Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lonely Lonely Xmas

Yeah.. I am all alone now
My babe left to HKG and TPE for work
And me here alone in my room, all by myself
The feeling is just not nice :(

I actually arrived yesterday noon and stayed back to accompany my babe before he departed
I woke up at 5am and did 3 sectors, it was pretty exhausting
I was looking like a zombie alive, with all the eye bags and all
Feeling god damn sleepy, wanted to go home badly but thinking..
Hey my babe is leaving for 11 days and will only be back on 3rd Jan 2012
No matter how, die die I have to stay awake and chatty to make him comfortable

And so we took a few pic, this one we both agreed
Hey B, I miss you here, miss you being noisy keep on imitating me
Miss you sleeping like a pig and always say 2 minutes 2 minutes before willingly got up
Miss your everything..

It is true that money can't buy everything, at least not my happiness at this moment
Keep back my emo *grab* OKAY, it's cool to earn that amount of money for just 11 days
I am jealous of you babe, it's really great for this DEC 2011 that you earn double of my salary
It's just, this year is our first year Xmas and the only year of 2012 New Year
But again, it's ok babe, I can do this all alone this time
Next year end, we do it ok? Promise?

Money is not everything but it is something
Something that you use to buy a house, a car, a better living
And as a partner must be strong enough to accept this
We can always celebrate anytime, right?
When everyday can be a valentine's day, why not everyday Xmas day and new year?
Oops, no way, every year new year which means I get older every day!!!
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~~~!! I miss you badly my babe!

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