Monday, November 21, 2011


冷冷地挂掉电话 心里不禁晃出一片空白
你要走了 我该说什么?
还是 什么都不说比较适当?

携手说到    我们住在一起吧
三年后 大家燕纷飞
这就是天下不散之宴席 人总是要往前看吗?
可是 我希望我可以 吵吵闹闹 哭哭啼啼地 像个小孩子一样地
嘴里挂着 不要不要 我不要这样
总比装作坚强 嘴巴很硬地 说
你要幸福哦!   来的好吧
于是我选择了 哭着吵着拥抱你 然后说 你要幸福哦
坏人 弄哭我了 讨厌你

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flying Career

A little clap for myself , I have been flying for 3 years!
Yuhuu~~ A little couldn't believe this
This is the longest period of time that I stay in a company man :p

When I flew with those nice person, pretty one especially
Love taking pictures to freeze the joyful moments
Believe me, when I look at these pictures, I smile :)

Mei Foong and Cecelia
I guess Mei Foong was not ready for the photo shoot 
While me and Cecelia posing like a star already hahahhaaa!!

He is one of the handsome malay steward
Name? Oops.. I couldn't remember

She is one of my favourite Leading Stewardess
Memory is still vivid that the first time I saw her
With her french twisted hair that tall, I told myself "This must be a bitchy superivisor"
Turn out we become so close and we even drink together and get wasted :)
Daphanie Key, with love! many many ^^

 Who is this guy?

A badminton player who is more senior than Dato Lim
His name is Wong something something
Can easily tell from his face, he was drinking a lot on board
Wine and Beer, can't believe that he is already late 30's
While he looks like about my age 

This is cool
And most importantly I look cute hahhaha!!!
She is Suet Ni, please call her Sue lol
And he is Keith Lam

So another pic of 4 of us together
Seriously.. Cecelia is so pretty :)

From the left is Leading Stewardess Marini
She looks like she is trying to hide herself somewhere else haha
An artist Going-To-Be Nurul, she is now with Siti Norhaliza Academy

I am so happy to see this pic
Totally capture the happy moments we spent together  ^^
Btw, why is she drinking while she knows that we are taking picture?

Suet Ni, Sue
Suet Ni, Sue lolx

Thank god, the LOMO effect did not affect me
I am looking good while both of them look like the ghost
Who is a sister of Juon lol

Accidentally bumped into collegues in civilian clothe
Ok.. I understand why a crew would not look like a crew when out of uniform
Haha!! From the left, a crazy stewardess Yin Wei
Korean stewardess, oops! Forgot her name
And the malay steward, oops again! Too many crew, can't remember all
Maaf yerrrrrrr :p

Am I gonna kill her or something?
My hands are weird lol

Another crazy stewardess Ann

I know what is she trying to do hahhaha!!
Pls yerrrrrr are you seriously think that I don't know you are hiding your XXX with your handbag??

Pretty girl, her name is Shirly
Nice make up, eyes are a lot bigger, way bigger than mine lol

This gila punye perempuan Hartini
If I don't know her in person, I might be mistaken her as a lesbian
For she is so macho and really really loud
Miss you girl, love the way you shouted being impatient while waiting for passenger to board

This is Eric Lau
My eyes bag, gosh!!!

Sexy stewardess Teresa Lee
Muackz, miss you girl!

Girl girl, Jasmin Tsai
Same surname but different in between Chai and Tsai
You are like my little sister except.. We are almost the same height!
No wonder so many ppl ask me how come I can be a steward hahha!!


Wah wah wah~~~ So happy to upload all these pictures
I still love flying, love to meet new people, love to travel
Wondering can I keep this job until I am old?
For your information, steward retirement age is 55 years old
And they are trying to extend to 58 years old
Imagine myself in whole white hair, OMG!

Love your job
Love yourself
Someone told me that :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Isn't it true that we somehow have to grow up? 
Through time, through some incidents
We all have to accept the facts which are commonly cruel
And move on with a heart that believes to be stronger
Anyway this post is not about any disaster happened to me
It's just Crason is getting a new image!

I think keeping a fringe is a practise of me for a very long time
The picture above shows that I am such a cute baby hahhahaha!!
Looking young and cute ahahhaaha!!

Even this picture looks not bad too
Though I woke up at 5am in the morning and prepare myself for flight
Was in a serious sleepy mood though

Welcome the new Crason
Who is now looking more chubby, old, Flower Horn fish forehead
My god.. My face is so meaty!
And the innocence of my face, all gone!
I wonder should I start keeping back my fringe or maintain this new hair style
Btw.. Is only 1 month time, how could I become so chubby?!

Perhaps it is never a bad matter to get yourself a revolution
So long you are comfortable I guess
After changing this new image, I receive feedbacks are mostly negative
I begin to wonder, why do you have to put me down?
My image is none of your business, am I right?
Or maybe you are just giving your opinions
Which you failed to realise how much it hurts to say that..
I am chubby, fat, ugly, old, matured, old ass....

I am hurt :(

Anyway Crason is still Crason
I will never die and I still smile this like :)
Haha.. so the over my smile but I like to stare at my picture and tell myself
Oh baby, you are cute! (I know how it sounds, so the shameless XP)

The clock is ticking, time do not wait and sit still
And I shall accept who I am and move on
Just keep smiling will ya? :)