Friday, December 16, 2011

Missing you..

Wayne, you have left about 3 days
Today I came back here for a flight tomorrow
While walking towards the house
I begin to think, are you home?
Which is a such a stupid question
You are home but in Singapore..

Jealous of me
Your hand writing is really good
So sweet of you left notes for me
Which successfully made me cry whole night long

Yeah how did you know?
I for sure will visit your room
The 2nd note that was placed in his room
He knew that I'll definitely walk into his room
Ok.. Another crying session :(

I know you are not always at home
I'm used to smoke alone, hang around at home alone too
But this time, it feels extra ordinary empty
This time, you are really a distant away for real
It's just too hard to accept this..

Sorry Wayne
I went inside and emo again
Your room is so dead
Without your smell :(
No smile, no laughter, no nothing..

To best describe my current feeling
A pic can tell, I guess?
Wayne, I want to cry again..

You left all these behind for me
These body lotions I can use for years
And two perfumes were left behind too
Thanks Wayne..

The little elephant which has been hanging at the door handle
I bet he misses you too..

Wayne ah Wayne
What is this? Really left for me?
Or you want me to throw all of them?
I'm sure I'll dig them all out one day
Not today, my mood isn't good still..

The dirty toilet that we use daily
It becomes so clean and clear
I would rather it's a dirty toilet
It means you are still staying with me
Don't want it to be clean.. Can I?

Even this modem reminds me of you
It's dead now as well, for you have deactivated the phone line
It stays with us 3 years together too
Witnesses all of us here, our doings whether it is good or bad

Silly Wayne
You left behind your external hard disk
A lot of your pictures inside
Not just yours, some contain me and others too
Why you left behind us? Don't wanna think about us anymore?
Btw, seeing all these Chinese words
It shows you are really literature kinda person
Erhm, you are special

Checked a few of these pic folders
Miss you even more
If you are here now, I'm gonna shoot any angle of you

Sigh what is this face
Wanna act cute but I'm sure the sadness inside of me shows all over
From the day you stepped away
I should have ready myself to face the fact
But the sweet memories that lingering in my mind
Keeps haunting me, add in more miserable feeling

Thank you to you too Wayne..
3 years housemate
Been through a lot, gain a lot
It's time to put down my selfish feeling
I should be happy that you found a better job
To leave me, you are not happy too right? :(

This is how a person saying goodbye
With loads of unwillingness and sadness

Witnessed you leaving KLIA
Must snap a pic or two
Still can smile like that huh?
No choice kan? Our job is to smile

Now that I'm staying alone
I promise you, I'll be good
And you must take good care of yourself alright?
Just suffer for 6 months and you will start earning money like thaaaaaaaaat lot
Hold on to it, if I have the time
I'll fly over there to visit you

認識你真好 陸勇智
Can't believe that I'm crying again
I have no one to talk to in this house
To blog it, release myself, is that ok?
Come on, I'm a really sad person here
Give me a little mercy and comfort pls?

A friend forever
Girl, I promise you

Im at home alone now Wayne
It feels so horrible, I hate this feeling
You are different ah! You are in a new environment
So much to explore, so much to see
While me here seeing only the empty house
Don't even know how to explain my feeling..
It's gonna drown me, feel suffocated..
Hate you.. Make me feel this way
And I love you for leaving me so many great memories
We will definitely meet again right?

Before he left he said this
"我有個願望 要你實現
你的工作好眾所週知 你的廣播好不雅於我(perasan)
答應我 以後的每一班機 都要做最好的廣播
心裡默念 我要比那個做作的陸永智 好
直到有人說 你取代了陸永智 (perasan maximum)"


親愛的 我會記得你說的話
我們 緣分 幸福 都有


  1. 时间能把一切冲淡;如果没办法做到的话……

  2. 讀著讀著,我都也快要哭了。你們的感情,真的好好。加油!:)