Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Days, Old Days

If wasn't because of you 
If wasn't because of what happened last time
I might not be the Crason now

Story continued as I looked through some of my stuff
I found the below, something that give me a weird feeling
I was smiling a little, staring at it for a few moments,
Started to recall, and I sat still, kept reminiscing

Therefore, once upon a time..
Crason was doing this.. Experincing life..

I was with this looking mixed fella, born in 1987
His sister looks like a mixed too
She wanted to be a model, and so she copied her photos (mostly syiok sendiri)
To this disc and asked of my help to send to this agency email address
I can't believe I did not throw away this
As I ended my relationship with this slut on year 2007

That is not exactly I wanted to tell
Look at the number 131005
I laugh at myself at all of a sudden, I remember it now
I started with him on 13th Oct 2005 aka 131005
I text 2131005 3131005 6131005 9131005
Finally "9" replied, she asked for RM 150
I bought it and went all the way to give it to my ex
Saying silly lovely things "I want you to always cherish this relationship!"
OMG.. this is so the innocent, Crason was so, right? lol
7 years ago, a RM 150 means a lot to a student who can't even afford to have a meal in TGIF
Something to reminisce when you see it, will you feel the same?
A 1 year 7 months relationship with you, thank you but no next time hahhahahhaha!!
I don't need to wish you well, you will do better in whatever you are doing anyway lol
Different mind set, a total opposition of our aim in life
I am sure you will have your dream come true a day
Which I can never understand
** THROW IT AWAY!! BOOOOK! It's gone by now, BYE~~~~ **

AIA!! American International Assurance!!
I was there in year 2007 (don't remember the date and month) till FEB 2008
Broke up in between, was devastated
Had a really weird frienship with my frend Miss K, I mean, she is a girl man!
Remember I grabbed her boobs before and she offered to suck my dick lol
Gosh, what a hilarious memory!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank those who purchased a plan from me
Thank you most of all, Elroy, thanks man, you supported me
I'm sorry that I failed you, cuz I didn't continue this career path, sorry my friend
I assure you, the plan you purchased, is definitely a good one
Because~ I have two plans of those hahhaha!!
And I wanna thank you some of them, don't remember their names
Thanks for the support, hopefully you guys are still paying the premium
Insurance is not exactly compulsory but if you afford buying it, you are being protected!

One more thing, there was a lady with the name Liza
She cooked everyday for me, for my lunch break
I was god damn broke, with income 1k per month, how to survive?
There was also a month or two, I earned only RM 500 per month
Dear Liza, I will never forget about your kindness, you are so the mama alike
Thank you so so so much, you warm up my heart when I was down
Encourage me to be a better person, want me to be brave and all
Thank you for your shoulder, I cried kinda a lot in front of you
Must find you one day, to show how good I am now
Your kindness means the world to me, thank you Liza
** BTW, this name card? BOOOOOOOOOK gone already~ **

Aaaaaah, finally is your turn
A serious attitude problem fella, born in 1989
Okay, my laptop was infected by virus
Real slow and all, I had one original version of Windows XP disc
I gave it to this fella, and he left me a piece of pirated version installation disc
He was about to leave M'sia, to France, doing his degree course in Engineering
And so, after he left, things changed 180 degree, immediately

Of course I was upset but it's all over, can't really picture how bad was I feel
Human tends to have selective memory I guess?
I have already chosen not to remember, that's why I forgot it completely
I wonder why would I always lower down my defence and security measurement
Willingly letting this asshole to hurt my feeling
I can be so sure to say that, no more next time sorry~~~ bye~~~~
Anyway, you willl do real good, I know
Just don't show up, don's wish to see you :p
** BYE BYE BYE~~~ BOOOK throw it away, what you waiting for? **

Those days lol
I came into Malaysia Airlines Academy, started my class on 15th Oct 2008
To have a better linking, faster connection to my batch mates
I organized this, "Dear Guys/Girls, pls provide your xxxxxx details" 
Initially we have 20 of us, but after 2 years, one by one leaving this company
Up to now, we have only 12 or maybe 11 left

It's stranger, a bunch of nerd getting trained in this academy
Strike to become the world's best cabin crew
During training, instructors kept reminding us to appreciate each of us
I did not understand until I started to fly
Oh yeah, that's really rare to fly with your own batch mates
When I am doing Hong Kong, some might be in Dubai, Shanghai, Delhi and all
The pure friendship, the slightly touching heart was just about to begin
And now, we are all in all over the places
Yeah, I still remember how it feels to be in the class with you all
I wish we all will fly higher n higher, better income every month
That's what matters anyway lol
** Anyway, I still throw it away lol **

Kinda hate to see this
But it means my heart and soul, so wanted to go there
As you can see, Crason is not a dump ass that can only stay in Malaysia
I fought all my way to the final and got myself a medical check up 
Sadly, I couldn't make it in the end
Don't ask why, it's something I couldn't speak about

Now that my two beloved ex housemates are there
Wayne and Ivy, a 3 years and 2 years ex housemate
Pls remember what I said
I borrow my pair of eyes to you both
Please see the world on behalf of me, come back and tell me how beautiful those places are
You go girls, earn big loads of money and come back here
Dabao foods for me just like how I always do when you guys are here :)
** THROW la.. No need to keep it anymore **

Nothing much to say
It's just someone recorded an Xmas wish for me on year 2010
I am so sorry, I am an ass
I lied about I watched it but I actually didn't
I watched it after 2 months you gave me to be honest lol
I'm keeping this, want to watch it for one last time in future
Laugh till I roll on the floor and I will throw it away
But thanks! I just couldn't keep laughing when I think of this
At least something pleasant in my bunch of waste, this is something else

Yeah yeah~ Some happy stuff to share
This is my new Credit Card
Plantinum ONE card from UOB
Look at it, look at it, can you see... PLATINUM?? lol
This mother fucker, I applied this card for more than 3 times
1st attempt was on year 2008, then tried again on 2010 
Last year 2011, finally you give it to me huh??
So nice this card!! The texture is completely different from a normal classic card
Love it and I use it like never ending
Happy Happy~~

You serious!!? lol hahhahahhahahhaha
My mushroom head on year 2007 and now different hair style 
But looking at it carefully, I actually didn't change much huh
In between this 5 years, so many things happened ok
And I like to say so many cuz it means I live my life with a meaning
I believe they are some people, who live their life without a purpose and that's so sad
I wish I can have my baby face every day, every year, until I'm old
If only I could have a baby face, which mean OLD this word does not exist in my world
Hahaa... stop to be berangan ok!

Through all the ups and downs
Life is still good, it's still you and your life, clock is ticking still
Therefore, I want to thank you
You made me cried, made me smiled, made me felt the love is true
And you made me sad, made me depressed, made me felt the corner end
These all helped to shape the current Crason
I can be so sure to tell you that I'm happy to be the now Crason
Thanks for the memories, I'm sure I don't need all these things to remember you
If you are worth to be remembered, you will always be
With love

Don't you feel like flipping through your bunch of waste
To look for something that would remind you of someone?
That weird feeling will give you a bitter sweet smile
Trust me!

Phew, finish this post finally
It took me almost 2 hours 
May my spirit to blog keeps going!
Love each day


  1. Reading your blog, it tells me alot of things, giving me some hints in my life. Like the way you tell your story.

  2. Like your direct & honesty. Thanks for sharing your story. On the road chasing for our career/dream, the path is not easy. At the beginning, life seems tough & challenged but fortunately you found something which is good for you & you are happy with it. Good luck to you, hope everything will get better & better. :)