Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Boy liao?

Long long long time didn't update my blog
Have been really suffocated but I do keep my thoughts in mind
Waiting for a chance to post here

And so the story actually begins from I have finally achieved what I aim for
In my age of 25 years old, Crason has finally bought his very first house
Thought buying a house should be a thrilling feeling, filled with happiness
In actual fact, more and more burdens are waiting ahead
I started to feel the pressure and it's kinda scary..

A 25 years old dude but still pretends to be cute
I guess this is what people always say, even an old man has a hidden kid personality beneath
Woke up in the morning, got myself prepared and went to bank

Since I don't have a current account therefore I need to get myself a bank draft
Payable to the owner, the balance of 8% deposit
Look at it again? It is not TWO THOUSAND
It is RM 22,400.00 TWENTY TWO THOUSAND for god sake
My heart was like.. crying maybe? :(

And the cash.. RM 1000 is for the initial payment of lawyer fees
The total of the abovesaid fees are actually RM 7,956
Seriously, why do we have to pay so much for hiring a lawyer to do the paper work?
I wonder =.="

I remember, it was about 10.30am
The traffic was still kinda bad, I thought office job is 9am-5pm?
You know how it kills me to see all the cars lining up like no body business
Finally arrived to the lawyer firm, met up with my handling lawyer Mr. Eric Lee
Who actually gave me a look that I didn't know anything about buying a new property
Excuse me, it's my first time ok!
Me this kind of low incomer, cannot compare with you big money sucker vampire
God knows maybe you have more than 10 property by squeezing citizens' hard earn money?!

In December alone, I have spent way too much
2 insurance policies total cost me RM 4,106
Sister's ACCA exam fees cost me RM 868
That RM 22,400 and this RM 1,000 for the new house
See? Money is everything..
I'm having a big sigh now *haih....*
Money Money Money.. I must work harder, earn more
Nothing much, just want to have a better life
Just like everyone else..

And so.. Am I a big boy now?
This statement is quite wrong actually, I should call myself a man now!
Yeah man, how many people can get a house in his age of 25?
You have no idea how I go through all the stuff by my own
I am lucky enough to achieve my so called ultimate goal
I need to thank my family members especially my parents
Nevertheless my 2 best friends who constantly giving me supports
How they do it? I just borrow their ears and keep talking bout my job and money
And I got all the courages to fight everyday, that's a kind of love, a kind of support to me
Crason, big boy liao? Yeah, big boy liao lor~ Congrats to myself


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  1. myself also bought a house for my dearest parents in my age of 26 this year...and i just started work for nearly two years only...even you will feel like stressful and stressful to pay the money....but at least you get yourself a property....congratulation again..