Sunday, September 4, 2011

Upside Down, It's a Good Life

Recently it has been sucks in my life
Everything seems not going smoothly
My little baby Kancil has admitted to vehicle repair shops for several times
They got it repainted, changed a spare part or two
It took about a month to fix the painting
And few days for the changing of parts
But still.. Complications arose and it had got worsen
My little baby Kancil was like burning in hell, white smokes coming out
It was.. fucking embarrassing as I stopped my foot at traffic junction
The so called "Kind hearted" driver at my side, rolled down the window
And.... Shouted "Fire! Fire! Your car engine is on fire!!"
Cool, Chill! It's only because of the dark oil or black oil leaking
Leaked on engine and it produced one kind of white smoke
Which could easily mislead ppl that my engine is on fire
And this is such an embarrassing experience.. :(

But thank god though
My car is not back in the perfect condition
Though it has a little smell, the smoke smell, still...
Better than before! I told myself.. I shouldn't have complained too much
It's an old car man, it has been with me since I was 17yo
Ppl will get older, car will get worsen, it's a very very very normal thing in life
And I'll get bored of sickening relationship..
So it is a better option for me to choose to be single?

And so.. I made this face (btw, this is originally what am I doing right now)
Go to hell man, I'm fucking emo right now
After a long flight, drink a little Vodka + Orange and I started to be emo..
What the hell is going on? Why others could have a really sweet relationship
While I am always single? What the Fuck!!!
I am such a dude whom you are dying to bring home to see your parents
Okay.. I'm just being crazy right now, I better stop right here
Sorry about it :P My sincere apology

I love this pic! Simply bcuz I love Evon and Elroy
It's okay that I'm single.. It's okay bcuz two of them for sure will stand by me
Elroy, don't ever say that you won't worry bout me
I need care and comfort sometimes.. And it is so tiring to act that I'm OKAY all the time
And Evon, let's get in love again okay?
I'm pretty sure you will get a BF faster than I do
I'm just nobody that no one would love
Perhaps I'm more suitable to be single for I have such a destructive personality
Whoever comes near me will get hurt more
So.. Fucking leave me alone and let me die alone
It's okay to let me die alone, provided you guys donate loads of money to my family :P
Wakakkakaakak.. such an emo post
Let's take a shot!

I'm just being emo for I am single right now
I want to love again, please?
There will be a day, I believe so
Till then, I shall blog about myself being emo
If you are not interested to read my blog anymore..
Please press ALT+F4 for windows user
And press Command+Q for mac user

Dear ah, I really want to love again..
Will it be a day? I want to cry....................

OMG.. seriously an emo post
I don't mind letting others to see the real me
Bcuz I'm Crason.. Nothing to fake about, nothing to be ashamed of
Love me? Hate me? Ignore me? It's your choice
Let's call it a night, time to take a bathe
And I'm now at Renaissance Hotel Kota Bharu :)


  1. Love reading your blogs! anyway, cheers :)

  2. Aww... no worries k? I'm sure thr'll b that someone who will love u for u. For ur every emo bit, and ur crazy antics! keep up wif the great blogging!
    ps: my bf is a super emo boy too... but that's what make the relationship great!

  3. Salute u man.. U're so true of urself !!

  4. if you really still want to be in love again, why don't you reply the grindr message? while, i also single for almost the age, just think the bright side..someone waiting for you :)