Saturday, December 24, 2011

Been Waiting for This Moment!

It's coming to the end of Year 2011
I trust that each and everyone of you must have gone through something
Which I'm also one of you all, gone through this and that
Each time when these things happen, I tell myself I must post it in my blog
And so.. Now you can see what I have been through :p

Navi / navI
The very first guy, let's name him Navi
Born in 1991, same age with my sister
A guy who worships beauty and trend
Seeks the fame of becoming a star
There's nothing wrong, except totally not my type of guy

Apologise for not showing his real face
It has never been good to write about someone you bumped into
Especially someone who was sweet at first but ended up a disaster

Navi was a very sweet lover, really tried his best to accept who I am
I must apologise for scolding him, yelling at him, giving him hard time and so on
I was an evil when I was with him, sigh, hurt him badly I guess?

Can't deny that my bunch of buddies love him a lot
Seldom see my friends siding others although I am doing wrong stuff
Navi has definitely earned their favourism

However, when things turned sour
He said this to me in weibo, a kinda famours apps originated from China
To be honest, I was hurt too

Nope, I wasn't seeking people's attention
I wrote those in Facebook was to get your attention
Yeah, although it was hurtful but half of the above are true enough
It's better that we broke up since we are never meant to be
Sigh, do you have to write something like this? Just to hurt me?

And this too..
Why man..

Even your friends commented about I "squeezed" you dry?
Hah? Okay..Fine, laugh at me then.
Don't think I didn't know that you were seeing Nitsuj before we broke up
And soon, very soon not even 2 weeks, you guys were coupled
Lol.. I met Nitsuj when you guys were together, I know what was the story though :p

Hey, but still thanks to you
I realised how bad was my temper
And I do understand we are not compatible in many ways
I can't do what you want me to, and you can't fulfill me too
Heard you are heart broken of your recent ex, who is not Nitsuhj, is someone else :p
Get well soon dude, you will be fine
And I do hope you can be a star soon, all the best!
Thanks for all the gifts and memories:)
Lasted nearly 4 months

Ocsob / ocsoB
When I was still upset of the broken apart with Navi
I met a mixed races fella in Hong Kong
A Thai mixed with HKie, serious tanned skin fella
He has got a really impressive job, a life guard in the beach!!

He took me out in HK
Here and there, took bus, ferry, train and all
Opened wide my sight, seen a lot of things in HK

That was my birthday month
He bought me a bracelet, I still remember HKD 550
A stranger like me, who only chatted with him in Facebook before flying to HK
He is kind enough, lovely enough to buy me a birthday gift

Thanks a lot Ocsob, you are so kind
You told me something, something that encouraged me to move forward
Appreciate that :)
Lasted.. about 1 month?

Divad / divaD

Story continued, a sincere lover
Divad told me, he has been admiring me for long
He heard too much gossips bout me, he dare not to go near me
But coincidentally we chatted, he invited me out for a drink
Went to The Library in Puchong, grabbed 2 towers of beer
We started chit chatting, very fluent, very smooth
And he said something else in the end

Look at him first will ya? He is a gymer, I know Wayne loves him so much lolx
So he admitted he thought we are gonna do no string attached fun
But he fell for me, after he talked to me :P

I was in transition of recovery at that time after what happened to me and Navi
But this sweet fella Divad always shine out his sun shine smile and be with me
Wayne likes to say, he is like MY FM 贴心空间 haha!

Things didn't work out in the end
I guess there is a word called chemistry?
Which cannot be forced and it will come naturally
Thank you for all the love given to me
Though we are no longer together, but you still care so much about me and my friends
I am sure you are a good husband, you will find someone who treasures you in the end
Don't lose your faith in love, keep your sunshine smile on your face alright?
Thanks for the perfume, haven't got a chance to say it :)
Lasted 2 months

Nerrad / nerraD
It was a dream
I at first thought you must be a playboy
Mistaken, you are actually a good guy
But who wouldn't? When you can post the whole upper trunk pic lol

Of course things didn't work out too
But that's ok, because we both have our own lover now
Man, your body is so hot, can kill everyone in 1 second
Keep it up! And your business will be doing better and better

People do like to say things like that huh?
And I do like to reply ike this too
Seriously, remain as friend? lol.. You gotta be kidding me man
We have nothing in common, just a beautiful dream
We all will forget bout this eventually :)
Thanks for the gifts too! And yeah, thanks for encouraging me to have 6 packs
But I am sure I won't have it cuz I eat like a pig :p
Lasted about 3 weeks?

These are what happened previously
Love is full of passion, at the same time, full of hatred too
We all should throw all those hatred away
Hard to do? It takes time, eventually you will learn how to forgive and forget
We won't know what's gonna happen in future
But do your best to secure what's the best at this very true moment

I thank you for teaching me some lessons, whether the good or the bad
I can some of your words are lingering in my mind sometimes
Not the sweet talk, I mean those advices :p
I'm sure each and every one us lives the way we want to
Nothing is more comfortable to be ourself, the real you

I'm pretty sure the above 4 persons said this before
" I like your smile "

The commercial Crason smile
But this time is a little like smiling in pain lol
It's called bitter sweet memory, I think it's the most accurate word to say
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year 2012 in advance
May you all happy, take care there :)


  1. Ivan, Justin, Bosco, David & Darren? :)

    It's okay. We all have to go through a lot of Mr. Wrongs in order to meet with our Mr. Right.

    I haven't been in a relationship before, but my crushes are enough to kill me. >____<

    I have temper issues too, and so I understand what you went through. But I have learnt how to control my temper, and I hope you can learn that way too one day! :)

  2. How come all those sad story can made me tears? :P..while reading your post and same time "Kiss The Rain" song was played in the same time when i read your post. OMG damm sad... Anyway you already had your Mr Right :)