not tolerate
Instead, I cut him off and ran my car ahead of him
He then horned me and me, the cheeky me showed him my middle finger :P
I could see him behind of me and when I reached to another traffic junction
It was red and I gotta wait
For god sake, he rode his bike and stopped beside of me!!!!!
He kept screaming and yelling with all kinds of facial expression
I looked at him, thinking of what to do, an idea popped up
I showed him my iPhone and made a sign
Simply asking him" DO YOU WANT ME TO SNAP A PIC OF YOU"
He was even frustrated and I seriously snapped a pic of him
He then left, with fear I guess? I mean who was seeking for a fight at the first place?
Lol.. I am such a gangster, you think I am scared?
To be honest, YES!!! I was fucking scared hahhahhaha..!!!
But in that situation, to stay calm and act differently to overcome the situation
Guess what? I won~~~ **Claps**
But if there is a day, I was murdered by an unknown murderer
Pls tell the policeman about this case, who knows it might be he who slaughter me!

Sister whatsapp me this picture
Yes, a cake for my mama's birthday
It was on 22nd July

After all sorts of idea, we chose this restaurant
A Thai restaurant with real Thai cuisine
Amarin The Heavenly

My sister Elaine
Her eyes are so big! I am so jealous :P

She brought over her instant camera
It's cute in size and the photo came out instantly after a shot

We waited for kinda long, I was almost gonna faint
Well, taste the appetizer first, a fattening one

Pineapple fried rice
Not so good.. Sticky and very buttery

Sweet and sour deep fried Garoupa fish
My papa's favourite

Glass noodles with very big prawn

BBQ squid, very chewy!

Spicy Tom Yam soup with loads of seafood :P

All these above you could find in this restaurant
Hospitality with a Heart? :)
Wow.. sound so warm^^

Okie, I am not the son adopted
You see, I look similar like my papa :)

Later on, birthday cake was served
Almost all of the staff were there singing for my mama
I glanced at my mama for a moment
She was blushed! How cute :)
I bet she must be shocked, first time ever in her life
People around sang for her birthday too^^

This is bad.. They totally lighted up all the candles!
Mama was having her 46 years old birthday
Thought to hide her real age? This picture revealed the truth :P

Sister was excited and she snapped more pictures
Could you see my mama? She seems happy^^

This would be mind! :P
I can't help but to say.. Wow I am so good looking hahhahahhahaha!!!
Totally put my mama behind :P

All of us :)
We did the best shot ever
For this kind of instant camera, you can't do a second pose though

This is Crason~~~

And yeah, my siblings
We don't really look alike huh? Don't you think so?

After a meal, there must be a ciggie time
Or else, I couldn't continue the next coming.. Movie time!

Got into cinema hall
My mama immediately rushed to the higher seat
She was mumbling to herself "Higher seat, better view"
"I'm so gonna sit higher, can I sit there?"
She said it when her ass was already there on the seat Hahhaaa!!
Mama.. You are so funny and cute!! Love you alot!

After that I back to work
Was doing 5 days trip
The above picture, I know the girl her name is Suki, the guy I don't
They are singers from Malaysia, flew with us to Sibu for some events I guess
Oh yes, this pretty stewardess is Jess Leong :)

And this crazy girl is Pricilla Kok
When we first met, she said her name is Pric, Pricilla Kok, not COCK
ahhahhahahha!!! I laughed maximum

When we worked together, she was trying to help
"Anything I can help you Crason?"
Before I could answer
She added "Or you just want me to stay pretty? Ok, I will be pretty whole day"
Hahhahahhaha!!! OMG.. this girl is so cute!!! :)

During my stay, met up with other colleagues for lunch
Pretty Ling Ling and Siew Ling, both LING together with me

And we even flew to Hong Kong
Can you recognise the Cathay Pacific Airlines aircraft?
It was so cool!

Hong Kong is famous of its Goose Rice
We got a chance to taste it! And I was so happy!!

Thanks to Chung!
He is working for KA, Dragonair airways
A ground staff in HK airport, he spent us the meal :)

On my flight coming back from Hong Kong
A really hot girl was onboard
She was wearing a dress that showed her clear cleavage, big boobs!
And guess what, she is a teacher of a kindergarten
I wonder how can her student study well while looking at her boobs :P

At night, we went out for dinner
I mean me at Pricilla
DO-RE-MI.. She is so tall!!!!!!!

After that we visited this pub at KK times square

Drinking and drinking^^

Oh yes, this is Lim
Pricilla's bf and he is so hot..!!
A manly guy with a short tongue, when he speaks I barely understand lol

From white wine to red wine to beers
Totally mixed up!

And this is what we called Deep Throat
Erhm, I guess I am good at it :P Hhahhahaha!!

I know what you want to say about this picture
I mean the girl looks so.. bitch lol hahhaha!

It was already late at night
Pricilla did not let me go, she insisted Champagne!

Lim was so kind, bought us KFC
But.. KFC with champagne? Isn't that a weird combo?

This would be the latest combo in KFC
Looking delicious!! Yummy yummy^^

I love KFC more than McD though :)

It's so great to fly with fun people
I am gonna miss you Pric!

And I am so gonna get fat....................... :(

Btw, my bestie kept chasing me for this pic
Go ahead and copy them! :)

There is one man in this pic makes me happy all the time
I would like to say.. Hey, you are my star :)

Oooi.. Fat ass, I have gained bout 5kg lately
What is going on.. I am so fat! But.. I am happy^^
Oh well.. Slowly slowly I'll slim down, give me times :)

Today is my papa's birthday
I purposely applied a day off but we are not going out to celebrate
Mainly because everyone is not at home and it's not weekends
Maybe I am gonna pack something for them after this post
Oh well, this afternoon mama talked to me
It seems, someone in my father's side family is talking bout him
It's bout my papa being not capable of buying more properties and saving more money
So mama said, we as the son must be more hardworking
To prove them wrong, they can say anything they want to
But we can never let anyone looks down on us

Erhm mama, as you know I already have sufficient money to buy a house
It's just I gotta help out my sister with her course fees
Plus there is not even one ideal unit in my mind
Or else, I could have made all of you so proud
I mean I was not born with a silver spoon, I worked my ass off to earn money save money
I could get a house worths 300-400k in my age of 25
It's kinda an honour isn't it?
Don't worry mama, I'll be a good boy :)
I'll make sure I can make you all proud!

Previously I was showing all emo side of me
Now it's all cleared! I don't feel that way anymore, happy^^
I'm just too tired and I definitely need more rest
Tomorrow I am leaving to Taipei, day after KK and then Manila!!!
Yuhuuuu~~ Manila, first time visit, I am so gonna take pictures and post them

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