Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Your Gear! 2012

Here we are in year 2012, a brand new year
I'm still a little hard to converse about year 2011
Things happened might be just a few days ago
I need to use "last year december" this word to story morry
Which might mislead some misunderstanding
YES! I mean year 2011, last year, not last year 2010 anymore

And so my last flight of the year 2011
31st December 2011, a turnaround flight to Xiamen
Pretty tiring as the flight time was 4 hours plus up and down

Came back from flight, rushed back to Kepong
To look for Evon & Elroy
We are gonna celebrate New Year together! It was exciting :)

Left to Desa Park City, a classy resident area
Heard there will be fire works on going
Don't have to jam yourself in KL area
By the time you reach there, you might end up watching the beautiful view in the car

Spotted an unusual scene
Someone put on the fire balloon aka KongMing lantern
You can write your wish on it, let it fly
But if it falls down, which mean it won't come true?
Some told me, you fly it up the balloon is for the God to see your wish clearer
By praying is so outdated <--- Really?!!

Count down from 10.. 9.. 8.. until 1
Here it comes the fire works
It was small at first

Okay it looks quite adequate 

Oops sorry this is a little blurry

And now here we go!

This was a little shocking I remember
Everyone screamed and yelled with excitement of course

Different shapes, different sizes, different colours

It kept going and going

Don't you think it looks like hibiscus flower?

This is awesome
I love this thousand million falling stars :)

Electricity shockwaves??

Giant fire balls?

Waaaaaaah Huuuuuuuuuu Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh
The fireworks were so cool

Didn't expect to celebrate with you all though

The whole fire works show lasted about 10 minutes
When it came to about 5 minutes that long
Crowd started to just watch and it become less noise
However, there was a bunch of teenagers beside us
Did not give up to scream for excitement
Though the throat was already dry
The voice has become husky

Okay.. I have seen it enough
Thank you~~~ 
And so before the end of the show
I manage to snap a pic of us
One was blurry, one was headless, one was ghost looking
Another one bloated waterry face
And big mouth me :p

Yeah~ Happy New Year 2012 lad!

In this brand new year
What is your resolution?
What do you wish for? What is your plan? Or better what ARE those planS?
Some words for my dearest
Let's start from the most senior

Miss Evon
You will get busier and busier as your freelance job, your sales will be increasing
Your pocket can't handle those cash, you beg your clients pay you by cheque
Aunty will be always happy + fat fat feed by you, healthy and wealthy too
And you and your love Mr. W will hold hand, hold mine and Elroy's too
Walk together to receive Year 2013 
Dear, I love ya!

Mr Elroy
You will be promoted to a higher position
That you know only how to sit, and point the fingers to your juniors
Money coming in like water that you need a tank, more tanks to store them
Your family is always proud of you, and you will get your house soon!
And the youngest fella in our group "E" will always listen to you
E, you better be good! lol
Let's celebrate the coming new year 2013 together alright? 
Love you much my dear!

W + E
Welcome to this family lol
Not exactly a family but I hope it gives you a warm feeling whenever we are together
Working adult will have a good career path, money money money lick lick
Studying kid, please study ok? No more acting like an adult lol
Pass all subjects with flying over the rainbow colours
Receive sponsorship from a big firm and spend us a big dinner!
Sayang you both too!
p/s: Pay me back the red wine, cheese, ice cream and all the foods one day :p
As for my baby D
I'm so happy to see you when you are back
Remember the facial expression you gave me when I fetch you from the airport?
It's true baby, I cried when I think of it
Baby, may you get promoted very very soon
Earn big big big money so that I don't have to work anymore haha!!
Kiss kiss, love you ^^

Everything will be just smooth and happy in Chai's mansion
Papa, may this year a good year for you, work is fine and stay healthy always
Mama, your son and daughter will sayang you maximum, hehe, always happy and fat fat :)
Sis, study is always not a problem for you, good luck in your ACCA, good girl always 
Brother, a better future is always ahead there waiting, gain back your confidence in life k?

Earn more money, better and better income
A little wish for my current company, don't go down just yet! You will rise with sunshine!
Bought a house, feeling like a man with full responsiility
Just want my family, friends and baby are always happy and I'll keep them warm always 
This year is gonna be a holiday year, will plan some venues soon
Let's cherish this happy year 2012!

Year 2012, it must be a happy year :)


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