Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am so BUSY busy BUSY!!

Hello Hello~
Recently I am so fucking busy
Roster has been bad, flights have been sucks, allowance drops like shit
I've been working so hard, trying to earn as much as possible
And thus, I have no free time, no mood to update my blog

It's just as usual, working sleeping, drinking smoking, nagging and complaining
Nothing new, nothing refreshing, life is dull when you reach certain age, agree?
But hold on! One second! I haven't lost the passion to blog
Give me time! I'll update my blog really really soon, real soon

To my readers, I have snapped a pic of myself
And I find myself kinda cute (perasan maximum) Hhahahhahahha!!

My eyes are getting smaller each day I guess
That's so small!!!
Anyway, I smile when I look at this pic

Not really smooth recently
However I've fully prepared mentally to receive what's gonna happen next
Let's enjoy while you are still afford to, while you still can
Will blog again, I promise :)