Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will You be Back?

I'm writing this to you
I hate to admit it but I know I do love you
And I hope you will receive my msg
I'm begging you to return
I miss the old you..

I understand you must have been gone through some difficulties
You seem pretty difficult to get over it
And again I understand, it has never been easy to start over again
After a failure and another
I do sympathy you..
I just wish you could be stronger..

To get ready to blog about something
Pictures are the essential items that require to express my feeling
I went through your facebook
Copied a few of them
I started to tear a little
Let's go back to the school time
We were all innocent but naughty
We ate a lot played a lot
But I guess we have never forgotten about our dream
Maybe you wanted to be a policeman? Maybe a doctor?
Looking at the situation now
I guess we have never ever thought once that we would become like what we are right now
I can give up what I have now to turn back the time
To enable you to start all over again
Maybe I won't be the Crason now
But I hope you can be someone better..

See how naive you are?

You sure did something real bad that makes me hate you a lot
You could gang up others to bully me
Witnessing your friend slapping me in the school canteen when I was only 13yo
Blowing fire, adding in salt and pepper to the benefit of getting my mama angry
And finally whack me like no body business
Do I hate you? Yes I do!!
For all that you have done to me, I wish you could carry the guilt and be guilty of it
Why were you so unreasonable?
Kept putting me down?
And that's exactly the reason why we were never close to each other

I love this pic
Though I look ugly in it
I guess.. I just like how 5 of us blend in with all those fights, tears, joys and happiness
You!! Better start waking up already
Don't drown yourself in the past
Let it be gone like wind
You have a far more important future ahead
No one should tell you what you should do
You should know by now but however if you ever need attention..
You can cry over my shoulder and say all those kind of silly words
I promise
Just like how I did when I was 16yo breaking up with my first scandal

Remember I asked you?
"Gor, can I hug you? At least I know there is someone still sayang me?"

OMG.. I'm tearing already :(
B asked me to show you and text you how much I care for you
I can't.. I do love you but you gotta be strong ok?

Gor come back to us
Let's put everything behind and start over again
We all love you
You are a piece of this family
And.. It's so hard to say this
I do love you Gor, please come back soon..

And Gor..
Will you be back one day?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stick with You my Baby

Strangely, it feels so different
Everyday I've been thinking about my baby Dan
It feels so sweet to have someone to stick with
At the same time, it gives me some moments of fear too
I used to laugh at ppl
Those gays who are mostly berangan cantik posted status or statement that they will love someone forever
Down to road not even a year, bye-bye~ breaking up
Whenever I look at those statement, so sweet and meaningful
I smirk and I say "see how long you guys can tahan"
Erhm.. Now I'm posting this kind of statement, it gives me some kind of fear :(
I am truly in love with you baby
I know I'm such a bad ass who has so much of flaws
Thank you for accepting me..
In return, I love you full heartedly

Yo, you ppl out there
May I have your blessing?
This guy Dan, I wish I could hold his hand till the day I die
Grow old together and I would make coffee for him every morning still..
Perhaps still argue but lovely just like the first day we met
I'm praying..
I love you baby Dan
Wonder why I feel worried at times
Perhaps I'm worried I don't have enough time to love you enough
Freeze the time *freezeeee*
& I just want to stick with you

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evon's Big Day! 26/09/11

Back to blogging finally after being gone for so long
Seriously, to edit a bunch of pictures need times and efforts
Beautify the picture and the person inside is kinda tiring
Thank god I am not into photography or graphic industry though haha!

Btw, I wonder why are some of my pictures either upside down and it just couldn't turn straight
Maybe the owner is gay, the pictures are not straight too, turning gay?? Haha!

Let's get to the topic now, Happy Birthday Evon
It feels like just yesterday when I am looking at all these pictures
I smile, sweet a little, looking at these pictures, we truly enjoyed our time baby
Gonna quote from what Evon said "Lets the pic tell the story" Hahha!!!

