Thursday, November 17, 2011


Isn't it true that we somehow have to grow up? 
Through time, through some incidents
We all have to accept the facts which are commonly cruel
And move on with a heart that believes to be stronger
Anyway this post is not about any disaster happened to me
It's just Crason is getting a new image!

I think keeping a fringe is a practise of me for a very long time
The picture above shows that I am such a cute baby hahhahaha!!
Looking young and cute ahahhaaha!!

Even this picture looks not bad too
Though I woke up at 5am in the morning and prepare myself for flight
Was in a serious sleepy mood though

Welcome the new Crason
Who is now looking more chubby, old, Flower Horn fish forehead
My god.. My face is so meaty!
And the innocence of my face, all gone!
I wonder should I start keeping back my fringe or maintain this new hair style
Btw.. Is only 1 month time, how could I become so chubby?!

Perhaps it is never a bad matter to get yourself a revolution
So long you are comfortable I guess
After changing this new image, I receive feedbacks are mostly negative
I begin to wonder, why do you have to put me down?
My image is none of your business, am I right?
Or maybe you are just giving your opinions
Which you failed to realise how much it hurts to say that..
I am chubby, fat, ugly, old, matured, old ass....

I am hurt :(

Anyway Crason is still Crason
I will never die and I still smile this like :)
Haha.. so the over my smile but I like to stare at my picture and tell myself
Oh baby, you are cute! (I know how it sounds, so the shameless XP)

The clock is ticking, time do not wait and sit still
And I shall accept who I am and move on
Just keep smiling will ya? :)


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