Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Green Superman

It's weekend! Yahoo~~
Any plan? Movie? Shopping? Clubbing? I'm sure it's fun
Anyway I gotta work.. Sien mou??

Leaving to Taipei later
Pretty sure it's gonna be full again..
Small aircraft as usual.. Tiny plus suffocating and busy busy busy
It reminds me actually
Two days ago on my Xiamen turnaround flight, there were this group of total uncivilized passengers
A total of 6 of them, papa mama kids and also some mainland china people traveling with them
I'm so "lucky" to engage a little conversation with them..

Story begins with, I was holding a tray of water, trying to do my part, quench passengers' thirst
Taking my careful slow walk to the first row of seat, I was being called..
雞白嗨:不叫你wooii,難道叫你老闆啊? (with his total unreasonable attitude and mother fucker facial expression)
我的名字在這兒 while showing them my name tag
噢,that's too bad
Well then, I walked away with my signature smile which is so fake

Hello~ Tolong sikit yer
Seriously Malaysian Chinese mostly are like that, I'm so ashamed!!
Everything they want, everything taken still demand for extra
Excuse Sir, everything you want extra hor?? Can you pay extra then?
They pay 1k, they wanna make sure they get back at least 1k, perhaps they want 5k back I guess
So shameless.. I can't take it
Ask me, what kind of passengers are the worst
Answer is Malaysian Chinese!!!! Not educated, low class, cheapskate, can't even pronounce Coffee, Orange Juice!!! So annoying!!!
Well, I'm a Malaysian Chinese too, thank god I don't behave like this
我是有家教的 謝謝

Okay, enough of whining
Time to take a nap before reaching airport
Kinda sure today this Taipei flight is full of those uncivilized impatient stuck-up passengers
I'm so sleepy today, don't mess with me, or else you are done! That's it!

Good day everyone
Have a great weekends!

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