Welcome to Kampung Malim Nawar, my hometown :)
This idea might be kinda random but I guess we all like it though

Waterfall scene is the one must not miss
I love waterfall so so much!

Stopping by at R&R and snapped a little picture

This is the picture we want to screw Danny my B so so much
We all were making funny + scary pose and he there?
Hello!! Pls yerrrrr just want to look good in the pic is it!?

I have to do this bcuz I don't want my big tummy doing live show lol

This is better :)

Oh birthday girl, we love you, forever! :)

Bunch of crazy fella visit my hometown
And I hope you guys did actually enjoy this rural place

Okay, picture started to turn to the left
Which I don't even know how to fix it
But it won't ruin the good quality and the charming person in the pic :P

Hahha... What a pic, love this :)

Present to you my lovely grandma
I call her Ah Ma all the time and I love her so much

Can't you see that she is so damn gorgeous in her 69yo?
Ah Ma, I will marry you!!!

I just couldn't stop taking picture with Ah Ma
She is so cute^^

Oh yes there was this sex maniac at the waterfall too
He kept peeping on whoever has pussy, his eyes stared and won't looked away
Scary hamsap uncle!!
I stood beside of him, pee in the water and did this
Sway the water + urine to him lol!

I had no choice but to cover my big tummy
It is still sweet kan in the picture? :P

Went to this restaurant to spend a big dinner for Evon's big day
The dressing of the table seems like chinese couple getting married
A beer for birthday celebration? It's a must :)

OMG such a nice soft shell crab becomes like unknown upside down crab
It takes good especially dip with mayonnaise!!

Deep fried crispy sotong~

Thai sauced Red Snapper~~

This is called.. Paku Pakis? Nice with belacan :P

After the dinner, stopped by here

Welcome again~
A moment to remember that finally you guys came over to my hometown!

Back to home, freshen up and waited for the time to come
When the Cinderella has to go home 00:00 midnight

I love these picture so much sadly they are not straight :(

Lovely Ah Ma prepared the Mango Pudding~
A little gift for you dear~~

Okay.. all of a sudden this pic seems to jump it's queue
It's taken when we drove to Ipoh
Sweet couple? :p

Evon you did look like a ghost though lol

With me!!!

Eric.. don't smile like me ok? U can't do it!!

B looked like a small boy here haha!

Making a wish?
Dear ah, I wonder did you wish our friendship forever lol

Ah Ma also want to join??? :p
Like grandma like grandson :)

Happy huh??? :)

Love this pic but my tummy looks like a big hard rock!!!

Clear blue sky~

Aaaah~~~ This picture is so nice~~~~ ^^

Love this too~~
I should have seated nearer to Evon :)

Big girls~~ Don't manja~~

Before heading back to KL
Stopped by the famous Bidor Pun Chun delicacy shop

We were all very tired
But I guess my smile still so charming huh? hahhaha!!!

Another must try!!!!
Yam cake or Taro cake they called
If I am not on diet, I'll swallow the whole plate!!

Nothing fancy, just sincerely from my heart, bottoms up wanted to wish you
Happy birthday Evon the big meow~
Wish you another wise year, another lucky year
Love you always :)

Man, recently I've been busy spending time with a guy
That I have decided to declare him as my BF
When I changed my relationship status and posted a pic there
This was what happened!

The notification rings like hell man
It won't stop for few seconds then it hits again the bell
It has reached 212 likes and 33 comments, not bad not bad lol
Thank you for all the wishes there!
Seriously, I don't hope I have to post this kind of status for another time
I want a steady relationship now, hopefully everything goes smoothly
Let's pray ^^

Love myself in this kind of crazy smiling face
And the waterfall could really help to forget about all your problems
Let's do it again another time shall we?
I love waterfall ^^

Recently, life has been good
I love my job (Kau Ade?)
Let's just go back to work and work again
I'll blog again, I promise :p

The old believes in everything;
The middle-aged suspects everything;
The young? They know everything..