Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will You be Back?

I'm writing this to you
I hate to admit it but I know I do love you
And I hope you will receive my msg
I'm begging you to return
I miss the old you..

I understand you must have been gone through some difficulties
You seem pretty difficult to get over it
And again I understand, it has never been easy to start over again
After a failure and another
I do sympathy you..
I just wish you could be stronger..

To get ready to blog about something
Pictures are the essential items that require to express my feeling
I went through your facebook
Copied a few of them
I started to tear a little
Let's go back to the school time
We were all innocent but naughty
We ate a lot played a lot
But I guess we have never forgotten about our dream
Maybe you wanted to be a policeman? Maybe a doctor?
Looking at the situation now
I guess we have never ever thought once that we would become like what we are right now
I can give up what I have now to turn back the time
To enable you to start all over again
Maybe I won't be the Crason now
But I hope you can be someone better..

See how naive you are?

You sure did something real bad that makes me hate you a lot
You could gang up others to bully me
Witnessing your friend slapping me in the school canteen when I was only 13yo
Blowing fire, adding in salt and pepper to the benefit of getting my mama angry
And finally whack me like no body business
Do I hate you? Yes I do!!
For all that you have done to me, I wish you could carry the guilt and be guilty of it
Why were you so unreasonable?
Kept putting me down?
And that's exactly the reason why we were never close to each other

I love this pic
Though I look ugly in it
I guess.. I just like how 5 of us blend in with all those fights, tears, joys and happiness
You!! Better start waking up already
Don't drown yourself in the past
Let it be gone like wind
You have a far more important future ahead
No one should tell you what you should do
You should know by now but however if you ever need attention..
You can cry over my shoulder and say all those kind of silly words
I promise
Just like how I did when I was 16yo breaking up with my first scandal

Remember I asked you?
"Gor, can I hug you? At least I know there is someone still sayang me?"

OMG.. I'm tearing already :(
B asked me to show you and text you how much I care for you
I can't.. I do love you but you gotta be strong ok?

Gor come back to us
Let's put everything behind and start over again
We all love you
You are a piece of this family
And.. It's so hard to say this
I do love you Gor, please come back soon..

And Gor..
Will you be back one day?

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  1. For all the things happened, there's always reasons behind it, why he behaved in such a way. Communication is the key to build rapport. One of you must take the first step to do so. Guys are usually filled with relatively high dignity or should i say chauvinism? Your brother and u are blood bonded, nothing can tear both of you apart. There is always a softer side of a human being, that is why humans are complex and unique. We have feelings...there must be something tethering you and your bro, it is up to you to find what it is. I do not know what's going on between you and him, i won't judge who is right or wrong. As in a family, there's no right or wrong because blood is thicker than water. Leep up your courage and faith my friend, look for him at all cost, talk to him. Give him a big hug even though he might punch u or whatsoever cx he is ur bro, ur family..May GOD bless you and your brother. Take care