Friday, October 14, 2011

Stick with You my Baby

Strangely, it feels so different
Everyday I've been thinking about my baby Dan
It feels so sweet to have someone to stick with
At the same time, it gives me some moments of fear too
I used to laugh at ppl
Those gays who are mostly berangan cantik posted status or statement that they will love someone forever
Down to road not even a year, bye-bye~ breaking up
Whenever I look at those statement, so sweet and meaningful
I smirk and I say "see how long you guys can tahan"
Erhm.. Now I'm posting this kind of statement, it gives me some kind of fear :(
I am truly in love with you baby
I know I'm such a bad ass who has so much of flaws
Thank you for accepting me..
In return, I love you full heartedly

Yo, you ppl out there
May I have your blessing?
This guy Dan, I wish I could hold his hand till the day I die
Grow old together and I would make coffee for him every morning still..
Perhaps still argue but lovely just like the first day we met
I'm praying..
I love you baby Dan
Wonder why I feel worried at times
Perhaps I'm worried I don't have enough time to love you enough
Freeze the time *freezeeee*
& I just want to stick with you

1 comment:

  1. Yo Crason, this is your wish, i'll wish all the best and long lasting relation to you too and together we hope everything goes well...sometimes we roll together with the wind. Where it blews us, that's is where we will flows..yesterday has gone, today is happening tomorrow might will never exist. Enjoy what you have now, do what you wanna do now, love whoever u love the most cos we will never know what will happen next...!!

    Trully Yours,
    TaN DaNieL