Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen

在此提醒各位 本班机全程禁烟
如您需要任何协助 请联络我们的空服员

This is what I did recently
A mandarin crew announcement rating class
Trained by UCSI, a kinda famous college nearby the biggest pasar malam Cheras

The trainer is a mainland china girl
A really cute name Zhu Xiao Xiao
Her email address is damn funny
We were wondering why is it so diffcult to put on a decent name in email address
She explained, it's easy man, just ZhuXiaoXiaoLittleBaby =.=
Little ker? Baby ker? Look at your size please haha!
Btw, why it is DEC-NOV? It's not like Dec 2010 to Nov 2011
It's actually NOV 2011 - DEC 2011 okay!

This crazy big eyes bitch is my housemate Wayne
He is about to leave to SQ very soon
He joined us for fun which I feel like slapping him :P

Nothing much to eleborate
We learned from the bottom
Bo Po Mo Fo De Te Ne Le and so on

When a steward and a stewardess is out his/her uniform
We all look as normal as those who work in office

According to Miss Zhu (想念猪) <-- 不好笑
She needs to take out photo to show her boss
I think she is actually trying to advertise how good looking we are hahhahah!!!

We decided to take a funny shot, free style, no more smiling like we do in the aircraft
Please zoom in this pic, the girl in red is so the over hahahhaha!!

At the back is the biggest aircraft in the world Airbus 380
Our MH A380 is coming in on July 2012, kinda late huh? :P

Just a bunch of crazy fellas went for 2 days class
It was not as boring as I initially thought
In fact, we were kinda getting closer to each and other :)

Oh ya, btw, I scored 8.8 for my rating out of 10
So make sure you book a flight with Malaysia Airlines and hear me singing inflight ^^

Malaysia Airlines, I like ~

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