Friday, August 19, 2011

Devils Wear Prada, the Me

Ok ok, fine.. I give up ok?
I met up with my besties last night, finally after so long though
Talked bout stuffs, you know, our stuffs
Erhm, they are quite a teaser, teasing me all the way (true?)
Quoted from Evon, "You better don't go back to the Emo Crason!"
And Eric, "Or else your admirers will flip their eyes balls!"
Excuse me both of you!! Enough!!
Sorry dear, I can't help but to feel lonely right now
To make these days, a moment to be remembered
I shall post them here, remind myself what kind of shit I have done these days
You won't blame me right? :P

It seems like I have not truly been single since last year November onwards
I hopped from this I to D, in between there were few scandals
(Thinking hard to recall) K? C? E? A? D? oh man, I'm such a slut
Ok, the things are, I was carried away by all the attentions given to me
And I thought I am so hot! (Which is so wrong!!)
I am kinda used to put blame on them, accused them, tortured them (scary!!)
For such a workaholic like me, rest period is important
I'll definitely go crazy when they ask me to spend the whole day with them
I tend to be tired whenever I see them too long in a day
And when I see my bed, I would be "Oh man, this is my heaven!"
I love it especially when I hit on my own sack, pick up my iPhone white (<--again)
Mahjong Maniac, F. Fantasy, Defender, Sango Kingdoms.. All sorts of game ^^
Thus, I feel even more tired after spending a few hours on games
Erhm.. What am I talking bout? It's dragging too far away
I want to say I thought I was in need of freedom
I got it all now, so free, so much freedom, a huge space to breathe

I miss you... badly :(

Whatsapp with Jasmin Tsai just now, my colleague, a cute one
I kept telling her how lonely I felt, I did text Evon too this morning
Don't ask me to look forward
You know how it feels when you are stubbornly digging a hole
Don't ask me to rest more
You do know the kind of abnormal heartbeat beats fast
As if you are worried and anxious

Dear ah, I am not happy here.. How ah? Help me please?
Shit, it is my fault, I should not have done that, can I turn back the time?
I thought I am ok to be single that I won't miss him
But now.. I miss he nagging at me, calling me, whatsapp me, hugging me..
I have so much to talk to him, so much to share

- sigh =.=" -
My bad huh?

Don't mind me talking to myself ok? Let's roll the engine
Ok, all that you need is time, time and TIME
Perhaps you should avoid all kinds of distraction right now
Yes, there are many hottie out there and they are kinda irresistible
But you know you are not ready for all this, at least for now
Just that you know, to be single is so cool
You can sleep whole day long, hit all the games like nobody business
I know you want to feel that you belong to someone
You can text Evon? Elroy? (if that's ok with them :P)
When you get busy, you will forget bout this and keep it that way!
Keep yourself busy still, be a little good boy
The right moment will appear in no time, without your realizing :)
(Yuck, this is so disgusting to say things like that to myself)

I told Jasmin "Hey bitch, ain't I know very well how to describe my feeling?"
"I can be a writer!" I smiled after I wrote this :)
In such a bad mood, I could even camwhore, I guess.. I'll be fine

One last time talking to myself, is that ok? :P (annoying!!)
Alright, now that I am single
I swear I am gonna be the shining beacon that I am so uniquely a single lad
Not a dead rock ok? I will smile each day to attract more happiness
I would work out the best of me to make myself feel better
And I will be so ready and capable, one day, to finally meet the right one
Cool? This is self motivation! Come on, don't vomit ok?
Actually I'm bout to throw out too! YUCKIE!!! XD

Phew, Crason is feeling much better now, Thanks~~~~~

A day is a gift, love each day! :)



  1. your true love will find you no worry :)

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