Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday King

Since it is your birthday 
I shall call you my King lolx 
When you are reading my blog, which mean you are a human being
We as a human being were all born to this world
Date & Time maybe selected by our parents
However, our birth date means a lot to us
First to our parents, sooner later it becomes your GF/BF responsibility
Ask yourself, do you get mad when your GF/BF don't bother about your birthday?
:) I do care, my King

This cute fella was born in 05 December 1985
Finally turn to be 26 years old lately (Elder than me :P)

First round was with his best friends in this maverlous Ribs restaurant
Morganfield's in Pavillion


OMG.. Saliva keeps dripping
It was awesome, love it till it's last bite
Literally licking my own fingers though

I randomly ran to a waitress and informed her that we are celebrating birthday
She did her best to share the happiness
A free birthday cake for you my King~

Your 2nd piece of birthday cake in the same night
Told cha, cheese goes with Red Wine is divine~

The next day we dress up like a pair of CNY doll
All red and went to this restaurant

Daorae Korean restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas

As usual, many many side dishes which are refillable
Kimchi is our favourite :)

Bib Bim Bab
I hope I spell it correctly

This cannot be missed
BBQ!! Pork & chicken! Quite a sinful night for all of us

Wincent is sleeping while taking pic? lolx

Eric is showing don't-know-how-to-describe smiling face :P

Lastly, we went all the way up to Bentong the so called Genting Leg Bottom 云顶山脚
Had a 3 days big big meal, even myself is damn happy and FAT too

Hey my King, happy birthday again
I dare not to write too much, I'm scared the next time when I open up this page
I might cry my lungs out
But honestly speaking, I am always happy with you
And I hope what we hope for would come true
That I am gonna celebrate your birthday the next year, next next year, future years :)
Love ya! I hope I did give you one unforgettable birthday celebration
Muaczkz! Be good, will ya? :)

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  1. (冒昧的留言,真不好意思)
    看着你灿烂的笑容 ~ 好可爱~ 笑容会影响人~ 看着你的笑容~我也会不经意的笑起来~