Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elroy Big Day~

Yo, again someone's birthday 
It doesn't matter, I only celebrate birthdays whose are my beloved
We actually planned to go up to Cameron Highlands
On 2nd thought, we changed to Genting instead
Everything was last minute include booking hotels and so on

Morning Genting view
Not too bad huh? Thick cloud and the awesome moutain view

And in this place
We spent our quality time together
Though driving all the way up was quite tiring but it didn't kill our mood

6 of us
It's weird, normally would be just Evon, Elroy and me
I begin to like 6 of us hanging out together

My poor babe was sick!
He slept all the way up to Genting
My apology to drag you into this celebration :(

Excuse me Eric Lim!!
Don't smile that sunshine please? Overshine me ok!

Watched a 3D movie in Genting
With lousy GSC 3D spec

Hello~~~ Why is Evon her mouth is closing while me and Elroy.. Crocodile?

My babe looks so cute here
So the anak ikan :p
Horny!! :p

Okay, finally we are here
The birthday cake, to be exact Oreo Cheese cake was baked by someone
With his sweat and his saliva I guess? :p
Eric Lim. enough of your innocent smiling face!!

Wincent, the most junior :)
Hey forgot to tell you
The other day Korean BBQ you looked slimmer! Diet ah? :p

Oh of course
The cuet Crason hahhahhahahha!!

A pic with Evon and Elroy just three of us is a must 
Love you two :)

Hey, what's that smiling face?
Too happy? ^^

And we went back to the Genting Leg Bottom to taste this
Which we all love

Big Big prawn with noodle soup
OMG OMG superb delicious

Thai style fried Tofu

Sweet sauce with deep fried pork

The only spicy dish
Asam Fish which costs only RM 28

See? This is so fucking big~!!

While waiting everyone to pack their stuff
I was all the way cam whoring
And actually got caught

That's ok because I think I look good in it hahhhahhhaahahhaa!!

Don't do this too often
Wrinkles appear earlier lol
But don't stop smiling k?

Oh Elroy said he has never seen my facial expression like this before
Erhm.. not too ugly right? It's kinda acting cute actually hahha

It was only a short night
I hope you all enjoyed like I did
First time 6 of us going for a short trip
Makes me wanna go for holiday with you all again
Promise that we will be like this? 6 of us together? :)

Allow me to say something
When you are so happy spending time with someone
Have you ever thought of how you wish the one beside you is someone else
I mean, maybe someone who left you or someone whom you left behind?
Bearing the guilt in you, if only you treated that person better
He/She might be still beside of you enjoying the happy moments?
It seems like I am not saying but asking huh? Excuse me bitch haha
To be honest, I would
But just one second after, I realise whoever beside me right now
Is definitely the one suits me the best for now
Back to what is life, life is like that huh?
People come people go, only the true one stays :)

Hey dear Elroy, happy birthday again
Looking at these pic, I am so glad that we are friends
And it is gonna be friendship forever
Cheers~  Love ya! May all your dreams come true :)


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