Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh yeah~ It's time to blog again

I am now in Taipei
Arrived about 3 hours ago
Journey to hotel is a little far, come on my lovely company
Please change it to a nearer town area but not that far pls?
You wanna save cost, I do understand but pls do not forfeit our benefit pls?

So, this trip is a 6 days trip
Will be staying overnight at Kota Bharu, KK, Taipei
It's only the 3rd day and I am feeling so fucking homesick
Seriously, can I go home now pls? I don't wanna stay out for so long :(
Hotel is nice for sure, I could mess the room upside down
No one cares, isn't it? But it will never be as warm as I'm home
Thinking bout home, I think bout my family members again :(
Popo ah, I know you are in town
It's just too bad I'm away, I wanted to bring you out for a meal badly :(
I'm sorry that I'm still out of town, couldn't bring you anywhere
End of this month, I'm gonna celebrate Evon's birthday
And we plan it at my hometown, Malim Nawar
Waterfall, hot weather, farm, foods, Iced ABC
I promise I'll take a pic or two with you Popo, please wait for me..

Normally, I do hate long trip
Facing same group of crew, same face same attitude
This time, I'm the most junior, I was not feeling alright
For next month, it's gonna be 3rd year with this "lovely" company
By right, 3rd year shouldn't be the most junior anymore right?
Sadly, it happens in my "lovely" company..
You want to be a senior? It has got to be at least 6 years!!!!!! What a joke right?

However, this time my crew they are totally sweet
Sweet to have a handsome steward, pretty stewardess, a tall stewardess
And also... Nevertheless a very nagging supervisory crew
I am like.. "Hello~~~ Could you pls shut your fuck up and fuck off pls???"
Should be thankful as he is not bullying us
Just too much to share and it's just.. Kinda annoying

Me myself on the other hand, the most junior
Have to act like I know nothing and I am so less of experience
For they are at least 6 years and above which I think.. "Do I care?"
It's just tough not to be urself, isn't it?
I am such a direct and straight forward person
Bcuz of hoping to survive in this airlines, I better act like a coward
So.. In work, we have to be a little fake huh? Hopefully not totally fake :(

iiisssssshhhh... Enough of getting naked all the time
As I'm drinking right now, mind has gone tipsy a little
Don't mind me crapping yeah~~
Oh yeah, something to tell, there is a guy, his name is B
Evon Elroy, at least he is not D anymore kan??? hahha!!
Oh yeah, this B told me, I have to gain more weight!!
Hello, Crason is genetically a fat ass!!! How dare you?!!
To see people can have KFC as lunch everyday, to have dessert all the time
U seriously think I am not jealous at all?!!
U see, we arrive Taipei, others busy ordering fried foods
Deep fried mushroom, chicken drumstick, squid, fish cake
While me standing aside, dripping saliva and hearing my stomach playing drums
Wait, he doesn't mean he wants me to be chubby

B wanted me to be muscular..
That's even more crazy!!!!
Crason, a 166-168cm in height to be muscular?!?
Hello.. You must be crazy!!!!
I know there are ppl like that, love to be bulky muscular but not Crason ok?
Crason prefers to dip anything with hot water
To get rid of oily foods and prefer to have vegie more than anything else
I just lost about 5kg, pls, don't let me go back to the chubby Crason ok?

You just don't understand, don't you?
Crason is who he is, no one can really change him
B, I guess you are just another person passing by
Good luck to you looking for someone muscular
You have totally omitted something! Something which matters the most
Is his heart and his sould :)

I got dressed up finally
To tonight, in Taipei, cheers! Bottoms up a glass of red wine
Tomorrow is my day off in Taipei,
Gonna get you.. Someone who's birthday this month, a present
And I wanna tell you.. I love you~ Pls stay at my side at all time :)
After so long of being emo, tonight I'm totally fine to be single
B said I am so desperate, wanted to have a BF
You are so wrong, I'm not desperate at all..
Do you seriously think that I'll be upset for not having a BF?
I am so good to be alone, to be single, pls......~~~~
You and you and you there, not compatible with me, DO I CARE??!
Like I said, ADA AKU KISAH ker nyah?!?!

For me this kind of specially created human being
You don't deserve me!
Or maybe.. I'm way too weird created in this world
Maybe I don't deserve to have anyone either :(
Ppl said... 你選人 人也在選你...
Gi mampus la pukimak punye so called relationship
I have no nice body shape, I have no branded clothing
But I have a rich heart and a rich pocket lol...!!
And nevertheless a very rich personality :) hahahhaa!!!

OMG enough for tonight,
I want to sleep already~~~~~
Good night world~~~~~
Happy happy cuz tomorrow I'm gonna spend so much money on shopping~~~
Time to use a little money,
Earn money, must know how to use money~~~~



  1. Give a present to me as well huh.... dengan muka penuh tidak malu meminta...heheehhe :)

  2. No one can ever judge a person..GOD created u and i, we're equally perfect in GOD's eyes...U're doing the right thing...Be who u r...cares not what ppl say about u..u live for urself...not for them...if we're behaving and living what ppl wants us to be...what is out value of life? what is the purpose to live? proud to be who we are! =)